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Children of the Unicorn Gallery Transcript

"Children of the Children" is the twenty-fourth segment of the second season and the sixty-third segment of The Mighty B! that aired on December 1, 2010.


Bessie and Gwen set out to prove that unicorns really exist.


The Honeybees are visiting the Wildlife Preserve (a zoo) while Bessie's taking pictures of animals and gets banana peels thrown at her by monkeys. While the tour guide Rainbow is talking about the preserve's endangered species, Bessie brings up the unicorn which she claims is "the most extinctish of all extinctish animals". This causes all the Honeybees and Rainbow to laugh at her except Gwen. Rainbow then tells her that her beliefs are 100% inaccurate and there are no such thing as unicorns. Bessie tries to prove they are real by telling a story that they evolved from zebras and reindeer and were hunted to near extinction for their solid gold hooves and that they used to be BFFs with lions until a fallout over politics. However no one still believes her, so Bessie sets out to prove everyone wrong claiming she's got unicorn power on her side.

At The Hive, Bessie is reading books on unicorns but hardly has the evidence she needs to prove the whole world was wrong. She then hears her doorbell ring and sees a package outside, she opens it up revealing a 100% authentic unicorn horn she bought on B-Bay. Bessie snaps it and says it's as light and durable as plastic, Gwen then appears saying "it is plastic." Bessie responds "Be gone, naysayer!" but Gwen claims to know real unicorn horns due to seeing one up close. It's revealed Gwen is also a believer ever since her encounter. We cut to a flashback scene of Gwen sitting in her room when a unicorn burst in! Gwen then flew away on the unicorn which farted rainbows. Bessie can't believe it! Gwen says she told her family and friends but they all said it was just a dream, Portia even calling it a "lame dream". Gwen tells Bessie they should prove unicorns exist together but if they fail she was never there.

Bessie predicts that based on their combined years of research, unicorns most likely live in Costa Rica, Northern Dublin or Southeast New Jersey. While Gwen questions how many Bee-Bucks a plane ticket to Dublin costs, a paper airplane hits Bessie telling her "Too far go back to where you started" which Bessie declares as an unexplainable clue. She then thinks unicorns hide out in hospitals since that's where she and Gwen where born, another paper airplane then hits Gwen which says "Not where you were born, where you were humiliated" which turns out to be for Bessie, she can't remember where until another paper airplane hits her saying "this afternoon".

Bessie and Gwen then go back to the Wildlife Preserve searching for a unicorn until they spot unicorn footprints, they follow them which leads them to a zebra cage, they then see unicorn shimmer and glitter flying around, Bessie takes a picture and they are convinced it is a unicorn and nobody can call them crazy now. However, when they show the picture to the other Honeybees, Portia thinks they are "totes crazy" and the other Honeybees still don't believe them. Portia gets mad saying she expects this from Bessie, but with Gwen she's disappointed in her. Grossed out, Portia revokes Gwen's cool points and promotes them to Penny. Bessie then says that if a blurry photo's not good enough then the next time they see them they'll be riding a unicorn or holding a better photo.

Later that night Bessie and Gwen are having a stakeout while Gwen was still very upset from earlier. She smells apple cinnamon (the smell of unicorn farts) in the air, and shortly after she and Bessie see a rainbow. The girls follow it and see a unicorn incarcerated. Bessie and Gwen sadly look at the unicorn who is crying diamonds. Gwen tries to open the cage, when the unicorn points to the key in the staff room to unlock the door. Bessie gets them and opens the cage when the unicorn kicks Bessie and Gwen into the cage locking them in his place.

It is revealed the unicorn was actually two monkeys in disguise, the same ones from earlier who pelted Bessie with banana peels. In the cage, Bessie finds paper airplanes, glitter, a rainbow projector, apple cinnamon bathroom spray and a bright light flashlight. It is revealed the monkeys used Bessie and Gwen to break out of the Wildlife Preserve. After Bessie finds maple syrup, one of the monkeys uses it to squirt on Bessie and Gwen, followed by shaving his chin which causes his fur to stick on them and making Bessie and Gwen resemble monkeys. The monkeys then run off.

Bessie yells for help until Gwen angrily throws banana peels at her saying this was all her fault and wishes that she was smart enough to keep the fact she believed in unicorns a secret. Bessie retorts if the real reason she wasn't open about her belief in unicorns was because Gwen was chicken enough and starts mimicking a chicken, this causes a fight between the two and just as Gwen is about to hit Bessie with a banana peel, she stops and says rainbow farts were just a dream and unicorns are just too beautiful for this stinking world, officially giving up. Not losing hope, Bessie is convinced a unicorn will come down and save them. She looks up to the night sky and tells the unicorns to descend from their sky kingdom and save them or at least visit the other Honeybees to prove she was right.

At the front of the zoo the two monkeys are waiting for a taxi, when it arrives a real unicorn comes out. It angrily stares down at the monkeys and eats them. It then flies over to the cage Bessie and Gwen are trapped in, and frees them. The unicorn then throws up the monkeys back into their cage. Bessie and Gwen are very happy and ask the unicorn for one more favor. Bessie and Gwen then take several pictures with the unicorn. When they are done, the unicorn pats them and flies off. Gwen cannot wait to rub the pictures in Portia's face and Bessie says they have every reason to say "I told you so." She pulls out the pictures but the unicorn's face is blurred out in all of them. Bessie says they at least have their memories but Gwen gets very mad and starts chasing after Bessie.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Grey DeLisle Portia
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Jill Talley Rainbow
Dee Bradley Baker Monkeys



  • Rainbow mentions the Wildlife Preserve keeps the following endangered species in their habitat: giant pandas, ocelots, snow leopards and whooping cranes.
  • B-Bay is mentioned for the second time in the series, the first being "Old Bee and the Sea."
  • A closeup reveals Gwen has freckles.
  • This was the final appearance of Gwen's Brothers.
  • Bessie and Gwen have known each other for five years, as Gwen states "This is the sleepover I've been avoiding the past five years."
  • This is the only season 2 episode where Happy does not appear nor is alluded to.

Cultural references

  • The episode title references the 1984 film Children of the Corn.
  • The unicorn in Bessie's graph slamming his tennis racket references tennis player John McEnroe, who during his career was known for his fiery temper on the court.
  • Gwen has a Joan Jett poster in her bedroom.
  • While Bessie and Gwen are inside the cage, Gwen is about to use a banana to hurt Bessie but hesitates. This references the biblical story Cain and Abel.

Production information

  • Happy, Ben and The Hippie are all credited but none of them appear in this episode. This would indicate they were in an earlier version of the episode, with their scenes later cut.


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