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"Awww-esome" is the twelfth segment of the second season and the fifty-first segment of The Mighty B! that aired on January 2, 2010.


All of San Francisco is glued to Puppy Net - a live webcam featuring five adorable six-week-old puppies. All, that is, except Bessie, who can't seem to catch a glimpse. And it's driving her bananas! If that wasn't enough, Happy feels jealousy towards the puppies, as they have now taken up most of Bessie's attention. 


Bessie and Happy are walking towards the Recreation Center. When they get inside, they notice Gwen, Penny and Portia preoccupied on the Rec Center's computer, watching Puppy Net. Bessie tries to see them, but can't. Penny says the name while Gwen explains that it's "5 puppies, 6 weeks old, on a live webcam 24/7." When she finally does, the puppies are gone, having a snack break.

At home, Bessie is about to serve Happy some dog food, but leaves it on the counter after overhearing Ben saying how cute the puppies are from his bedroom. She misses them yet again, and Ben explains the reason is "it's exhausting being that cute." Bessie gives Ben her private phone number in order to alert her when they'll next appear on the computer.

Bessie starts to obsess over the puppies, and in doing so unintentionally neglects Happy. The workers are busy at the dry cleaner's catching a glimpse of Puppy Net while Happy looks into a mirror, feeling old. Bessie almost gets to see them through the coat rack, until they disappear again when she gets the chance.

Then, she tries to be first in line at a hot dog vendor's stand due to him having Puppy Net, but multiple people beat her to the punch. Another attempt to see them through a police car's screen and construction worker's cell phone proves fruitless, as the dogs are about to visit the veterinarian. Bessie throws the now-damaged phone on the ground in fit of rage, as Happy kicks it in anger. He steals a picture of the puppy owner with his puppies from a newspaper as he leaves.

Hoping to get Bessie's attention again, Happy puts on makeup and straightens his eyelashes. However, all this does is prompt a distracted Bessie to say "Oh, Happy, when you roll around the floor like that, it leaves a smear."

Happy gives up and walks away, while Bessie is frustrated that her poor internet connection is preventing her from seeing the puppies. She eventually grows tired of waiting and clicks refresh excessively, which causes her computer to explode and turn to ash.

Bessie later complains to Happy in Hilary's Cafe that the universe will not allow her to see the puppies, rhetorically saying "the space time continuum will collapse." However, Happy pays more attention to the fact the owner of the puppies is at the cafe, and follows him as he leaves.

Having left behind the picture from the newspaper, Bessie sees Happy scribbled out the puppies. Wondering why Happy hates them, she realizes her neglect of Happy as of late made him jealous of them. Accepting her mistake, Bessie rushes after Happy, who himself is following the puppy owner.

With Happy and the puppy owner arriving at the latter's home, Happy fakes being dehydrated so the owner will let him in. Bessie finally gets to the house, but sees the two have already gotten inside. Happy tries looking for the puppies while the puppy owner gets him a bowl of water.

Hearing one of them, Happy follows the trail as Bessie knocks on the door. All the while, the puppy owner is confused by Happy's sudden disappearance. Bessie tries her best to find where Happy is in the house, to no avail.

She eventually finds him about to enter the puppy's room, and witnesses Happy about to use a mallet on the puppies through the basement window. Bessie fears for the worst, but when Happy sees how cute the puppies are, he drops the mallet and lets the puppies play with him.

Bessie gushes about her own dog and the puppies together, saying "Puppies and Happy! And they said it couldn't get any cuter! They were wrong!" Bessie kisses the window as Happy smiles widely with the puppies.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Cop #1 & Construction Worker #2
Mathias Dougherty Puppy Owner
Andy Richter Ben
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Grey DeLisle Portia
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Rob Paulsen Hot Dog Vendor, Construction Worker #1 & Cop #2



  • Bessie's unfinished anecdote was about Army surpluses.
  • On the chalkboard at the Recreation Center, the following is written: "Beach Bus leaves M-F 8AM returns 4PM."
  • The name of Happy's dog food is Beefers!.
  • Ben calls one of the puppies "Mr. Chub."
  • At the dry cleaner's, Bessie had 4 honeybee uniforms cleaned with light starch, while Happy had a velour tracksuit dried.
  • Bessie gives a taffy discount to family members.
  • Bessie mentions having earned the Junior Policeman badge.
  • According to Bessie, Happy is middle-aged.
  • Bessie claims to volunteer while ranting about how much of a good person she is.
  • A trophy stating "Cutest Puppies" is seen in the puppy owner's home.
  • Bessie pays for high speed internet.
  • This episode has the most characters with a speaking role in it among season 2 episodes, with 12 characters having lines.
  • The last time this episode (along with "Dogcatcher in the Rye") aired on the main Nickelodeon channel was December 2, 2012.

Cultural references

  • The episode title is referring to Bessie's own catchphrase (and drawn out way of saying) "awesome!"
  • In the cop car, police dispatch mentions someone is under the influence.

Production information

  • Eddie Trigueros, the episode's co-director, sketched the title card.[1]
  • The episode title is spelled as "Awwww-esome" (with four W's instead of three) in the end credits.
  • In the scene where Bessie's computer explodes, storyboard artist Katie Rice originally drew Bessie with her hair on fire. However, Standards and Practices rejected this, and so Rice redrew the sequence with Bessie's head engulfed in flames, which appears in the final episode.[2]


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