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"Ben Appetit" is the thirty-third segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on January 7, 2009.


Bessie tries to get Ben to break his rule about food not touching other foods. She is surprised when she finds out why he doesn't want them to touch in the first place.


Hilary is hard at work at her cafe, serving multiple people. If that isn't enough, Ben constantly tries to get his mother's attention. She tells her son she's busy right now, but Ben insists on getting his lunch. Hilary states she needs a break, and reassures her son he'll get food in 2 minutes. However, Ben still refuses to wait, and so Hilary shouts for Bessie, who had been washing the dishes, to give Ben his food. Ben is worried Bessie will touch his food, and claims he's no longer hungry. Ben realizes he is too late, as Bessie grabs Ben's specialized tray. She tells him none of the foods will touch, and succeeds. However, she loses grip of the plate, resulting in the foods touching the ground and each other.

Ben is freaking out, and Bessie encourages Ben to use his words. After yelling that food can't touch food, Bessie criticizes Ben for still caring about this at his age, and rhetorically asks if Ben will worry about this for the rest of his life. However, before he can answer, Ben sees a bit of food stuck on his shoe, and yells for it to get off of him. He even enters a fetal position. Bessie realizes Ben may need professional help.

A therapy session, with Bessie as the therapist and Ben the patient, doesn't go well, as Bessie says "mhm" for 20 minutes. After Ben expresses annoyance, Bessie states in her tape recorder that "subject exhibiting rage." Bessie finally stops, asking Ben how it makes him feel when corn and mashed potatoes intersect. Ben replies that it makes him "grossed out," "sick," "angry," "confused," "out of control" and "hungry." Bessie, pleased with the progress, then shows Ben some pictures (the Rorschach test). However, the second card is simply asparagus, potatoes and steak. Bessie shows the next one, spaghetti and meatballs with milk. Ben, tired of the test, leaves so he can have a cheese single. Bessie uses the tape recorder again, saying "subject is leaving. Crazy?"

Ben is now playing video games in his room, with Bessie walking in. She uses a lollipop as a hypnotic tool to stop Ben from playing and to analyze his psyche. It works, and she literally enters Ben's mind through his ear. Once she goes inside, Bessie sees floating doors, all with something written on them; examples include "Mom" for Hilary and a door about Happy, as well as general subjects like "hopes" and "TV." Bessie finally stumbles upon "Food issues," and notices multiple cabinets dedicated to the issue. Bessie uses a pin to unlock the 6-12 months cabinet, when a video starts playing. Bessie sees 8 month old Ben being fed by his mother and on his first birthday, having no issue with food touching.

However, another memory shows Hilary leaving the room to answer the phone. That's when Bessie, who would be either 4 or 5 years old here, walks on the table and mashes Ben's food together, telling him to "eat it" repeatedly while stuffing it in his mouth. Present-day Bessie realizes it's her fault Ben is so sensitive about foods touching, as she traumatized him. Bessie vows to fix the mistake she made, before Ben turns into a "permanent weirdo." Bessie tries to snap Ben out of his hypnotic state, but Happy succeeds upon splashing water over him. Bessie explains she traveled into Ben's subconscious and found out the reason for his negative association with food, but Ben insists it isn't negative and tells Bessie to lay off. She simply claims he's in denial.

Ben watches a sitcom where a woman cries after chopping onions, finding it hilarious. Bessie and Happy are hiding behind the television set, with Bessie instructing Happy to tickle Ben's foot and give Bessie the signal to use a catapult which contains foods touching. Happy simply covers Ben's nose so he can't breathe, opening his mouth. Happy gives a whistle as Bessie unleashes the food. It ultimately lands on Ben's face (the eggs as eyes and bacon as his mouth), followed by Happy licking the food off Ben's face. Bessie's next course of action is using a blender to mash up multiple kinds of foods, under the guise of a chocolate milkshake. Ben notices a t-bone inside, and runs away after yelling "You always do this to me!" Bessie remembers that she forcefed Ben when he was a baby, and realizes she's doing the same thing she did as a little girl.

Ben is back in his bedroom, using his taped up plate to prevent foods touching. Just as he is about to eat corn, pasta and chocolate pudding, he overhears Bessie having a liquidation sale. Ben is lured in after Bessie states the Rainbow Sunshine Gang snow globe with glitter snow is up for grabs. However, the door closes after he arrives in The Hive. While there, he sees foods normally not mixed together touching, causing him to become anxious. He eventually sees Bessie, Gwen, Happy, The Hippie, Penny, Portia and Rocky all dressed up as food. She tries to show Ben different foods can get along well together. Bessie and the others continue familiarizing the concept to Ben, before cornering him. Bessie tells Ben he's almost there as he yells out his anxiety.

Then, Bessie (still wearing her food outfit) sits opposite to Ben in a white area. She asks Ben how he's doing, to which he replies "fine." Bessie tells Ben his inability to eat at restaurants and spending his entire allowance on rubber gloves is not fine. She offers strawberries and ice cream as a good example of a delicious treat requiring foods to touch. Ben states no, and realizes he is now fine with food touching. He excitedly believes he's over it, with Bessie stating she was glad to help. Indeed, Ben is next shown combining multiple foods together in a broth. After asking Happy what he thinks, Ben decides to add drumsticks and cheese to the mix, now viewing it as perfection.

He offers it to Bessie, who declines. After Bessie goes under the table, Ben insists she'll love it. Bessie tells her brother he's getting too close, and gets even closer wanting to feed it to her. She gets more anxious as Happy joins the mix. Now closer than ever, she begins to sweat. It's evident Bessie is claustrophobic, and returns to her seat, wanting air. Ben realizes what's bothering Bessie, and decides she needs professional help. He enters his sister's subconscious, giving Bessie a taste of her own medicine.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & Baby Ben
Megan Cavanagh Hilary



  • Hilary's Cafe also has vegan food options.
  • One of the foods that fell were mashed potatoes.
  • Ben is still 6 years old as of this episode.
  • A closeup reveals Ben wears Velcro shoes.
  • Two doors are titled "bears" and "clowns"; Ben is later seen reading a book with a clown on the cover. Another door is named "Curt," but it is not clear who this refers to.
  • Ben is shown to have an impressive memory, having cabinets stored of memories from when he was a baby, newborn and even in utero.
  • In addition to being a news reporter, Chai Gallagher also works as an actress.
  • Ben has a personalized refrigerator in his room.
  • Aired during Happy New Week.
  • The foods everyone dressed up as are as follows:
    • Bessie: Pork chop
    • Gwen: Pizza slice
    • Happy: Biscuit
    • The Hippie: Pink and red cupcake
    • Penny: Strawberry
    • Portia: Sushi roll
    • Rocky: Grilled cheese sandwich
  • This episode has the smallest amount of characters with speaking roles during the first season, with only the Higgenbottom family having lines.

Cultural references

  • The episode title is a pun on the French phrase "bon appétit," which is often used as a polite gesture ("enjoy your meal.")
  • In his room, Ben is playing a Game Toy! (pun on the Game Boy). The game he's playing is modeled after Pac-Man.

Production information

  • Originally, one cabinet in Ben's brain was titled "meaning of life," but this was removed from the final episode.[1]
  • Before this episode premiered, it was available to watch on Time Warner Cable's on demand video service in December 2008.[2]
  • Dee Bradley Baker voices baby Ben, albeit he is not credited.


  • Despite Bessie saying Rocky's costume is a grilled cheese sandwich, the middle changes from peanut butter to lettuce, and is only colored yellow when the gang corners Ben.


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