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''Bad to the Bee'' is the eighth segment of the second season and the forty-seventh segment of The Mighty B! that aired on November 14, 2009.


When she gets a bee-merit for ruining several boxes of taffy (tripped by Gwen), Bessie feels that being good is pointless if you can't be perfect, giving Portia and Gwen a chance to get her to do something really bad.


The Honeybees are preparing for the upcoming taffy sale, with Bessie having the largest shipment. Mary Frances Gibbons advises Bessie not to carry too many at once, stating she doesn't have the Heavy Lifting badge yet. However, she proceeds to lift all of them in one go, only for Gwen to intentionally trip her (unbeknownst to Bessie or Mary Frances), covering several boxes of taffy in mud in the process.

Mary Frances scolds Bessie for ruining Honeybee profit, and Bessie receives a Bee-merit, much to the latter's horror. At home, Bessie tells Happy about what happened, and is particularly upset her perfect record is now "besmirched" by the Bee-merit, saddened her plan to have a clean record is now impossible. Bessie believes being good from now on is pointless if she can't be perfect, even asking herself "Who cares?"

Ben asks Bessie if she wants him to return her library books as they're due at 3:00, but Bessie decides she'll return them later. Even when Ben points out she'll have late fees, Bessie still doesn't care. A horrified Ben proclaims "You're not my sister!" as he leaves her bedroom.

She proceeds to put on a black leather jacket with Happy's approval, as Bessie states "Treat your eyeballs to a brand new Bessie." She and Happy take a walk, wherein they both bark at a nearby couple and their dog. A dry cleaning clerk asks for Bessie's claim ticket, but Bessie makes her search her last name on the computer.

Next, Bessie is coloring with Penny, but proceeds to do it completely outside the lines. She goes the opposite way on an escalator at the local mall, only to learn quickly why that is a bad idea. She considers flossing before thinking otherwise, using her new mantra of "Who cares?"

Portia is talking to Gwen on the Bee bus, with the former stating "Yeah, and I said, if you're so smart, why'd you spell ambulance backwards on your car?" Gwen replies it's because you can read it on your rear view mirror, with Portia saying "Yeah, he tried to say the same thing!" Just then, Bessie bumps into Portia, as the two are surprised with her new lease on life.

As Portia and Gwen now view her as "semi-cool," they ask if she would like to go swimming with them, an offer Bessie accepts. Proving how shallow they both are, they pretend to dislike what Bessie dislikes (even stuff they enjoy) in order to stay in her circle. A lifeguard tells the kids to leave the pool, but to Gwen and Portia's shock, Bessie refuses.

Later, Bessie decides she'll be five minutes late for the next Honeybee meeting as Gwen and Portia walk in. Inside, Mary Frances talks about the importance of getting the correct tally of taffy boxes Bessie ruined so Honeybee Headquarters can send them the right number of boxes in addition to reminding Bessie of her mistake. This gives Gwen and Portia an idea.

Taking Mary Frances' key, they go outside and approach Bessie with their plan: they will use the key to each get a box of taffy from the storage closet, eat them and then claim they were damaged to Mary Frances. Bessie picks one with a dent in it, but begins having second thoughts with this plan, not wanting to steal.

After nearly being spotted by Mary Frances, the trio run into the bathroom, where Gwen and Portia eat their taffy but Bessie is reluctant. She comes close to eating one, but can't do it and talks to her conscience in a nearby bathroom stall. Her common sense reasons that this is wrong, while her "bad" self in the toilet simply asks "Who cares?" Gwen and Portia overhear Bessie talking to herself, and she ultimately answers "I cares!"

Bessie realizes being a Honeybee is not about perfect records and zero Bee-merits, but rather being good. She takes Gwen and Portia's eaten taffy out of their mouths and puts them back in boxes. She returns them to the storage room just as Mary Frances sees the trio. Gwen and Portia run away as Bessie tells Mary Frances she deserves punishment, and volunteers to do bathroom cleanup. Mary Frances gives Bessie the okay.

She cleans the toilets with a toothbrush, and is happy to see her old self again in the toilet. However, Bessie overhears burping in the next stall, finding out Happy overate on taffy and is laying down. Bessie simply says "Happy!" with a smile as the episode ends.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Grey DeLisle Portia & Clerk
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Andy Richter Ben
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & Lifeguard



  • Bessie mentions she has never received a Bee-merit before.
  • Mary Frances wrote "Not doing what I say!" as the reason for giving Bessie a Bee-merit on the paper.
  • Penny brought her rubber chicken with her during coloring.
  • Bessie (while still acting "bad") claims to hate: birthdays, bunnies, cookies, fabric softener, history and flushing the toilet.
  • Portia mentions she will write her eating the taffy in the bathroom as a chapter in her memoirs.

Cultural references

Production information


  • Although Bessie claims to have a "perfect record," she was late for a Honeybee meeting before in "Bat Mitzvah Crashers."


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