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"Dang It Feels Good to Be a Gamester" is the thirty-fourth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on January 8, 2009.[1]


The Honeybees become preoccupied with playing a new video game and neglect their responsibilities.


Mrs. Gibbons reminds the Honeybees the Honeybee Bee-athlon is coming soon, and their title will be defended against The Beavers. Bessie states they'll beat them easily, something Portia agrees with. Nonetheless, Mrs. Gibbons warns the girls not to rest on their laurels. The girls ignore Mrs. Gibbons as each of them receive a notification on their cell phone, featuring RSSA V, which will be released tomorrow. All the Honeybees shout in unison that the acronym stands for Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack V. However, Gwen remarks she only has seven dollars and can't afford it. Portia has even less, with $4.10. Bessie does the math, utilizing her own 4 dollars and 60 cents in her piggy bank, $7.50 in her "secret" piggy bank, 1 dollar and 76 cents in her pocket and lastly has $2.17 in her couch cushions. Penny points out they could buy the game if they combined all their money, but Portia finds the idea of sharing undesirable. Gwen points out it's better than waiting.

Chai Gallagher is shown reporting on the release of the game, with a large crowd behind her. Fans of the game are waiting for the game's release at 6 AM. Ben wants to join the girls, offering to give them everything in his piggy bank. Bessie points out Ben's cardboard box isn't an actual piggy bank, but Ben says he wouldn't be caught running down the street with the real deal. He pleads to join, but Bessie states Ben is an amateur, unable to move past the second level of Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack IV and makes the controller sticky due to apple juice. Bessie propositions that if Ben leaves right now, they may allow him to play the game for a minute. Ben takes Bessie on her offer, as Portia tells Bessie "He is so your family."

Soon after, a nerd wearing green facepaint who claims to be an eighth level boss named Term Goblin. As he continues talking about benefits to the character, Portia grabs a "Nerd away" can and sprays it on him, causing Term Goblin to run away. In the morning, it's shown several people camped out all night, but Gwen manages to snatch the last copy of the game before it is sold out. The Honeybees are excited that Gwen got the game, and Bessie, Gwen, Penny and Portia all play it at The Hive. They trash talk each other all the while. Bessie states that they'll continue playing for one more hour so they can train for the Bee-athlon. Ben walks in to tell Bessie it's dinnertime, and that he had pizza bagels. However, Bessie doesn't pay attention to Ben, transfixed with the video game.

Realizing Bessie is not listening to him, Ben asks if he can take all the stuff in her room. Bessie simply says "Uh-huh," and goes a step further, asking Bessie if she's a monkey's girlfriend, giving the same response. Ben then asks genuinely if he can play, but Bessie brushes him off with a "What? No." Ben hangs his head down. Later, Bessie's cell phone indicates it's bed time, but Portia makes fun of Bessie for doing that. Gwen asks who will take the game home, with Bessie saying it can stay at The Hive. Gwen states she wouldn't let Bessie keep it, but Bessie points out her mother is the only one who wouldn't check on her for 12 hours straight. Portia realizes she's right, with Gwen adding "Yeah, hippie mommy's loose like that."

At night in her bed, Bessie dreams she is in the world of Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack, piloting a raspberry shortcake and shooting at goblin like creatures. After believing she's killed them all, one hijacks her ship and smashes a candy cane over it, sending her flying down. Bessie wakes up, realizing she just had a nightmare. She hears a strange noise, and wonders if it's Santa Claus. However, she then believes someone is stealing the video game, and jumps up The Hive with Happy in tow. They see Gwen and Portia playing the game, with Portia trying to get Bessie back in bed. Penny also walks in with snacks. At first, Bessie sticks to her guns that they need to rest 8 hours in order to train for the Bee-athlon, but gives in to temptation and plays the game with the other girls.

That morning, Bessie, Gwen, Penny and Portia are all exhausted, evidently not getting any sleep. Mrs. Gibbons checks their pulse, and declares them comatose. She tells the girls to train harder, using jump rope, bicep curls, tricep curls, lunges and trunks, doing all the above multiple times and several feet. Portia tells her mother no one loses to The Beavers, but Mrs. Gibbons tells her daughter not to stare too close to the sun. Bessie assures the troop leader they're on it, but only after one more game. The girls yet again play Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack V, despite how groggy they already are. According to Ben, someone died in the game and it's now his turn. Bessie states it doesn't count, as she has 25 bonus lives. Gwen tells Ben to keep looking for cheat codes, as he won't be able to play unless he does so.

While on the computer, Ben sees a jet pack, and is interested in it. He asks Bessie for her money inside the piggy bank, saying the 23 dollars and 47 cents can be theirs if someone gives up their controller. Just then, Bessie's phone goes off, with Ben operating it. He accidentally deletes all of Bessie's emails, and after Bessie takes her phone back, she sees it's about the Bee-athlon, which is taking place in 15 minutes. Back to reality, Bessie urges the other girls to hurry and go there. They pause the game, but the girls are clearly in no shape for the Bee-athlon, collapsing afterwards. Portia and Penny are unable to use their legs, and Bessie uses her arms to walk. When that fails, her pigtails move her around. Doing this simple task leaves Bessie winded. She uses her tongue to open the door.

When they arrive, Mrs. Gibbons asks the girls where they have been, but they don't answer. After meeting The Beavers, Portia uses her "Nerd Away," which this time fails. However, she is confident the Honeybees will beat the Beavers, while stating she is paused on level 59. With a whistle, the Bee-athlon starts with Gwen and Ronnie. Gwen tries her best to run, but due to exhaustion she can't keep up with Ronnie. With The Beavers in the lead, the second one starts swimming with Penny resting. Gwen tags Penny, falling asleep shortly after. A half-awake Penny tries swimming and resting simultaneously. The second beaver tags in the third one on a bicycle, still very much in the lead. Penny finally makes it, tagging a waiting Bessie in. Bessie has difficulty breathing on the bike as the fourth and final beaver is tagged in, doing multiple hand stands. Bessie tags in Portia afterwards, collapsing. Portia does the same, ensuring The Beavers victory.

An angry Mrs. Gibbons is shocked at the Honeybees poor performance, stomping on her hat and expressing disgust over lending them her earrings before she leaves. Bessie realizes they just went through a humiliating defeat by The Beavers, expressing shame at that fact. The second beaver and Ronnie both rub in their win against the Honeybees. Bessie declares a rematch, citing the rulebook. The second beaver points out another rule in the rulebook claims that it does not apply. Penny suggests that the Honeybees and Beavers battle for the trophy over Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack V. Ronnie accepts the challenge, as do the other Beavers.

At The Hive, the boys and girls (eight in all) play the video game. Portia is the first shown to be eliminated, followed by the fourth Beaver. Gwen claims she's now out of contention, as does the second beaver. Penny scrambles to stay in the game, but she too is out. With it just Bessie against Ronnie, the two remaining try their best to win the game for their troop. Ronnie picks up a power-up, and Bessie screams. However, after briefly looking at the trophy, she realizes she must win. Somehow, Bessie starts levitating above her bean bag, playing the video game not with her fingers, but apparently her mind. Ronnie takes notice, and is shown visibly suffering trying to keep up with Bessie. Returning to her bean bag, Bessie won the game and trophy for the Honeybees.

The second beaver expresses shock the boys lost to girls in video games. Portia notices Bessie is still playing, going beyond the boss, whom Bessie beats with ease. A message reads "Congrats! Please purchase the high level upgrade at all Tron City stores." The girls are saddened, as they can not afford the upgrade required to continue on with the game. A desperate Bessie kisses up to Ben in hopes he'll give her money, claiming if he buys the level upgrade Ben can have 5 turns. However, Ben shows he already purchased a jet pack with the money, to the girls' sadness.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Grey DeLisle Portia, Chai Gallagher & Ronnie
Jessica DiCicco Gwen & Beaver Two
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Dee Bradley Baker Beaver Four & Nerd
Andy Richter Ben
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons



  • Bessie owns a piggy bank, and uses Ben as her "secret piggy bank."
  • When the episode starts, Bessie states it is the 9th of an unknown month.
  • The name of the store selling Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack V is Tron City.
  • Some people in the crowd waiting for the game include Integritone 2 and two of Gwen's brothers.
  • This episode takes place in the early fall, as Bessie states it's "barely fall" when wondering if Santa is in her house.
  • Penny states Pizza Padoodles come in microwave form.
  • Anton St. Germain served as whistle blower and trophy giver for the Bee-athlon.
  • The third beaver was apparently the first one out, but this is not shown.
  • The name of the Honeybees on Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack V is "Team Bee."
  • With 8 words, this episode has the longest title.
  • A part of Happy New Week.

Cultural references

  • The title references the 1992 song "Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta" by the rap group Geto Boys.
  • After buying Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack V, Gwen says "Pwned!" This is internet slang for "owned," typically used in gaming communities.
  • Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack is based off of science fiction video games.

Production information

  • Alongside its sister episode "Ben Appetit," "Dang It Feels Good to Be a Gamester" was released on Time Warner Cable's on demand video service in December 2008, a month before the episode premiered on television.[2]


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