"Boston Beean"
Bostonbeean title

Title card from Boston Beean.
Season 1
Air date June 25, 2008
Written by Jessica Gao
Storyboard by Octavio Rodriguez
Directed by Erik Wiese, Larry Leichliter
Episode chronology
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"Beenadict Arnold" "Penny Hearts Joey"


Bessie is very excited to meet with another Honeybee Scout named Sissy Sullivan from Boston. They share alot in common, but Bessie gets miffed at Sissy's skills from speaking fluent Cantoneese to caligraphy, she even becomes friends with Portia! Bessie attempts to "catch up" with Sissy by selling more taffy. Unable to sell at such an early hour where customers are uninterested, Bessie is dejected but Sissy is willing to help her and they sell all the taffy. At the end, the girls say goodbye as Sissy boards the taxi back to Boston and when Sissy tells Bessie she will write to her then starts talking about her caligraphy skills, Bessie starts seething.