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"Apoxalypse Now" is the twenty-third segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on September 11, 2008.[1]


When she realizes she doesn't have the Chicken Pox Badge, Bessie is determined to get the chicken pox from Gwen.


The Honeybees are studying mushrooms when Bessie notices Gwen doesn't quite look like herself; she believes Gwen has poison ivy. Mrs. Gibbons recognizes Gwen has the chicken pox, and drives her home.

Bessie notices all members of Troop 828 have earned the Chicken Pox Badge except her, due to not having the chicken pox. She wants Gwen to infect her with the chicken pox, but Mary Frances puts a stop to it by tying her to a nearby tree.

Once Gwen returns home, she notices all but one of her brothers have it as well. If that wasn't enough, Bessie keeps bothering her in hopes of catching the chicken pox so she can earn the badge.

In her first attempt, she wants to touch Gwen's chicken pox, but Gwen refuses to let that happen. She tries to trick Gwen with a pizza, in addition to masquerading as a plumber, cable guy, monk and gorilla, though none of these are successful.

Bessie asks Hilary if she's sure Bessie hasn't had the chicken pox, and she tells her Ben has had them but not her. Hilary gives her the idea to send Gwen a care package, and this in turn gives Bessie an idea: to recruit Ben to help her get the chicken pox.

She shows Ben a "chicken pox bunker" filled with board games, calamine lotion and other related objects. Bessie goes on to talk about how having a "superior immune system" meant she didn't get the chicken pox at an age most of her peers did. Bessie tells Ben that since he is immune to Gwen due to already having the chicken pox, he can distract Gwen while Bessie enters Gwen's house.

Ben gives Gwen a care package and talks about his experience with the chicken pox, while Bessie manages to get inside Gwen's home through the bathroom window. Hiding inside the toilet, she sees one of Gwen's brothers, and tries in vain to get the chicken pox from him. Using bubblewrap from the tub, she ventures throughout the house coming in close contact with all of Gwen's sick brothers without being spotted.

Once she gets home, Bessie is surprised her temperature is only 98.61. Ben, who must tend to Bessie's every whim, starts to feel under the weather, something Hilary notices. She becomes concerned when Hilary feels Ben's forehead and notes that he's burning up.

While Hilary is gone trying to get a thermometer, Bessie chastises Ben for not helping her. Soon, Ben's chicken pox becomes visible. As Hilary returns, it's clear she confused Bessie with Ben and that Bessie did have the chicken pox after all, while the family were living in Berlin.

An excited Bessie can't wait to claim her badge, but Ben points out she made him sick and should take care of him first, which she does.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Andy Richter Ben
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Megan Cavanagh Hilary
Grey DeLisle Portia, Millie & Honeybee #7
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Dee Bradley Baker Gwen's baby brother



  • One of two episodes where Gwen plays a prominent role, followed by "Children of the Unicorn."
  • Honeybee #7 says "Got it", and it is her only line in the series.
  • Gwen's home address is 6704.
  • The "Good Idea Alert" gag is reused from "Toot Toot," the main difference being it is visual this time as opposed to "Toot Toot" doing it physically.
  • Bessie likes her sandwiches without crust, and prefers to eat watermelon without seeds and in the shape of balls.
  • As it turns out, Ben didn't have the chicken pox in the past; it was Bessie. Hilary mentions that when Bessie had the chicken pox, the family were living in Berlin, Germany and involved in herding goats.

Cultural references

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