Bee My Baby Gallery Transcript

Bee My Baby is the third episode that aired in April 27th, 2008.


When Bessie comes to deliver taffy to Gwen's house, she finds out that Gwen is babysitting her five rowdy little brothers. Bessie would love to babysit. Portia and Gwen trick Bessie and Penny into babysitting by saying there's a babysitting badge. Portia pushes the taffy cart then went to the mall. Bessie thinks that it's going to be easy, but she soon realizes that babysitting is hard work after she loses one of the kids. In her and Penny's absences, Happy takes over, and in an unexpected twist grows to love the kids, playing Jenga and helping them with math homework. After a cart rings the bell with the baby, Happy comes and takes the baby, but closes on Bessie and Penny. Portia and Gwen come and tell Bessie and Penny that there is no babysitting badge.



  • Running gag: characters "flying" in the air, and saying their fathers were wrong.
  • Bessie states that she is nine and three quarters (9¾) years old for the first time in the series.
  • First appearance of Gwen's younger brothers.
  • Penny can somehow "speak" seal, as she communicated with the seal playing with Gwen's youngest brother as a ball.
  • This episode takes place in the mid-to-late afternoon, as one of Gwen's brothers tells Happy it's only 5:30 when he tucks them into bed.


  • On one of the scenes, Penny found gum off out of the bottom of Bessie's shoe, and then takes a bite out of it, and then she goes down with the gum and falls down onto the sidewalk on the Red Bridge in San Francisco. In the next shot of the scene, the gum rope disappeared.
  • Right after Portia and Gwen leave, Happy is much smaller than usual.
  • Gwen's eyes are discolored as black instead of her usual blue when she returns to her house and sees Bessie and Penny on the porch.

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