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"Blindsided" is the thirty-first segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on January 5, 2009.[1]


Happy takes Bessie's glasses and trades them for a bone. Bessie is unable to see clearly as she stumbles through the city to buy a new pair.


Bessie is excited for the upcoming world premiere of From Honeycomb to Hive: The Miriam Breedlove Story. As can be expected, Bessie goes overboard as she trails on about going to the premiere 90 minutes early to walk on the red carpet among other things. However, Happy is transfixed on a large bone in The Hippie's magic/pawn shop. He imagines getting married to it, having twin bones and living into old age with it, where he feeds pigeons at the park. Happy tries to get Bessie's attention, and succeeds. However, Bessie refuses to purchase the bone, stating it is too expensive. Happy says he doesn't have many toys at home, but Bessie points out he has plenty to play with: a sock, plastic water bottle and a raisin under the couch. An angry Happy throws a fit on the sidewalk, with Bessie simply stating "Let's go, mister."

Happy continues trying to convince Bessie to buy the bone, but she refuses to relent. Happy is so enraged he slams the cafe's door hard enough it almost falls off. Happy, still angered, walks by as Bessie takes a shower. He mocks her while she sings Running with the Rainbow Unicorn horribly off-key. However, he sees Bessie's glasses, and realizes he could pawn them off for the bone. He manages to snatch them without Bessie being the wiser. Happy runs quickly to The Hippie's shop, who happily takes the glasses and gives Happy his much-awaited bone. Meanwhile, Bessie finishes up her shower, and quickly realizes her glasses are missing.

Happy is riding a carousel with the bone, but it stops abruptly. He holds the bone close to him, clearly in love with it. Bessie manages to put her scout uniform back on (albeit her limbs are in the wrong holes), and calls Happy for help. Tripping over a roller skate causes her clothes to be put on properly. Near-sighted Bessie has trouble seeing things clearly without her glasses, but is delighted to see what she thinks is Happy (in reality socks, a shoe and a tooth brush formed in his shape) and tells Happy to help her find the glasses, noting she won't be able to see the movie. Bessie takes the silence as Happy giving her the silent treatment, and resolves to find them herself.

She crawls down on the floor in her mother's cafe, and mistook a coatrack as a man. She asks it for help, with no response. The same is true when she believes a tablecloth is a woman's dress. A frustrated Bessie shouts out if anyone has seen her glasses. When no one responds, Bessie complains about everyone being too busy to help her. Bessie accidentally walks into the cafe's meat locker, and wonders why she's freezing. She leaves the meat locker open as she grabs a green hat.

Bessie is now in downtown San Francisco, and uses a mailbox, bushes (actually a man's green hair) and hears pigeons fighting over bacon. Bessie believes she's in the park, but walks inside a meat delivery truck. As the deliverers didn't see her, they simply close the door with the truck on its way. Happy is still having a great time with his bone, taking a picture with it, riding on a bicycle, dancing with it near flowers and playing in the sand. We then see Happy and the bone at night on a ship.

Bessie has now left the delivery truck and entered a pizzeria, and wonders why everything smells so good. Chefs are preparing pizzas, unaware Bessie is inside. Since she believes it's a Frisbee, she throws the pizza at a customer who was about to buy some. Another chef mistakenly cuts up Bessie's hat, believing it to be vegetables, and serves it to another customer. The customer nearly pukes upon seeing Bessie's hat, which conveniently lands back on her head.

Having left the pizzeria, Bessie believes she only has a few blocks until reaching the glasses store. She bumps into a fire hydrant, addressing it as "sir." She asks it for the time, but with no response, Bessie responds with "Sorry to have disturbed you." Bessie talks about the rudeness of the people she has come across today to Finger. Unbeknownst to her, she walks on a painter's table, lifted up in the process. Bessie bumps into the paint cans, which miraculously create a beautiful artistic piece featuring a unicorn. Nearby denizens react well to the painting. Bessie then falls into a bucket meant for lowering paint cans, exiting the area thanks to it. Bessie is now in the same walking distance as a biker peddling quickly, but Bessie is saved as she falls into a pothole. The biker however hits a zoo van, which unleashes three monkeys who proceed to use a crane. This creates chaos in the town, as it destroys two statues and cuts the rope of a safe.

Bessie narrowly avoids the safe, as she returns from the underground. Bessie has finally arrived at the glasses store, but walks past it. Not too far away, Gwen and Portia have exited "Miss Priss," with many gifts in tow. Bessie bumps into the two by mistake, and is happy to hear a familiar voice. Bessie tells Portia and Gwen she lost her glasses and needs help. Happy, who is on a "date" with his bone, overhears Bessie and sees her on the other side of the sidewalk. When Bessie asks Portia for help, she and Gwen are happy to oblige, only to show her in the Piranha 24/7 building. Happy, having overseen the events, runs to save Bessie.

As Bessie walks into the building, she unintentionally climbs a ladder that leads to a piranha's feeding tank. She walks on the wooden balance beam, as the piranhas are happy to see a victim. However, they manage to avoid her each time. Happy himself arrives, and frantically tries to save his owner. Happy tries to turn the balance beam the opposite direction where Bessie would be out of the piranha's path, and succeeds. A relieved Happy then realizes Bessie is about to run into oncoming traffic, but the piranhas eat off his fur and last remaining good ear. In retaliation, Happy retrieves what was his all the while beating up the piranhas.

Now back on track to save Bessie, Happy sees a bus is about crash into her. Bessie believes everyone is ignoring her on purpose. Happy is torn between the love he has for his bone and the love for his owner, Bessie. Realizing what is more important, he sacrifices the bone to save Bessie. At first, to his relief, the bone is unharmed; however, after being run over multiple times, in addition to a marching band, meteor, spaceship and yacht all destroying it further. However, as he sees Bessie enter "Glassware & Things," Happy realizes he must do the right thing: ask for Bessie's glasses back.

As Bessie speaks with the owner of the store (Seymour), Happy desperately asks for the glasses back at Hippie's magic/pawn shop. Hippie at first rejects the offer, as he enjoys seeing the world in a "warped" way. However, Happy manages to convince him with a piranha he saved from Piranha 24/7. As Bessie bores Seymour with her going over her day, Happy gently places the glasses back on her head. Bessie quickly notices she can see again, but is under the impression Seymour gave her glasses that look like her old ones. As she arrives home, Bessie gives Happy the now damaged beyond repair bone Happy had as a peace offering. Bessie, Happy, Gwen and Portia all arrive at the movie premiere on time, with Bessie quipping she and Happy have the best seats in the house.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & Seymour
Matt Besser The Hippie
Grey DeLisle Portia
Jessica DiCicco Gwen



  • The entire episode takes place within 3 hours, as Bessie states at the beginning the film premieres then. Bessie notes in the coatrack scene an hour had passed.
  • Bessie owns a pair of 1950s-styled sunglasses.
  • Hilary's Cafe is shown to have a salad bar, frozen food that can be sold, an area for internet users to use their computer and even a meat locker.
  • According to Portia, Gwen's house smells like "catbox."
  • Happy's eyes are shown to be green in a close-up.
  • The first of five episodes to air as part of the Happy New Week block.

Cultural references

  • The episode title refers to the term blindside, meaning to take someone by surprise.
  • When Happy returns to the magic/pawn shop, Hippie plays a game that closely resembles Connect Four.

Production information

  • There is a store called "Monique's Imports" shown while Bessie is downtown. This is probably a nod to Monique Beatty, an animation producer for the series.
  • Although he is never addressed by name, the owner of Glassware & Things is named Seymour; his name is shown in the closing credits.
  • This episode re-aired on December 19, 2015 on Nicktoons.[2]


  • Eddy's Pizza, a restaurant Bessie enters, is misspelled "Eddy's Pizzi" on the sign.


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