Bee Afraid Gallery Transcript

Bee Afraid is the fourth episode of The Mighty B!.


Bessie is the only Honeybee in her troop who doesn't have the Happy Camper Badge. That's because every summer at the annual Honeybee Campout, Bessie gets petrified of sleeping in the woods and goes home.

Bessie decides that it's finally time for her to get it. She packs up her things and heads out into the woods. Portia, Gwen, and Penny don't want Bessie to get the badge so they try to scare her into leaving the woods. Penny tells a scary story and Portia runs away. Then she angers a bear. Bessie comes and the bear gets 2 boxes of taffy in exchange for sparing Portia. The sun rises and Bessie gets the Happy Camper Badge.



  • Bessie told Portia that they are now both Happy Campers, even though Bessie took her badge, although Portia probably got another badge.
  • It's probably against the rules to take someone else's badge.
  • Live action footage is shown for the first time in the series, signifying the sky entering night.
  • It's revealed that Bessie's mom has a red camper.

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