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C'mon Get Happy! is the final episode of The Mighty B!, being the seventy-fifth segment overall. It aired on June 12, 2011, on Nicktoons.[1]


Bessie and Happy want to celebrate two years of friendship by having an anniversary party, though it doesn't go according to plan.


Bessie and Happy plan to celebrate the anniversary of becoming best friends. However, Bessie keeps nagging Happy to do everything from picking a DJ set list to making sure he looks his best at the ceremony, while all Happy wants to do is relax.

Frustrated with Bessie, Happy then goes to a bar for dogs where he eats multiple ribs in one sitting. While there, he meets a girl named Roxy, who is singing karaoke. Meanwhile, Bessie is waiting for Happy to show up at the ceremony, and is upset at Happy standing her up.

Later that night, Happy and Roxy came home after a great time to then see Bessie being angry because Happy missed the ceremony of them being best friends.

After an argument, Happy makes Roxy his new BFFAEAE (best friend forever and ever and ever) and leaves Bessie in favor of going with Roxy to the airport, devastating Bessie. With Happy now gone, Bessie starts auditioning for a new best friend and pet.

Happy and Roxy board an airplane wearing leis. However, K.G. Bianca soon appears on the plane's monitor, and it turns out she used Roxy to lure him into the plane, hoping to recruit him back to the S.H.A.D.O.W. (Seriously Hardcore Attack Dogs Operating Worldwide) organization. Meanwhile, although Bessie is about to announce her new best friend, she breaks down and professes how much she misses Happy.

Bessie and Happy soon communicate with each other telepathically, eventually finding out that K.G. Bianca kidnapped Happy on the plane. When she is informed, she rides on a duck (who had auditioned to be Bessie's pet) and flies it to the plane. Bessie then discovers Happy tied up, and attempts to save her best friend. K.G. Bianca, Roxy, and the other dogs were surprised at her presence, but fight back against the girl.

The fight continues until Bessie opened the back door, sending K.G. Bianca and the other dogs flying out of the plane and into the ocean. Still on the plane, Bessie and Happy make up and ultimately decide to have a quick friendship ceremony in Las Vegas, ending the series on a happy note.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Roxy & The Dog Bartender
Grey DeLisle K.G. Bianca & Parrot
Matt Besser The Hippie



  • Bessie and Happy both wake up at 8:00 AM at the very start of the episode.
  • Those in attendance at the original friendship ceremony include Bessie's fellow Honeybees Portia, Gwen, Millie and Nisa as well as her mother Hilary and Mr. Wu. Several dogs (presumably Happy's friends) are also shown with the aforementioned.
  • Bessie states she and Happy have been best friends for 104 weeks (2 years), confirming the entire series timeline lasts exactly two years from the first episode and the last.
  • Bessie mentions there are 3 hours left until the ceremony at the beginning, and only one left after Happy had been bathed.
  • Bessie read a book called "Poodle Haters" while angry at Happy ending their friendship for Roxy.
  • Among the pets who auditioned to be Bessie's new best friend was Chester Turtleton.
  • K.G. Bianca has freckles.
  • Bessie has the very last line in the series: "Oh, Haps! I don't know if you can see from your side, but I just skywrote 'Bessie and Happy BFFAEAE' and it looks really great!"

Cultural references

  • The episode title is a reference to the theme song of The Partridge Family, known by the same title.
  • When Happy is eating ribs, The Dog Bartender insinuates he has had enough. This references people at bars who drink an excessive amount of alcohol.
  • Bessie holds a rose before she announces her new best friend, parodying The Bachelorette.
  • Roxy's true name, Agent Lovecraft, references horror fiction author H. P. Lovecraft.

Production information

  • After the show's cancellation in November 2009,[2] this episode was written with the intention of giving the series a proper sendoff. Production on the episode finished in June 2010, a year before broadcast.[3]
  • Happy getting drunk off ribs originated from the fact they are a favorite food of the episode's co-writer, Jessica Gao.[4]
  • Voice recording for this episode was held on October 13, 2009.[5]
  • Although this is the final episode produced, "A Pirate's Life for B" was the last one to air.


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