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Catatonic is the Halloween special episode of The Mighty B!.


When a disappointed Bessie has to dress up as a cat, instead of a pirate, for Halloween, Ben, dressed up as "Benbo" (a parody of Rambo), accidentally knocks her silly with a plunger, which he shot like an arrow with a bow, makes her think she's a real cat. Meanwhile, Happy can't seem to get rid of his history with cats to not chase Bessie.


Other Characters


  • Bessie's home address on the package is shown to be 231 W. Olive Street, San Francisco, California 91502. Nickelodeon Studio has the same address, the only exceptions being it is "avenue" instead of "street" and the location Burbank, rather than San Francisco.
  • Starting with this episode, Bessie's skin color becomes tanner while her hair is more orange. Happy's fur also changes from a light blue to a darker shade. The animation quality has also changed significantly from the first season.
  • A Ladybug scout is shown in this episode and made a cameo as a trick-or-treater.
  • Sunil Hall received an Annie Award nomination in the category of "Storyboarding in a Television Production" for his work on this episode.[1]


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