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Bill the Bear is a bear who Bessie and Portia meet in "Bee Afraid," Bill's only appearance.

Although he was originally going to attack Portia, Bessie gave him taffy to spare her friend. Bill proceeded to take Portia's Happy Camper badge and gave it to Bessie, as she had successfully stayed in the forest the entire night.

He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who went uncredited for the role.


After Penny told a scary story of a girl snatched by a witch, Portia ran away into the woods with Bessie trying to find her.

Portia eventually spots what she believes to be a beanbag, and proceeds to sit on it. However, little does she know it is a actually a bear, and Bill is now angered. Portia makes things worse by insulting him.

Bessie hears Portia's screams, and comes to her rescue just as Bill almost throws her around. Bessie communicates with Bill via dance, as well as smashing rocks and eating tree bark.

Although Bill appears confused at first, Bessie's attempt to communicate works, as he responds in kind by dancing. Bessie and Bill reach an agreement, where she will give the bear two boxes of taffy in exchange for Portia's safety, but Bessie only gives him the food once Bill signs a form.

After Portia has one more outburst towards Bill, he proceeds to take her Happy Camper badge and gives it to Bessie. At first she refuses the badge, but when sunrise is visible in the sky, Bessie happily accepts it.

Physical appearance

Bill is a brown-furred bear with a light brown muzzle. A patch on his stomach is a lighter shade of brown. Additionally, Bill has a black nose and several white fangs in his mouth.



  • His name is revealed when Bessie says "You drive a hard bargain, Bill" when he requests two boxes of taffy.
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