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"Ben Screams For Ice Cream" is the thirty-eighth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on June 11, 2009.[1]


Bessie unintentionally gets the local ice cream man, Hal, in trouble, resulting in him developing a grudge and refusing to give ice cream to her or Ben.


On a hot summer day, Ben is sweating from the heat. However, he soon hears the familiar sound of the ice cream truck. He runs for it off the hill, tripping in the process. There, Ben meets Hal, an ice cream salesman who asks him "What's it gonna be, Sparky?" Ben replies that he wants a shuttle popsicle, which he receives soon after.

We then see Bessie telling Happy a joke: "So, a leprechaun walks into a bar and orders a milkshake." However, Bessie messes up the joke, as Happy wasn't supposed to know the patron was a leprechaun. Bessie starts over, this time saying "So, a small man walks into a bar and..." but she gets interrupted by Hal's truck zooming by. She says hi to him, but then notices he runs a stop sign.

After noticing the back of his truck asks "How's my driving?", a shocked Bessie tries to shout for him to stop, to no avail. With that, Bessie decides to call the phone number listed under "How's my driving?": 555-CONE. Hal's boss, Artie, answers the phone, but Bessie believes she is talking to Hal himself. Once Bessie states Hal was in "a big hurry," an intrigued Artie plays along and proceeds to listen to what Bessie has to say. She tells Artie about how Hal flew through a stop sign, which causes a horrified Artie (who was licking ice cream) to choke temporarily. Artie asks Bessie where and when specifically this happened with his 2 employees listening and writing down her information.

Bessie proceeds to reprimand Hal (still unaware she is talking to Artie) for having the potential of running over a chicken. Having received all the information he needs, Artie hangs up on Bessie. When the call's over, Bessie states to Finger: "Hal sounds huskier on the phone." Hal is then shown returning from his ride around the block, when Artie screams his name with his 2 co-workers both brought Hal to his office. Inside, Artie scolds Hal for what he did earlier that afternoon, and is especially angry that he has to pay a fine due to Hal's negligence. A furious Artie finally states if Hal makes a mistake like this once more, he will be fired by the company.

Later, Hal returns, to the children's happiness. However, Hal is noticeably much grumpier than he was the day prior. After giving a boy a chocolate-covered pistachio cone, Millie asks for her usual (mint). However, Millie kindly asks Hal if she can have syrup on it. Hal replies with a cold "No." Millie states that's not fair, to which Hal dismisses by saying back "Life isn't fair. You're welcome."

Bessie and Ben are shown as his next patrons, with Bessie stating she had a "great chat" with him yesterday. Hal quickly catches on and realizes it was Bessie who reported him, causing him to sneer at her. Bessie wants a fudge rocket and Ben a shuttle pop, but Hal lies and says he's all out of them. Ben asks for an ice cream sandwich instead, but Hal claims he doesn't have any more of that either. Bessie continues asking for more types of ice cream, but Hal refuses to give them any, even deliberately spoiling grapesicles so the Higgenbottoms couldn't have any.

Ben then panics, as it is hot and he has no frozen treat. Bessie tries to calm him down as the other kids look. Hal then drives away, with Bessie yelling at Hal for doing this to her younger brother. Ben tries to catch up to Hal, who continues to drive further away.

The next day, Hal has become even more bitter, lying to Ben and Bessie that he has something special for them, but speeding so they can never catch up to him. After Penny gets another popsicle, a nearby Bessie whispers to get her attention. She bribes Penny so the latter can buy shuttle pops for her and Ben. This plan works, that is until Hal remembers Penny already had ice cream minutes ago. Hal asks who she's buying them for, and the plan fails when she honestly replies Bessie and Ben, who had been hiding behind a nearby bush.

Now aware of the duplicity, Hal angrily announces that he is quitting this area of San Francisco and no more ice cream will be sold. He finishes off with "And you can thank your snitch friend, Bessie Higgenbottom!" Hal goes a step further and takes back all the kids ice cream. After Bessie states she and Ben don't deserve to be treated this way for being his "best customers," Hal reminds Bessie that his best customers wouldn't get him in trouble over a minor mistake like passing a stop sign.

Bessie, now realizing Hal has been acting this way because of her call, apologizes and states she only wanted to do what the bumper sticker said. Nonetheless, Hal does not accept it and tells her to "suck ice cubes for the rest of the summer." Before leaving, Hal clarifies all kids in the neighborhood will have to as well and drives away, leaving the kids angry at Bessie.

Hal keeps true to his word, with all the kids in the neighborhood depressed over the lack of ice cream. Some even mourn for it, by wearing black lace veils, lighting candles and wearing t-shirts with images of it saying "never forget." However, Ben takes it the hardest, as he refuses to leave his bedroom despite Bessie's pleas he do. Ben blames Bessie and claims she ruined his whole summer, as ice cream was all he had to look forward to.

Saddened, Bessie wants to make it up to her brother and the other kids. She looks in the freezer, only to find fishsticks, ice cubes and lentil soup. Then, Bessie notices bananas on the kitchen table. Heartened by the discovery, Bessie looks in the pantry and finds peanuts. Thereafter Bessie meets Happy, who has chocolate syrup stashed in a password-protected vault. Bessie gives Happy a pound of bacon in exchange.

Finally, Bessie's hard work pays off, as the combination of bananas, chocolate and peanuts results in choco-bananas. Ben is given the first one as a taste test, and after biting into it he states it is delicious, "hitting all the Fs" (frozen, fruity and fancy). Ben then forgives Bessie, much to her happiness. It isn't long before choco-bananas become the new sensation around the neighborhood, with all the kids eating the treat and Bessie as the huckster. Hal spies on the kids with a binocular, and becomes enraged at this discovery.

After Ben and Bessie collect and count the money, a mysterious package is left on their doorstep. When opened, it contains a half-eaten choco-banana. Happy clues Bessie in that the ice cream company Hal works for wants to talk to her about the choco-bananas. With Ben in tow, the trio arrive at the ice cream company, where Artie, Hal and the other employees await to speak with them. Artie tells Bessie and co. that they are taking away profits the ice cream company could be earning. Hal scowls at Bessie, but Artie tells him with a hand motion to stop.

Bessie assures the men she is not above compromise, and after speaking with Ben and Happy, states she has a proposal that will benefit both parties: the ice cream men will distribute choco-bananas, with the catch that Hal must return to the neighborhood to sell it. The ice cream men discuss, and Artie gives Bessie a wrapper stating "O.K.", restoring ice cream to San Francisco in the process. The episode ends with Bessie trying to tell the joke from earlier accurately, but fails once again.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Hal Rudnick Hal
Grey DeLisle Millie & Little Kid
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Artie Lange Artie the Boss
Danny Mann Additional Voices



  • Bessie states she has a semi-photographic memory.
  • Hal running the stop sign occurred at the corners of Ginsberg and Visit Arrow, occurring at 2:37 PM (Pacific Standard Time).
  • Hal refers to Penny by her last name, Lefkowitz.
  • Hal states he has been working as an ice cream man for over 10 years.
  • Ben claims he wanted to go to either space camp or synchronized swimming during the summer.
  • Happy knows how to play a synthesizer.
  • The name of the company Hal works for is the Ice Cream Men's Association.
  • Comedian Artie Lange provides the voice of Artie the Boss, Hal's boss at the ice cream company.
  • This was Rocky's final appearance.
  • Was a part of Mightiest Mighty B! Week Ever when it premiered.

Cultural references

Production information

  • This episode has a production code of 116A.[2]


  • Although Millie ordered a mint cone, she is later seen eating a pink popsicle that same day.


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