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Beenedict Arnold Gallery Transcript

"Beenedict Arnold" is the sixteenth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on June 24, 2008.[1]


After Happy gains weight, Bessie puts him on a strict diet and exercise regimen, which causes him to leave Bessie and move in with Portia. The latter uses this to her advantage, trying to make Bessie suffer without her dog.[2]


Happy has noticeably gained a lot of weight, and Bessie realizes this once she sees a commercial encouraging pet owners to keep their dogs healthy. Consequently, she puts Happy on a very strict diet and exercise regimen, not allowing the consumption of any "unhealthy" food.

Happy quickly grows tired of this, and when Portia offers to have him live with her, he jumps at the chance and abandons Bessie. Bessie is certain Happy will return home, but when he doesn't, she's very upset. Ben states this can be an opportunity for he and Bessie to spend more time together, though she declines, stating she wants a dog. This gives Ben an idea: he pretends to be a dog to make his sister feel better. However, this only marginally helps.

At the Rec Center, Portia arrives with Happy, who now has a diamond-encrusted dog collar. Portia does several fun activities to try to get a rise out of Bessie, which succeeds. Bessie resigns to her fate, saying "If Happy's happy, then I'm happy."

However, after Bessie leaves the Gibbons residence, Portia and her mother make Happy get off the couch so it won't be "flea infested." Portia even says to herself "This is kinda a lot of drama just to play with Messie's mind."

Bessie throws a stick to Ben at the park, who has grown exhausted of the heavy physical activity required of dogs. Meanwhile, Portia is waiting for Happy to leave the bathroom at her house; once he does, she screams at the mess he made in there. Happy, having grown tired of the Gibbons' prissy nature, tries to exit the house, but can't: his collar shocks him if he attempts to leave alone.

At night, Happy tries to think of an escape plan, and manages to escape his cage with a toothpick. He slowly walks towards the dog door, but can't fit through due to his large size. Portia catches him and returns Happy to his cage.

At the Higgenbottom residence, a tired out Ben reads a comic book while Bessie repeatedly throws a ball at him. She keeps egging him on until he explodes, yelling "No wonder Happy left you!" When Bessie says "What did you say?" slowly, Ben replies "You're no fun anymore. Guess what? There's more to life than working out!" After the two banter for a couple seconds, Finger wants to tell Bessie something. When they're done discussing, Bessie admits she can be "a little bossy."

Bessie knocks on the Gibbons door, wanting to convince Happy to return to her. As Portia harshly shoos Bessie away, Happy uses Mary Frances' lipstick to draw an S.O.S. signal on the nearest window to get Bessie's attention. This eventually succeeds, with Bessie getting in from the back door and Ben distracting the Gibbons outside. Bessie and Happy play Marco Polo in order to get closer to each other, and finds him in Portia's room.

She manages to unlock the lock on his cage, but Portia arrives soon after, telling the two they're not going anywhere. Happy destroys his diamond collar, which causes Portia to scream and pick up the diamonds. With her distracted, Bessie and Happy escape from the Gibbons household.

Bessie and Happy are thrilled to be reunited once again, though they forgot about Ben, who is now a replacement dog for Portia, residing in what was Happy's cage.


Voice actor Role
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Grey DeLisle Portia
Andy Richter Ben
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons



  • Some of the things that were hidden in Happy's stomach include: a bottle cap, piece of candy, diamond ring, pencil, a stopwatch and Bessie's sausage making badge.
  • Attempting to escape Bessie, Happy tried to mail himself to "Burger Town, USA."
  • Ben states his "dog name" is Pizza.
  • In her sleep, Portia mentions polyester and acetate.
  • Bessie taught Happy how to play Marco Polo.
  • The type of diamonds on Happy's collar while owned by Portia were 14 karat cubic zirconias.
  • An online game based on this episode was created after its release: Fitness Frenzy.
  • On its first airing, this episode was a part of Maximum Higgenbottom Week!.

Cultural references

  • The episode title references Benedict Arnold, who had betrayed the American army he was a part of and joined the enemy British.

Production information

  • This episode has the production code of 106A.[3]


  • Portia's eyes are colored black instead of blue during the closeup of her with the cookie.
  • Bessie tells Happy "Let's jog home" when he refuses to leave Portia, yet the scene is already taking place at Hilary's Café.
  • Penny is credited even though she doesn't appear at all.


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