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"Dirty Happy" is the fourth segment of the second season and the forty-third segment of The Mighty B! that aired on September 21, 2009.[1]


When Happy refuses to take a bath, Bessie tries everything to trick him into cleaning, but he's one step ahead of her.[2]


Bessie is writing a letter to the president when she takes a whiff of Happy's stench, disgusted by it. She asks when his last bath was, with Happy not knowing. Although Happy tries to convince Bessie he can clean himself like a cat, Bessie doesn't fall for it and so Happy barricades the door to avoid using the bathtub. Bessie resolves to clean her filthy dog.

After Happy opens the door, he sees a trail of treats and decides to eat them, not knowing this was a plan by Bessie to get him to bathe. Once he reaches the bathroom, a steak is floating in the bathtub as Bessie watches on from a nearby laundry hamper. However, Happy simply extends his tongue in order to retrieve it, without any water touching him.

In her second attempt, Bessie tries to use a vacuum in order to rid Happy of his smell. She chases her dog around the house, ending up in the bathroom once more. Bessie catches up to him, but Happy proceeds to place a carpet right in front of him, causing the vacuum to malfunction and explode.

Bessie declares that she will engage in "a game of chicken": so long as Happy doesn't bathe, neither will she, even stating her stink will make a stinky Happy beg for mouthwash. However, Happy simply laughs, pointing out he sniffs butts on a regular basis. Bessie assures Happy she can smell worse than dog booty, as the challenge is on.

In order to make herself stinky, Bessie flushes herself down the toilet, but a simple whiff of Happy's pooper scooper shows her she has a long way to get to his level of stink. Next, she goes dumpster diving, swimming in it as if she was a fish. Now having a visible stink line, she meets Happy once again, who is bathing on the roof by using expired milk as sunscreen, which causes Bessie to almost throw up.

Bessie is now considering defeat, feeling outmatched by her dog in terms of stinkiness and attempts to grab a bar of soap when Ben asks if he can come in, as he forgot to flush. Although his sister reacts with disgust at first, this gives her an idea: that she use clothes worn by boys and men, as in her view they are the only people who stink more than dogs, in particular their socks. She has her brother not only give her his socks, but as many boy socks as he can get in San Francisco.

Now with a large surplus of unwashed socks, Bessie proceeds to sew them into a costume of ultimate stinkiness. Happy sees what Bessie is doing through The Hive's window, but is overwhelmed by his owner's stench when she opens the door, revealing her sock suit. However, Happy tries to make Bessie give up by quoting the Honeybee Handbook, and citing a passage on hygiene expected of the Honeybees. However, she is startled to find this chapter as she has never seen it before.

She is torn between respecting the Handbook or besting Happy in stench, but when she takes another look at the Handbook, Bessie notices that particular passage in the Handbook uses Helvetica Bold Condense as opposed to the real one, and Bessie figures out Happy made it himself to trick her. She is angry that Happy dragged the Honeybee Handbook into it.

Ben returns with some bodywash guns, but Bessie and Happy quickly snatch them up. The two stand off as a nervous Ben watches. They start shooting each other, carefully avoiding the clean product while running around in San Francisco. They try to get the other clean (Bessie behind a mailbox and Happy a car), to no avail. Having run out, Bessie gets another bottle of bodywash inside her gun.

Happy chooses to run away, with the guns shooting nearby citizens instead. Bessie chases after him, until surprising Happy by being right in front of him. Happy's left paw is rendered clean after Bessie shoots it, causing Happy to scream and run away. Bessie continues following him, with the two shooting each other all the while. However, Happy doesn't watch where he's going and crashes into a tree.

Bessie and Happy both throw their guns and proceed to have a stand off. Bessie blows the stench of her sock in Happy's face, which causes his eyes to water. In retaliation, he uses a fan so Bessie can smell his unkempt armpit, with Bessie coughing. The two get even more competitive, with Happy using his bad breath. Bessie then makes her stench come alive, controlling it from the inside. Happy does the same as the two prepare to fight more with their stench.

Each of their stink fights the other, but they gain so much control that Bessie and Happy are both flung out. The two watch their stench selves duke it out, with Bessie eating popcorn and Happy drinking soda. They share with each other, but realize once hugging that neither of them stink anymore.

Just then, Ben, who had been trying to follow the duo, now stinks himself due to falling in the sewer. Ben's stench is powerful enough to cause Bessie and Happy to run away and the stench versions of Bessie and Happy to breathe on him.


Voice actor Role
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Andy Richter Ben



  • Due to Happy's refusal to take a bath, Bessie states this is why she doesn't allow him to go off leash at the dog park.
  • The type of carpet used in the Higgenbottom home is shag carpeting.
  • Happy's dog bowl has his initials (Happy Walter Higgenbottom) on it.
  • Ben wears Argyle socks.
  • One of the batches of socks came from a soccer team.
  • Bessie is capable of reciting the Handbook backwards.
  • The font used in the Honeybee Handbook is Helvetica Neue.
  • Premiered as part of Brand New Mighty B!.
  • The last time this episode (along with Tour D’Alcatraz) aired on Nicktoons was December 19, 2015.

Cultural references

  • The episode title is a reference to the 1971 film Dirty Harry; the scene where Bessie and Happy are about to shoot water guns before going around town references the "Do you feel lucky?" scene in the film.

Production information

  • Although the first season 2 episode to air, it was not the season premiere; "Catatonic" was produced as the premiere.
  • This episode was advertised as War of the Noses in September 2009, prior to its premiere.
  • First episode directed by Eddie Trigueros, and the debut episode for writer Brendan Hay as well as storyboard artist Justin Nichols.
  • Dee Bradley Baker is credited for portraying "Video Game Voice," but no such character is present in the finished episode. The storyboard (see external links, below) shows this was a deleted scene.


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