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"A Pirate's Life for B" is the eleventh segment of the second season and the fiftieth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on June 18, 2011.


Bessie and Happy find a solid gold nugget in the wall, and split it in half. Bessie spends hers while Happy saves his.


Happy and Bessie are playing pirates all over the house, with Bessie the captain and Happy as first mate. Bessie accidentally knocks her head in the wall, leaving an open hole. They find a solid gold nugget inside the wall. Bessie splits it with Happy, as the former theorizes it could be worth a "kajillion" dollar signs.

The two go to the bank, where Old Timey Banker states Bessie's half of the nugget is worth "ten dollar signs." Bessie puts her share in the bank, while Happy chooses to save it himself.

Bessie buys lots of stuff with her share, ranging from shopping to buying everyone at the gelato place some treats. Happy tries warning her not to excessively spend, but she doesn't pay him any mind.

She is in for a rude awakening when the Old Timey Banker informs Bessie that she's now broke due to her shopping sprees. The bills are twice as much as the half nugget, and Bessie must pay off what she bought, now in debt. This causes zombie bill collectors to come after her.

Bessie asks to have Happy's half (that he didn't put in the bank and considered investing) so she can have enough money to pay the bills. Using the financial guru on the TV as a form of "I told you so," Bessie finally admits her mistake to Happy.

Happy is very reluctant at first, but agrees if she makes him the head pirate and helps him with errands and chores, including making him skull and crossbones pancakes, painting him in pirate gear and constructing a replica pirate's boat. As thanks, Bessie will get a piece of a map for the nugget every time she does things for him.

Once she does all this, Bessie finds the whole map in the ground, but Happy uses the pirates' code against her, taking it for himself. The two have a swashbuckling fight for it on the boat as the zombie creditors follow them to it, until a whale eats it. The duo decide to ask the zombies for an extension (paying it off at a later date).


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & Zombie Creditors
Rob Paulsen Old Timey Banker & Bill Collectors
Suze Orman Financial Guru



  • Bessie has earned the Archaeology badge.
  • Bessie states the bank is her "seventeenth favorite place to conduct business."
  • Recolors of Anton's doll Geneva (from "Ten Little Honeybees"), Bessie's float from "Dragonflies" and Ben's Game Toy! (from "Ben Appetit") are among the numerous items Bessie buys at the store.
  • Two of the delivery men Bessie talks to are named Maurice and Jerry.
  • Items that Bessie bought that are shown outside The Hive include: a basketball and accompanying hoop as well as a stuffed rabbit and elephant.
  • This is the first time The Hive's dumbwaiter is used in season 2.
  • Bessie claims she had 500 double scoops of gelato.
  • Two men on the phone (credited as "Bill collectors") worked for the Kayak Emporium and the local toy store.
  • One of the stores Bessie and Happy pass by is called Cissy's.
  • Bessie mentions the existence of the Moby Dick badge.
  • Suze Orman guest stars in this episode, namely the scene when Happy is watching her on TV for consultation over how to invest with his piece of the nugget. Although named "Financial guru" in the credits, the character is heavily modeled after Orman.

Cultural references

Production information

  • A clip from the episode was first released online on March 29, 2010;[1] it did not air on television in the United States until June 18, 2011.[2] This makes it the last aired episode, but it is not the last chronologically.
  • Interestingly, two title cards exist for this episode; the one shown above has no "a" in the title, while the alternative one does.
  • This episode's production code is 207B.[3]


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