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I am Captain Stonewall. I dedicated my life to serving the prison. First as a guard, and now... as a tour guide.

Captain Stonewall previously served as a guard for Alcatraz, but since it was discontinued as a prison, he is now Alcatraz's tour guide. He makes his only appearance in "Tour D'Alcatraz."

He genuinely believes a visiting Bessie and Penny are escaped convicts McGee and Doogle, who look similar to the girls. For this reason, he arrests them alongside Happy.

Happy manages to escape, and has to break the girls out, who believe Stonewall is playing along with them instead of being imprisoned. Stonewall is voiced by guest star Will Arnett.


Captain Stonewall introduces himself to the tourists, claiming he has dedicated his life to Alcatraz. When a young boy takes a picture, he crushes the boy's camera, stating flash photography is prohibited.

Once he takes a look at Bessie and rubs his eyes, Stonewall remembers an inmate (McGee) who bore a striking resemblance to her. Penny also happens to look much like McGee's partner in crime, Doogle.

Now suspicious, he follows the duo and Happy around. Once he sees the girls wearing prison getup, Stonewall is now convinced they are McGee and Doogle. Bessie, who wants Happy to experience prison life to teach him a lesson, asks if the trio can have a cell. Stonewall happily obliges and arrests them.

Bessie and Penny are oblivious to the fact Captain Stonewall believes the two to be McGee and Doogle, thinking he's playing along with her plan. Unbeknownst to her and Penny, Happy has already escaped.

Happy is about to leave on a ferry, laughing at the fact Bessie is in prison. However, he soon learns it's no laughing matter when he sees Stonewall "tell" the governor (through a disconnected phone) that he re-imprisoned Doogle and McGee, realizing the girls are in genuine trouble. Stonewall laughs maniacally at his feat.

In various attempts, Happy tries to break in with disguises, including a Honeybee scout selling taffy and masquerading as the governor, telling Stonewall he has pardoned the two. These attempts prove unsuccessful until Captain Stonewall falls for a birthday cake ruse, claiming to love birthdays.

However, once Stonewall cuts the cake, he discovers a jet pack hidden inside. Angered at Happy's duplicity, he puts the dog in jail again and tells Bessie and Penny (who he still believes to be McGee and Doogle) that they have just been given another life sentence.

Thinking quickly, Happy turns the jet pack on, which sends Captain Stonewall flying outside of the building and into the air. This allows Bessie, Happy and Penny to escape from Alcatraz. Stonewall is never seen again after this, leaving his fate unknown.

Physical appearance

Captain Stonewall is an elderly light-skinned man with white hair, who has a muscular build. He also has decaying teeth. Stonewall's attire consists of a navy blue suit with buttons and a matching hat, a white undershirt, black tie and black pants with shoes of the same color.



  • Stonewall mentions that his pension was taken away, which would explain why he still works there. He claims to even live in the prison.
  • He may be going senile, as he uses a disconnected phone to talk to the "governor," who is likely dead judging by Happy's disguise.
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