Bess-E Title Card
Season 2
Episode 40a
Air date Sunday, June 12, 2011
Written by Jessica Gao
Storyboard by Chris Reccardi
Eddie Trigueros
Directed by Erik Wiese
Eddie Trigueros
Episode chronology
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"Irritable Bowling Syndrome" "C'mon Get Happy!"



Portia and Gwen stretch a magnet. They get tired after stretching it. Bessie comes to Portia and Gwen and tells them that she is a robot. Portia and Gwen laugh that Bessie leaves. Ben says to Happy how much longer he has to stay like this. Happy barks mad. Bessie destroys Happy's artwork and he gets mad, then Ben sighs. Bessie says to Happy and Ben that she is a robot. They both laugh at her. Meanwhile, Ben and Happy go in the beehive telling that how to build a computer. When they go back in the apartment, Happy cuts Bessie's leg with a sharp shoe. Bessie says to Happy that was for a bolt of lightning. Happy giggles at her. Bessie's leg hurts so bad. Ben and Happy leave the living room. Bessie sees a cat chasing a small dirt puppy. The cat runs away and the puppy licks Bessie's face. Bessie goes to sleep as a robot. When he wakes up, Ben has a beard. Another Bessie comes in about baby pictures. Happy gets shocked. The second Bessie got the maple syrup badge. Happy gets shocked again. Ben pulls Bessie's tongue to see. The robot Bessie attacks Bessie, Happy and Ben. They run out of the apartment. They go in the garbage box. Bessie escapes with the robot Bessie and Ben holds Happy tight. Happy squirts the robot Bessie with the hose. Ben and Happy look like robots. Later, Ben apologizes that there was a long line at the ice cream truck. Ben gives Bessie the fudge rocket. She uses her manners, and she licks it. Happy licks one too and Ben licks one.

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  • The episode title name of "Bess-E" is obliviously playing off Disney's and Pixar's 2008 film, "Wall-E".