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"Bee My Baby" is the third segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on April 27th, 2008.[1]


Portia and Gwen trick Bessie and Penny into babysitting Gwen's brothers by saying there's a Brat-Wrangling badge.[2]


When Bessie comes to deliver taffy to Gwen's house, she finds out that Gwen is babysitting her five rowdy little brothers.

As neither Gwen nor Portia enjoy babysitting, and in contrast Bessie would love to babysit, Portia and Gwen decide to trick Bessie and Penny into babysitting by saying there's a babysitting badge (the "Brat-Wrangling" badge). Bessie and Penny fall for it, and Gwen threatens Bessie by saying if anything happens to her brothers, she'll squish Bessie like a grape.

Now outside, Portia pushes the taffy cart away and proceeds to go to the mall with Gwen. Bessie thinks that it's going to be easy, but she soon realizes that babysitting is hard work after she loses the youngest boy, a baby, after he roams out of the house.

Bessie and Penny scramble to find Gwen's youngest brother all around San Francisco. Meanwhile, Gwen and Portia eat gelato and talk about fashion downtown and near the harbor, where they come close to seeing Bessie, Penny and Gwen's baby brother numerous times.

In her and Penny's absences, Happy takes over, and in an unexpected twist grows to love the kids, playing Jenga, helping them with math homework, tucking them into bed and even making a turkey for them as dinner.

Bessie and Gwen's brother end up on the Golden Gate bridge as terrified citizens oversee the event. Bessie tries to convince him to listen to her, but it doesn't work. Penny, who had been trying to say something but got interrupted, yells at Bessie and tells her to be assertive in order for Gwen's baby brother to do as she says. After Bessie does just that, he obliges.

However, he falls down off the bridge and lands on the very same cart that Portia pushed earlier, which Bessie and Penny run after. Gwen's brother eventually reaches his way to Gwen's home and rings the doorbell. Happy comes and takes the baby, but closes on Bessie and Penny.

Portia and Gwen return, with Bessie admitting to Gwen she let her down by being irresponsible and doesn't deserve the Brat-Wrangling badge. Gwen then responds that there is no badge and that they made it up to get out of babysitting. Gwen and Portia proceed to go inside Gwen's house, where they enjoy Happy's turkey dinner.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Ken Wilson Bessie's "angry" voice
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Grey DeLisle Portia
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Dee Bradley Baker Happy and Gwen's Baby Brother
Paul Butcher & Zachary Gordon Gwen's Brothers
Matt Besser The Hippie
Kenan Thompson Rocky Rhodes
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons



  • Running gag: characters "flying" in the air, and saying their fathers were wrong.
  • Bessie reveals her age in this episode, stating she is nine and three quarters (9¾) years old.
  • This is the first appearance of Gwen's younger brothers.
  • Several things are learned of Penny in this episode:
    • Penny likes wrestling, and also knows about a butterfly's life cycle (using the term chrysalis when playing with Gwen's brothers).
    • She can somehow "speak" seal, as she communicated with the seal playing with Gwen's youngest brother as a ball.
    • Penny is revealed to have asthma, using an inhaler so she can catch up to Bessie.
  • Mary Frances first orders a pound of flounder, but changes her mind and picks Alaskan king salmon instead.
  • Penny mentions her father, who would not physically appear until "Super Secret Weakness."
  • This episode takes place in the mid-to-late afternoon, as one of Gwen's brothers tells Happy it's only 3:30 when he tucks them into bed.
  • Has two famous child actors as guest stars: Paul Butcher (known for his role in Zoey 101) and Zachary Gordon (later played Greg Heffley in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film series) each voice some of Gwen's Brothers.
  • This episode was a part of the Mighty Weekend block, and also the first to air on a Sunday.

Cultural references

Production information

  • Production code: 102B.[3]


  • In one of the scenes, Penny found gum off of the bottom of Bessie's shoe, and then takes a bite out of it, and then she goes down with the gum and falls down onto the sidewalk on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. In the next shot of the scene, the gum rope disappeared.
  • Right after Portia and Gwen leave, Happy is much smaller than usual.
  • Gwen's eyes are discolored as black instead of her usual blue when she returns to her house and sees Bessie and Penny on the porch.
  • Jessica DiCicco is not credited for voicing Gwen, despite the character appearing and having dialogue.


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