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All Bears in Capes, attack!

Bears in Capes are imaginary villains in Bessie's mind. They serve as her arch enemies while she has Mighty B daydreams.

They appear in a nightmare where Bessie is helpless against them, and upon waking up is dedicated to finding out her weakness.

The leader was voiced by Keone Young, while another Bear in Cape's voice was supplied by Dee Bradley Baker.


Bears in Capes originated from a nightmare Bessie had. Prior to going to bed, Ben told her every superhero has a weakness of some sort. Bessie looked at her teddy bear prior to sleeping, causing the creation of Bears in Capes.

In the nightmare, Bessie and the bears charge against each other. However, after one bear blows a dandelion in her face, Bessie is significantly weakened with hives. The leader commands his underlings to take advantage and attack Bessie, allowing them to steal honey from a nearby tree.

They later appear in another dream of Bessie's, occupying a honeycomb. The leader demands the other bears load a special type of gun with zucchini, but another bear informs the leader they only have pickles in their artillery. This allows Bessie to lift a van, telling the bears "Who's in a pickle now, huh, stupid bears?"

Physical appearance

The Bears have brown fur (the leader having a lighter shade of brown). The bears have lighter brown patches on their stomach and muzzles, with the exception of the bear leader who has cream instead. All of them have black noses, and each wear capes (the regular ones light brown capes with golden trim and the leader having a more sophisticated black cape with golden buttons).



  • The leader is credited as "Bear Leader," while the other bear who speaks is simply listed as "Bear."
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