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''Bee Plus One'' (stylized as 🐝+ 1) is the seventh segment of the second season and the forty-sixth segment of the The Mighty B! that aired on January 16, 2010.


Bessie wins two tickets to a sold-out Sugar Boys concert, but everyone in town wants to be her plus one, with Bessie needing to make a choice on who to take.


The episode begins with everybody listening to the popular boy band, the Sugar Boys, on the radio. Their hit song, We're the Sugarboys plays all the while. On the radio there is a contest to win two tickets to their concert tonight, hosted by Krazy DJ. Many people are seen attempting to win the tickets, from the kids to even adults.

Bessie ends up winning the tickets after correctly answering a tricky trivia question. Soon, Ben, Millie, Gwen, Mrs. Gibbons and Portia want her extra ticket, including the president! This causes Bessie to have difficulty deciding who should go with her.

Meanwhile, Happy tries his hardest to convince Bessie to go with him, but she doesn't believe he really likes the Sugar Boys due to vandalizing Bessie's poster. However, he secretly likes the band whenever no one is around, looking at posters of them longingly.

Attempts to sway Bessie include Gwen getting her a baby panda and Portia willing to laugh at Bessie's jokes for a year if it means she can be her plus one. Gwen and Portia fight over who should go with her and it puts a strain on their friendship, causing the two to argue and for Portia to take Gwen's half of the best friend necklace and giving it to Bessie.

This causes Bessie to choose Portia, happy to finally be best friends with her. But Bessie is dumbfounded to find that she lost her tickets, and scrambles to find more of them, only for the cashier to laugh at her. A scalper then gets Bessie's attention and gives her two tickets, but she realizes the tickets are the same ones she already had and unmasks Happy.

Believing the tickets have put a strain on their own friendship (despite the real reason being Happy wanted to go with her), she gives them away to Gwen and Portia so she can spend more time with her dog. In doing so, Gwen and Portia's friendship is restored.

However, the tickets prove to be worthless as at the beginning of the concert the Sugar Boys start to go through puberty. The first sign was the group singing off key, and then obtaining zits, pronounced chins and muscular builds, as well as Adam's apples. They finally grow in height when the curtain falls, ending the concert prematurely.

The episode ends with the announcer saying: "The concert has ended due to the onset of sudden adolescence", and Mrs. Gibbons yells Tate's name as she tries to break in the stadium.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Grey DeLisle Portia & Millie
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & Announcer
Andy Richter Ben
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Kevin Michael Richardson Krazy DJ & Cashier
Justin Stein Sugar Boys



  • Krazy DJ mentions We're the Sugarboys is the #1 power pop song on the music charts.
  • Gwen bought Bessie a retractable protractor from Dork.geek.
  • This is the first time Gwen and Portia have a fight.
  • Millie likes playing bingo.
  • Portia claims to be a semi-natural blonde.
  • While on the phone with Doctor/Vet, Bessie mentions her next cleaning session will be in 121 days.
  • Chester Turtleton writes poetry, specifically haikus.
  • Bessie tells Happy that she's having Shirley Temples with Anton at 4:30, going on to say the two call them "Shirley T's."
  • The meal Bessie states Happy will have near the end of the episode is tofu Parmesan and soy potatoes.
  • Portia mentions at least one of the Sugar Boys has highlights in his hair.
  • We're the Sugarboys is heard during the closing credits; it marks the second and final time a song other than Boys and Girls plays during it.
  • In airing order, this is the last episode to air on Nickelodeon before moving to Nicktoons.

Cultural references

  • The Sugar Boys are a probable parody of The Jonas Brothers (and of boy bands in general), as two of them resemble the band members.
  • Krazy DJ calls Bessie "tiny dancer"; this is the name of a 1972 song of the same name by Elton John.
  • The question Krazy DJ asks is "Who was president Truman's Secretary of Agriculture?" Bessie answered correctly that Truman had three, but she did not need to say their names.

Production information

  • First episode directed by Bill Wray.
  • Alongside "Hive of Darkness," "Bee Plus One" had 4.1 million viewers at its premiere.[1]
  • Has a production code of 204B.[2]
  • The episode title is spelled as "B Plus One" in the end credits.


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