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"Body Rockers" is the eighth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on May 10, 2008.[1]


The Honeybees go on a field trip to the Science Exploratorium. Penny has to go to the bathroom while the other Honeybees are watching a short movie. Bessie goes with Penny to look for one, but they unintentionally get lost in one of the exhibits.


The Honeybee scouts are heading to a discovertorium, while Mrs. Gibbons tells everyone to grab a partner, Bessie takes Penny.

Upon arrival, Bessie checks and gathers her supplies for the tour inside the disovertorium, all the while, Penny trails behind Bessie, drinking all the water supply along the way.

When they enter, Rainbow, the tour guide for the Science Exploratorium, introduces herself to the bee scouts, and they watch a short film about the future of medicine (which is evidently outdated, as the film incorrectly theorizes advances that could be made in the year 1995).

In the middle of the film, Penny notifies Bessie she has to pee. Bessie tries telling Mrs. Gibbons that Penny has to use the restroom, only to be shushed by the scoutmaster.

Bessie and Penny resolve to find a bathroom on their own, but through a series of mishaps, they unintentionally enter a giant model of the human body named Jumbo Jim, getting lost in different areas with Penny in desperation to urinate. The two come to believe they have been shrunk to the size of raisins due to the health film they watched earlier. Bessie and Penny venture into the brain, nose, hands, ribs and stomach, trying to find their way out.

Meanwhile, the other Honeybee Scouts see the inside of the human body as well, but in different areas from where Bessie and Penny end up. Portia shows little interest, more concerned with tanning.

Throughout the tour, Mrs. Gibbons expresses contempt towards Rainbow, making a snide remark about Rainbow refusing to pay her taxes and viewing the way the tour guide talks to the girls about human bodies as "too violent."

At the end of the tour, a flood of chili washes Bessie and Penny out of the body (coming out from the butt), with Mrs. Gibbons threatening Rainbow with a dry cleaning bill and a "very strong letter." Penny feels relieved, implying that she peed on the way out somehow.


Voice actor Role
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Grey DeLisle Portia
Sarah Thyre Mrs. Gibbons
Jill Talley Rainbow
Dee Bradley Baker Animatronic Scientist



  • Rainbow's first appearance is in this episode.
  • Mary Frances reveals her full name in this episode, in addition to the fact she is a Patty Faye Cosmetics representative, which would be explored later in "The Apprentice."
  • Portia owns a pair of lipstick and a bottle called "EZ Tan."
  • Rainbow compares bill and tax collectors to bacteria and viruses, implying she does not pay her bills or do taxes.
  • This is the first time Happy does not appear in an episode.
  • Penny has a unicorn living in her basement. Bessie lied about having ridden a baby elephant, and while Penny claims she fibbed regarding the unicorn, Bessie claims to have actually seen the unicorn at Penny's house.
  • First time the Honeybee "Sisterhood" anthem was sung.
  • Bessie brought water, two pieces of taffy, a headlamp and her medical records inside the Exploratorium.
  • Penny and Bessie accidentally open a crate of moths that originate from Peru.
  • This is the first episode with only one male voice actor (Dee Bradley Baker).

Cultural references

  • The episode's plot references the 1966 film Fantastic Voyage. The basic plot of the movie (shrinking at least one person down to venture inside another's body) has become a stock plot in cartoons.
  • Bessie brought along a copy of Atlas Shrugged with her to the Exploratorium, a real book written by Ayn Rand that was published in 1957.
  • The health film the Honeybees watch parodies dated educational films often shown to school children.
  • Portia refers to Jumbo Jim's nose as "rhinonasty," a pun on the surgical procedure rhinoplasty.

Production information

  • First episode written by Jessica Gao.
  • Alongside "Li'l Orphan Happy," this episode was watched by 5.4 million people when it premiered.[2]
  • In the original version of the episode (see external links), after Bessie and Penny escape Jumbo Jim, Rainbow says "Oh, what treat, to be part of a bodily function." In the final episode, she says something completely different: "Wasn't that moving?"


  • Hilary and Happy are each credited in this episode, though neither appear in the episode at all. Millie is credited and appears, but has no lines.


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