Bee Plus One (stylized as Bee + 1) is the fourth episode of the second season of the The Mighty B!. It premiered on December 7, 2009.


The episode begins with everybody listening to the popular boy band, the Sugar Boys, on the radio. Their hit song, We're the Sugarboys plays all the while. On the radio there is a contest to win two tickets to their concert tonight. Many people are seen attempting to win the tickets, from the kids to even adults.

Bessie ends up winning the tickets after correctly answering a tricky trivia question. Soon, Ben, Millie, Gwen, Mrs. Gibbons, Portia and even Happy want her extra ticket, including the president! This causes Bessie to have difficulty deciding who should go with her.

In the end, she gives away both tickets to Gwen and Portia. However, they prove to be worthless as at the beginning of the concert the Sugar Boys start to go through puberty. The first sign was the group singing off key, and then obtaining zits, pronounced chins and muscular builds, as well as Adam's apples.

The episode ends with the announcer saying: "The concert has ended do to sudden adolescence", and Mrs. Gibbons yells Tate's name as she tries to break in the stadium.




  • It is revealed that Happy secretly loves The Sugar Boys, but makes fun of them whenever Bessie is around.
  • This is the first time Gwen and Portia have a fight.
  • We're the Sugarboys is heard during the closing credits; it marks the second and final time a song other than Boys and Girls plays during it.
  • Has a production code of 204B.[1]


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