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"Bee Nice" is the third segment of the second season and the forty-second segment of The Mighty B! that aired on September 24, 2009.


Bessie has a bad day. When a friend of hers theorizes, he says it must be her “bad karma". Bessie vows to right all her wrongs and almost kills her friends with kindness in the process.


Bessie oversleeps for a Honeybee meeting. When she wakes up, she slams into the wall head first, causing her to lose her glasses. As a result, she squirts toothpaste into her eye. A "static attack" happens to her hair, then Bessie attempts to drink orange juice, but spills it all over herself in the process. On her way out the door, she runs into several cobwebs and trips on the stairs.

To make matters worse, Bessie steps in dog poo while continuing to walk toward the recreation center. She tries to remove it by scraping her foot on a rock, but this sets her shoe ablaze, exposing her bare foot now covered in dust, forcing her to walk without a shoe. Once Bessie arrives at the recreation center, it is revealed that the Honeybees had gone on a field trip without her; specifically, to "Miriam Breedlove's Log Cabin of Old-Fashioned Living".

Bessie is humiliated by a sprinkler as she walks away. The Hippie introduces Bessie to karma, saying that everything she went through was a result of being mean to others. This prompts Bessie to remember previous mean acts. These include yelling at her family, and denouncing Penny's friend as being just a rock, among others. She decides to be kind to others to improve her karma.

Her family is worried by the lengths she'll go to make others happy, especially when her attempts to right the wrongs she did to Ben and Hilary do more harm than good. Happy in particular avoids all contact with her in worries of what he could experience, making sure he isn't spotted while she tries to help Anton and the others.

However, he hatches a plan. The next day, Bessie sees a rainbow which she presumes is the result of good karma. The rainbow is followed up by taffy falling from the sky, and even a puppy stampede. Once Bessie runs off into the distance chasing butterflies, the rainbow disappears as the Hippie turns off a projector, showing that the rainbow was actually a projection.

The falling taffy is shown to be just Portia and Gwen tossing a bowl of taffy from a branch. Likewise, the puppies are actually men in suits. Various characters sigh in unison, which is followed up by the Hippie claiming that karma works after all.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Matt Besser The Hippie & Anton St. Germain
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Andy Richter Ben
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Megan Cavanagh Hilary



  • Bessie woke up 47 minutes late from her usual time getting up.
  • Hilary believes in the healing properties of crystals, claiming they have positive energy.
  • Bessie states she always laminates permission slips for the Honeybees.
  • The Hippie mentions going through a "tortured phase."
  • Penny named her pet rock Mr. Von Apple.
  • Included as part of the Brand New Mighty B! block.

Cultural references

  • The episode title refers to the phrase "be nice."
  • Penny's "pet" lampoons the Pet Rock, a short-lived toy during the mid-1970s that was popular for a brief period of time.

Production information

  • Four other title cards by Bill Wray were made for this episode until the final one was selected.[1]
  • All of the puppies (actually men in disguise) were caricatures of crew members, namely series co-creator Erik Wiese, directors Bill Wray and Alex Kirwan, and layout design supervisor Larry Murphy.[2]
  • Upon this episode's first airing, it was paired with "Tour D'Alcatraz."[3]
  • The first episode storyboarded by Katie Rice.


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