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"Boston Beean" is the seventeenth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on June 25, 2008.[1]


Bessie meets her pen pal, Boston native Sissy Sullivan. However, she quickly grows jealous of her when Sissy's accomplishments are superior to Bessie's. Meanwhile, Hilary must tend to Sissy's mother, the demanding Virginia.


Bessie is very excited to meet with another Honeybee Scout named Sissy Sullivan from Boston, who she believes is from another country. Hilary accommodates Virginia, Sissy's mother, by giving her coffee to drink.

Sissy suggests to Bessie that she should try to use solar paneling on The Hive, and helps her do just that. The girls are then shown doing a variety of activities, including doing each other's hair and playing with their respective troop's pins.

After Sissy helps Bessie dust her badges, she shows Bessie her vast amount of badges that are saved electronically in a computer. Hilary gives Virginia her bed to sleep in, and tells Virginia she can call her for anything, which Virginia does by telling her she'll have a glass of water, a slice of chocolate cake and a handful of caramel corn.

That morning, Sissy wakes up before Bessie, startling the latter as Bessie always wakes up earlier than everyone else. The girls both go surfing, but it's Sissy who gets the hang of it, causing Bessie to seethe.

Now at Mr. Wu's restaurant, Bessie assures Sissy she can ask for a fork if she can't use chopsticks. However, Sissy shows she knows how to speak Cantonese, impressing Mr. Wu and making Bessie jealous. After finishing their meal, Sissy stuns Bessie by not needing help with directions due to having a photographic memory.

At a Honeybee meeting, Sissy compliments Portia's fashion sense, while Bessie asks if any Honeybee has sold taffy in triple digits. When Sissy raises her hand, Bessie explains she meant in Troop 828, but Portia defends Sissy as she is a Honeybee too. After hearing Sissy's sales number is 423, Bessie changes her original shipment (200) to 500 in order to best Sissy.

Bessie wakes up at 4:30 AM to get a head start on her taffy sales. Unable to sell at such an early hour where customers are uninterested, Bessie is dejected. When Sissy returns from having gelato with Portia, Bessie at first lies about how much she sold but confesses she was in over her head. Sissy is willing to help her sell the rest and breaking her own record, stating "sisterhood is the most important thing."

Although at first they're not very successful, a woman passing by laughs at Sissy's Boston accent and finds it adorable. She takes 9 boxes, as another woman states she wants two dozen after hearing Sissy say "Park the car in Harvard Yard." Bessie gets the idea of using Sissy's accent to sell the taffy.

At home, Hilary is doing the laundry. Virginia asks if that's a biker shirt she's folding, to which she replies it "still smells like diesel." Virginia asks "Get out of here, you ride?" with Hilary responding "You bet your handlebars." Hilary goes on to say "Oh, I've got some stories," with Virginia replying "Who doesn't?"

Now on a motorcycle, Hilary and Virginia meet up with their daughters, who just so happen to have only one more box of taffy left to sell. Hilary says they can all share it, while Virginia asks Hilary for $10 in order to buy it.

Now about to leave, Sissy tells Bessie she's the best B friend anyone could have. However, Sissy gives Bessie a handmade card before leaving, once again making Bessie envious of Sissy's skills.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie & Sissy Sullivan
Megan Cavanagh Hilary
Jessica Chaffin Virginia & Passerby 2
Keone Young Mr. Wu & Open Door 3
Grey DeLisle Portia & Additional voices
Dee Bradley Baker Delivery Man



  • Virginia tells Hilary to call her "Ginny," meaning she likely goes by this nickname in Boston. Likewise, Virginia later calls Hilary "Hill."
  • Bessie calls Sissy "Sis" as a nickname.
  • Sissy's Honeybee troop is Troop 787, with a lobster as its mascot.
  • Mr. Wu knows Cantonese, as he understood it and praised Sissy for her ability to speak it.
  • The unseen crane operator is named Maurice.
  • Prior to Sissy helping her, Bessie only sold 33 of the 500 boxes of taffy.
  • We learn Hilary is a motorcycle enthusiast.
  • This marks Sissy Sullivan's only appearance.
  • Featured as part of Maximum Higgenbottom Week!.
  • The last time this episode (along with "Penny Hearts Joey") aired on Nicktoons was February 14, 2016.[2]

Cultural references

  • The title references Navy beans, which are often called Boston beans.
  • When Bessie and Sissy are playing with each other's hair, Sissy styles Bessie's in a manner similar to Princess Leia's "bun" hairstyle.


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