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This isn't even labeled properly. It should be labeled, 'I am boring everyone to death at the science fair.'

Anton St. Germain[1] was first introduced as the Dog Show judge in the first episode of the series. He has also been shown as the science fair judge ("Artificial Unintelligence") and the head of city council ("Super Secret Weakness").

He is usually seen functioning as a judge or master of ceremonies in various episodes,[2] such as hosting Portia's half-birthday in "Ten Little Honeybees," officiating the ping pong tournament in "Eye of the Honeybee" and awarding The Beavers the Bee-athlon trophy in "Dang It Feels Good to Be a Gamester."

Stuck-up and posh, Anton seems to think of himself as superior to the others around him, and is easily annoyed by Bessie. He is voiced by Matt Besser.[3]


Anton has been shown to be very arrogant and critical as a judge, mocking most of the science experiments in "Artificial Unintelligence." When judging sports competitions, he strongly dislikes unsportsmanlike behavior and will disqualify a competitor for engaging in it ("Eye of the Honeybee"). He seems to look down on children, as he tells Mary Frances Gibbons in "Name Shame" while on the phone with her: "it's just the sort of thing I've come to expect from that ragtag bunch you're stuck with."

He is a close friend of Mary Frances Gibbons, though the integrity of their friendship is unclear: in “So Happy Together,” he accepted a bribe from Mary Frances to let Portia win the Honeybee Dog Show, but in “Artificial Unintelligence” he belittled Portia’s science fair project.

Anton is quite wealthy, owning such luxuries as Persian and bearskin rugs in addition to a doll museum, where he collects and stores antique dolls; he cares deeply for his dolls, as he was relieved all of them were unharmed when a "thief" was at Portia's half-birthday. His favorite doll is named Geneva, and he sometimes uses her as a puppet ("Ten Little Honeybees," in which Anton plays his most prominent role in the series). Anton is also fastidious, complaining to Mary Frances that her sons were making a mess in his home.

In addition to his duties as a contest judge and councilman, Anton is a part of the Macrame Circle ("Macro Mayhem"), where he is shown to be a skilled macrame hobbyist, able to temporarily stop Bessie from her excessive macrame making by knitting macrame cuffs.

Having appeared often in season 1, Anton was rarely seen in the second season, only having a speaking role in two episodes ("Bee Nice" and "The League of Ordinary Gentlemen").

Physical appearance

Anton is a light-skinned man who has purple hair. He wears a blue suit, with his pants being a lighter shade of the same color. Underneath the suit, he has a white shirt and black tie in addition to black shoes. On occasion, he will wear a gold badge stating "judge" with a blue stripe when he is officiating competitions.


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  • He claims in "Ten Little Honeybees" his last name is pronounced "San Ger-man"; a running gag in the series is his surname being mispronounced, such as Bessie pronouncing it as "Saint Ger-main" in the aforementioned episode and "Saint German" in "Macro Mayhem." Other characters mispronounce his last name as well, such as Portia.
  • Although Anton being the head of city council is never outright stated, the Nickelodeon website for the show dated in 2008 revealed it. He is only ever seen working as a councilman in "Super Secret Weakness."
  • Anton's hair momentarily falls off his head while being pelted with food in "So Happy Together," which could indicate he wears a toupee.
  • Owns a Victorian house, which is featured most prominently in "Ten Little Honeybees."
  • "Macro Mayhem" reveals Anton owns begonias and uses cashmere yarn instead of synthetic derivatives.
  • Is shown to enjoy water skiing, as revealed in "Dragonflies."
  • "Bee Nice" shows Anton drinks tea.
  • Shown to be a fan of the Sugar Boys in "Bee Plus One."
  • In the aforementioned episode, Bessie claims she and Anton call Shirley Temples "Shirley T's."
  • He attends Bessie's surprise party in "It's B's Party."
  • Anton claims to be the head of the San Francisco League of Gentlemen in "The League of Ordinary Gentlemen."


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