"Bee Plus One"
Bee Plus One
Season 2
Air date December 7, 2009
Story by Cynthia True
Written by Julia Miranda
Storyboard by Carey Yost
Directed by Erik Wiese, Bill Wray
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"Hairy Situation" "What's the Frequency Bessie?"

Bee Plus One (stylized as Bee + 1) is the fourth episode of the second season of the The Mighty B!. It premiered on December 7, 2009.


The episode begins with everybody listening to the new and popular band the Sugar Boys on the radio. On the radio there is a contest to win two tickets to their concert tonight. Many people are seen attempting to win the tickets. Bessie ends up winning the tickets after answering a tricky trivia question. Soon everybody wants her extra tickets, even the president! In the end she gives away all her tickets but soon are worthless due to in the beginning of the concert the band starts to go through puberty. It started with the group singing off key and then obtaining zits, chin and muscle build, and an adam's apple. The episode ends with the announcer saying, "The concert has ended do to sudden adolescents," and Mrs.Gibbons yelling a random name.


  • it is revealed that Happy loves The Sauger Boys.
  • This is the first time Gwen and Portia fight.


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Montage sequence in Bee Plus One. (4 screencaps)