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"An I See Bee" is the eleventh segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on May 31, 2008.


A fortune teller convinces Bessie that she can see the future, but her sunny predictions for Penny's birthday party are way off the mark, so she attempts to make things right.[1]


Happy chases after a cat, which leads to him and Bessie entering a mysterious place. Soon they meet Madam Valeska, a fortune teller who claims she can see into the future. After Bessie overwhelms her with the Mighty B goal, Valeska tells Bessie she has ESP (extra sensory perception), meaning she too can see the future.

When Bessie gets home, she goes into The Hive to inspect her Honeybee Handbook. Sure enough, an ESP badge does exist, and Bessie decides to see if what Valeska said was true; Bessie begins dressing in extravagant robes and predicts what her mother's customers will be ordering. Shortly after, Penny enters the cafe and invites Bessie to her 10th birthday party.

As Bessie correctly predicts what other customers are doing, Penny asks Bessie if she can see what'll happen at her birthday party. She uses her mother's tipping jar and alphabet soup to help her see into the future. Penny asks if she'll ride a pony, if there will be candy, etc. which Bessie says yes to all, going so far as saying Penny's party will be filled with food-related scenery. A happy and clapping Penny asks Bessie if she's sure she saw a pony, to which Bessie responds she is "the Amazing Bes-see."

On the morning of Penny's birthday, birds assist her by taking the blanket off of her bed and putting on her robe. In the kitchen she meets her father, who wishes his daughter a happy birthday and a fun day. Hours later, Bessie escorts Penny into her home, getting her excited for the festivities.

When Bessie and Penny walk in, it turns out only Penny's father, Gwen and Portia showed up aside from Bessie and Penny. When Penny asks if it's everything Bessie saw, a hesitant Bessie states "There's cake." Penny takes off her blindfold, she notices her birthday cake doesn't even say her name, rather "Mazeltov Lenny." Her dad tries to justify the lazy cake by saying it's chocolate and was a half-off clearance cake. Penny's father tries to salvage the party by saying he got something for Penny that starts with a P. Penny hopes it's a pony, but it's really a pinata (somehow shaped and modeled after Penny).

A distraught Penny asks where all of what Bessie predicted was, causing Bessie to realize she got Penny's hopes up. Bessie apologizes, admitting she may not have ESP at all. Penny says she sees herself not talking to Bessie, running away crying after the fact.

Bessie, now in her regular scout outfit, consults Finger for help. He gives her advice and says Bessie should try to fix the situation. When she gets home, Ben asks what she's doing, with Bessie explaining in a convoluted way the events of the episode. Bessie asks Ben for help, who agrees.

At the Rec Center, Ben, Happy, Rocky and Bessie all set the stage for a redo of Penny's party. Rocky also sends out invitations to the party on his skateboard, received by The Hippie, Mr. Wu, Portia, Gwen and even a seal. Ben, in a knight of armor suit, gives Penny a crown and Happy, reluctantly, is enlisted as her steed.

Eventually, the trio arrive at the Rec Center, where the citizens of San Francisco wish her a happy birthday. After Penny forgives Bessie, the others dance to the music and enjoy themselves.

Penny knocks on a partied out Bessie's door the next day, and gives her the ESP badge. Bessie promises to call Penny later. After Bessie shuts the door, Penny is seen giving a tour to the pinata modeled after her.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Grey DeLisle Portia, Madam Valeska & Lola
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & Mr. Lefkowitz
Andy Richter Ben



  • Madam Valeska (the fortune teller) later appears in "Eye of the Honeybee" as part of the ping pong tournament.
  • The name of the store Mr. Lefkowitz bought Penny's cake was called Wake and Cake.
  • Madam Valeska's establishment (Fortunes Told) uses cross velvet curtains.
  • When Penny wakes up and wishes her father a good morning, she says her birthday party will be held in 3 hours.
  • Ben's Halloween candy is used for Penny's party.
  • The Hippie owns a skateboard.
  • Lola appears for the first time.
  • Other people present at Penny's birthday party include Mary Frances Gibbons, Hilary, Millie, her father Mr. Lefkowitz and several background Honeybees.

Cultural references

  • Penny's idealized birthday was set in "Candy County"; her being queen and the land being populated by candy references the board game Candy Land.
  • Bessie's exhaustion after the party is reminiscent of people who are hung over after drinking alcohol.

Production information

  • Was viewed by 5.6 million people at its premiere.[2]
  • This episode's production code is 103B; additionally, Madam Valeska's name was originally Madame Valenska.[3]
  • A Chicago Tribune article mentions it and "Woodward and Beesting" as upcoming episodes during the week of May 24, 2008. This implies the episode was originally going to air that day, but did not for unknown reasons.[4]


  • Happy's sclera is miscolored pink when he and Ben take turns drinking from the chocolate fountain.
  • Sarah Thyre is credited in this episode, despite Mrs. Gibbons only appearing at the party with no dialogue.


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