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David Gemmill has worked in animation since 2007, predominantly as a storyboard artist. On The Mighty B!, he storyboarded three episodes during its second season.


While in high school, Gemmill took classes at the Animation Academy.[1] His early years in the industry were spent with Nickelodeon.[2]

He helped animate the opening theme for Wander Over Yonder, specifically the walk cycles.[3] Gemmill was a writer on Mickey Mouse.[4] He was one of 22 animators who worked on a commercial to promote a new season of Rick & Morty in 2017.[5]

Gemmill worked as a storyboard artist on Teen Titans Go![6] and its film Teen Titans Go! to the Movies.[7] As of 2019, he was directing episodes of Looney Tunes Cartoons.[8] Outside of animation, Gemmill animates short films on his YouTube channel.[9]

Storyboarding credits

Season 2
Episode no. Title Notes
203b "Tour D'Alcatraz" Co-storyboarded with Kirk Tingblad and Mark Colangelo
206b "A Pirate's Life for B" Co-storyboarded with Mike Mullen
208b "Sleepless in San Francisco" Co-storyboarded with Katie Rice and Kirk Hanson


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