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''Bess-E'' is the thirty-fifth segment of the second season and the seventy-forth segment of The Mighty B!. The episode aired on June 12, 2011.[1]


After Gwen and Portia tease Bessie's analytical nature, Bessie starts believing she's a robot.


The Honeybees are working on simple motors, with Portia and Gwen stretching a magnet. Soon after, Bessie arrives and shows off an invention she built within 36 hours. After Portia quips that Bessie is a robot, she takes the remark seriously. Taking advantage of this, Gwen and Portia manage to convince Bessie she is one due to her lack of style and always having good manners. Gwen glues magnets on Bessie's arm to make the illusion seem more convincing.

At the Higgenbottom residence, Happy is seen painting a portrait of Ben. After Ben asks how much longer he has to stand still, Happy barks in retaliation. Bessie, who is walking backwards, causes Happy's artwork to fall on the ground as Ben sighs in relief. Bessie tells Happy and Ben that she is a robot. They both laugh at her. She tells the boys to administer a robot test to determine if she is one or not.

Bessie manages to assemble a computer blindfolded but avoids being struck by lightning while on top of The Hive. The next test shows if Bessie can feel pain or not, something robots supposedly can't. Happy uses a huge shoe and kicks Bessie on the shin, causing her leg to hurt. The last part of the test entails Bessie explaining what love is, though she is unable to do so and becomes convinced she is a robot for this reason. A tired Ben and Happy simply leave the living room in exhaustion.

Now outside, she ponders who "created her" among other mechanical questions. Bessie sees a cat chasing a small puppy up a tree. She rescues it, and although the cat scratches her, its claws fall off. Bessie comes to the conclusion she has "scratch resistant" skin in her "programming." Back at home, Ben is annoyed with a toaster which won't give him his toast, but Bessie chastises Ben for yelling at her "robot brother." She is then seen putting oil on herself before going to sleep in the closet.

When he wakes up, Ben overhears Bessie plotting a strike organized by mechanical objects. A frustrated Ben insists that Bessie is human, and that they have baby pictures to prove it. Just then, another Bessie walks in and overheard Ben. Thus, the first Bessie and Ben are each confused. Happy walks in soon after with the same response.

The Bessie who just walked in explained she was away in Canada and just earned her maple syrup badge. Happy pulls on Bessie's face while Ben does the same to Bessie's tongue, in disbelief over what is going on. The Bessie who walked in confirms she's the real Bessie by stating "oh good, my robot's working." The two Bessies get into an argument over which one is authentic. Bessie even opens the robot Bessie's face to prove which is real.

Bessie tries to assure her robot counterpart that she is very efficient, only for robot Bessie to insist she is "more efficient" than the original Bessie. Although Bessie attempts to deescalate the situation, the robot Bessie claims there can only be one Bessie.

Realizing their impending doom, Ben, Bessie and Happy each run out of the cafe with robot Bessie on their trail, even using cars as roller skates. The trio hide in an alley while robot Bessie searches for them. Gwen and Portia, having just exited a nail saloon, joke about who they believe is the real Bessie being a robot. Robot Bessie responds by throwing a car at the two, scaring the girls as they successfully run away.

Ben, Bessie and Happy are shown hiding in a garbage dump. Robot Bessie overhears her human counterpart, zapping a hole in the garbage. Both Bessies proceed to fight each other in the air. Human Bessie tries to reason with Robot Bessie, to no avail.

Their pigtails become tied together, resulting in both Bessies falling on top of Hilary's Café. Ben and Happy are also on the roof, with Happy having a hose to blast the impostor. However, he can't tell which is which, ultimately taking a chance and blasting both at the same time.

The left Bessie starts short-circuiting, with Bessie on the right insisting she was the real one after all. Seconds later, right Bessie explodes, thus proving she was the robotic Bessie. The real Bessie was short-circuiting because of her phone being hit with water.

Before robotic Bessie dies, she tells Ben and Happy to avenge her. Bessie feels pity for robotic Bessie, acknowledging she only wanted to be her. It's revealed Ben and Happy are robots themselves, having red eyes and planning their attack on Bessie. However, they explode before doing so.

The real Ben and Happy arrive soon after, revealing Ben was in control of the robots. He apologizes to Bessie, saying there was a long line at the ice cream truck. Ben offers a bewildered Bessie her fudge rocket, and the trio enjoy their ice cream.


Voice actor Role
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Andy Richter Ben
Grey DeLisle Portia
Jessica DiCicco Gwen



Cultural references

Production information

  • Per the episode's co-director Eddie Trigueros, Chris Reccardi storyboarded the first half of the episode while Trigueros himself did the remainder of the storyboard.[2]
  • Final episode where Eddie Trigueros directed and storyboarded.
  • In the original ending to this episode, Robo-Bessie's head was cryogenically frozen before waking up in the far future.[3]


  • Millie is credited despite not having any dialogue.


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