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B-Chip is the nineteenth segment of the second season and the fifty-eighth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on November 20, 2010.


Bessie takes Happy to get an identity chip.


Bessie is worried after Happy is two minutes late, and tries to calm herself by saying Happy may have a good reason for his tardiness, such as a long line in the bank or being stuck in traffic. However, this only serves to make her more anxious. She proceeds to call the FBI to report her dog as missing, providing information just as Happy finally arrives.

As it turns out, Happy was late due to dumpster diving. Bessie tells Happy she was greatly concerned for him during his absence, and wonders what would have happened if Happy was really lost. Just then, Bessie and Happy each notice a neon sign nearby, advertising Doctor/Vet's "doggie chip." Bessie decides Happy getting an identity chip is just what he needs, believing she will be at ease knowing where Happy is at all times when the two are separated.

Happy is very reluctant to get it, but Bessie asserts she is "the boss" and what she says goes. Happy hangs on to cement for dear life, to no avail. As he and Bessie walk in Happy Pet Vet, Happy argues that he needs freedom, with Bessie assuring Happy his safety is more important than his civil liberties. She attempts to cheer Happy up by saying he'll receive a dog biscuit when the visit is over. The Nurse takes Happy inside Doctor/Vet's office.

Meanwhile, Bessie is in the waiting room reading an article on sixth century Turkish tapestries. Electricity is shown from inside the office three times, followed by Doctor/Vet using a hammer and chainsaw. A fire erupts, though Doctor/Vet puts it out with an extinguisher. He proceeds to stomp on Happy's head before using an axe and a utensil.

With the procedure finished, Doctor/Vet escorts Happy outside of his office. Bessie's dog has a humongous grin on his face as Doctor/Vet rattles off the risks of Happy's surgery after he already had it. Bessie offers Happy a dog biscuit, but he declines, claiming a desire to not spoil his dinner. Bessie commends Happy for his newfound maturity as he continues smiling.

Bessie and Ben finish dinner before noticing their favorite show, Sea Cucumber Colony, begins in 3 minutes. However, Ben's slice of pie falls on the ground as he laments his loss over it. A nearby Happy proceeds to blow dust off it and even adds whipped cream. Ben feels something isn't right, but Bessie chastises him for not believing that Happy has turned over a new leaf. Happy intervenes to say he understands Ben and even puts his hand on Ben's shoulder. Bessie is impressed with Happy being "very big" while also stating Ben is a cynic. After Bessie bumps into Happy, he lets out a nasty fart. Happy proceeds to fix this by sucking it back in while using air freshener.

Later, as Bessie prepares for bed, Happy brings his owner her slippers, as Bessie notices he even sewed up the bite marks. Bessie is slowly starting to be overwhelmed by Happy's extreme kindness, saying to herself "What a good boy; almost too good." She tells Happy to sit, roll over and do other tricks, which he obeys completely. After asking him trivia questions (his middle name and bacon publications) to ensure this is the real Happy, she asks for an extremely personal question: Happy's PIN code number. He answers by revealing it to her, something that frightens Bessie, as Happy in his normal state would never share this information with her. Bessie asks "Who are you? And what have you done with my Happy?"

A concerned Bessie takes Happy back to Doctor/Vet's office to figure that out. Doctor/Vet doesn't see anything wrong until Bessie asks Happy if he would like a booster shot, obliging with no hesitation. Doctor/Vet concedes that is not normal and investigates by using a metal detector. He quickly finds out that he accidentally put the identity chip in Happy's brain instead of the intended area (behind his knee). The chip is specifically located in Happy's bad behavior lobe, explaining Happy's benevolence and excessive generosity.

Bessie suggests it be taken out, but Doctor/Vet warns that if such a thing were to happen, Happy's repressed bad behavior would wreak havoc and hurt everything in sight. Bessie pleads with him as she wants the old Happy back, to no avail. Doctor/Vet points out she can train Happy to be whatever she'd like due to his obedience, which gives her an idea: she'll take Happy to "disobedience" school by teaching Happy to be his old self again.

She starts by digging a hole in a "keep off grass" area, though Happy only digs a tiny one just so he can plant a flower. Bessie then pours a water bottle on a fire hydrant to make Happy want to pee on it only for him to clean it afterwards. At home, Bessie leaves a steak unattended hoping Happy will eat it. He drools, and Bessie believes she's finally got him, but Happy simply grabs a bucket to hold his drool in. Bessie rhetorically asks what it will take to make him not behave.

In the kitchen, Happy is repairing a wall. However, Bessie convinces him to play a joke on Ben by putting cement over his butt. Ben, who had been looking for food (specifically a steak and strips of bacon) in the fridge, looks towards Happy and it is revealed he's wearing a cat shirt. This causes Happy to almost crack, something Bessie notices. Happy apologizes to Ben, stating he didn't know what came over him. A brainstorming Bessie realizes the combination of a cat, steak and bacon nearly set him off. Bessie offers Ben that he can be dog bait, and relinquishes her Bee Bucks to Ben for a chance to get Happy back to normal. Ben has his eyes on the trampoline.

Bessie and Happy are inside The Hive, as someone knocks on the door. The visitor is revealed to be Ben, wearing a hydrant outfit with sausages as a necklace, in addition to a steak and cat on top of him. This is enough to destroy Happy's identity chip, freeing Happy's repressed bad behavior. He attacks Ben before eating the cat, shooting it out of his left nostril all the while. Happy proceeds to eat the steak and pee on Ben's outfit. With the cat still alive, Happy chases after it, bringing Ben along as he is connected to the sausages. Bessie tells Ben to think about the trampoline, to which he retorts "but I can't feel my legs."

Happy proceeds to run all around town, damaging catboxes. Ben, who is now free from the hydrant costume and Happy's rampage, spits them out as he wearily says "My allergies." Happy continues running, leading him to beat up several people at a wedding. Next, he enters the city's bank and breathes fire on all the money, causing it to turn to ash. Cops arrest him, but he escapes from jail at night by using his sharp teeth to destroy his cell. Happy runs towards the Higgenbottom household.

A crying Bessie looks at a picture of Happy, but is relieved to see him in her room. He proceeds to ruin her bed, damage the wall and use laser eyes to zap Bessie's slippers out of existence. She hugs Happy, who at first still wants to continue destruction, but eventually calms down, having gotten all the bad behavior out of his system. Ben, now heavily bandaged in gauze and using a wheelchair, jumps up and down on the trampoline he bought with Bessie's Bee Bucks. He greatly enjoys it, though Ben says "ow" every time he lands on it.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & Various Cells
Andy Richter Ben
Rob Corddry Doctor/Vet



  • The hobo clowns from "Toot Toot" appear near Bessie at the beginning of the episode.
  • Bessie claims Happy smells like beans.
  • Bessie says she has been training Happy "for years." As "C'mon Get Happy!" later confirms, season 2 takes place a couple of years after season 1.
  • The air freshener Happy uses is cucumber melon.
  • Happy subscribes to 12 bacon publications, including blogs.
  • Happy has a tattoo that says "Jessica" on his butt.
  • Ben has served as dog bait before.

Cultural references

Production information

  • This episode has a production code of 211A.[1]
  • Alex Kirwan, a director for the series, and his wife Leticia were caricatured as the couple getting married while Happy was on a rampage.[2]
  • Upon this episode's original airing, it premiered as the first segment instead of "It's B's Party."[3]


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