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Donald the Postman[1] is the local mailman. He is easily frightened by Bessie's enthusiasm, whom he often has to deliver mail to, as shown in most of his appearances. He makes his first appearance in "Night Howl."

His fear is justified by the fact misfortune tends to befall him once Bessie crosses his path. However, he is otherwise friendly and occasionally whistles while delivering mail.

Donald makes silent cameo appearances in several episodes, including "Bee Plus One" and "It's B's Party." His voice actor is Kevin Michael Richardson.[2]


Although Donald is a genial man, he is shown to get scared easily by the well-meaning Bessie. Whenever the two meet, Donald screams in fear of the girl, with Bessie too oblivious to notice.

He will carefully plan out deliveries to her to prevent something bad from happening, though this never works. In "Name Shame," he lies about being busy in order to avoid having to talk to Bessie further and in "Catatonic" holds out hope she is trick-or-treating early so he won't have to see her.

However, this is not entirely paranoia, as he tends to suffer in some way when close to Bessie. Examples include losing his clothes in "Bee Patients" and in "Catatonic" having his arms ripped off a package Bessie eagerly took.

Despite Donald being terrified of Bessie, there are occasions where he is happy to talk to her, such as Donald being flattered by Bessie's offer to help him with the mail in "Night Howl."

Physical appearance

Donald is an African-American man with dark brown hair. His mail outfit is predominantly blue, with a red stripe on his hat, a red crest on his shoulder in addition to wearing a red tie. His shorts are a darker shade of blue, also wearing a black belt and black shoes with white socks. He carries a light brown burlap sack filled with mail while working.

Episode appearances

Season 1
No. Episode Role
111a "Night Howl" Speaking role
111b "Hat Trick" Appears, but does not speak
113b "Name Shame" Speaking role
114a "Bee Patients" Speaking role
115a "Eye of the Honeybee" Appears, but does not speak
Season 2
201 "Catatonic" Speaking role
204b "Bee Plus One" Appears, but does not speak
210a "It's B's Party" Appears, but does not speak
219a "The League of Ordinary Gentlemen" Appears, but does not speak


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  • Competed in the ping pong tournament ("Eye of the Honeybee"), where he was Penny's opponent and the only one who lost by forfeit (having run away due to fear).
  • He does not seem to enjoy Halloween, as he was unenthusiastic when kids tried to scare him from behind a mailbox in "Catatonic."


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