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"Doppelfinger" is the thirteenth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on June 7, 2008.[1]


Bessie begins to follow the advice of Finguere, Finger's evil French cousin, after Finger is injured in an origami competition which leads her and Happy into mischief to win the Origami Badge.


The Honeybees are making origami; Bessie does very well, until she gets a sprain in her finger. Happy comes right away when Bessie asks for help; after two attempts, Finger is revived, but still injured.

The timer runs out, and every Honeybee has earned the origami badge except Bessie. When Bessie says she'll take a do-over, Mary Frances says to herself "We'll see about that," later speaking more clearly with the rationale of "You're already so far ahead of the other girls; what's one more badge?" which echoes in Bessie's head.

As she walks home, Bessie comforts Finger for the mishap. At home, she tries combing her hair, but can't due to Finger's injury. She decides to wear a wig instead. At the arcade, Ben and Happy are playing against each other at ping-pong and foosball, while Bessie uses a pinball machine. She tries to press the buttons, but is in pain after using Finger. She ultimately loses the game. Bessie reminds Finger there are other games they can play, until she realizes skee ball, foosball and more require fingers. A saddened Bessie decides to go home.

In The Hive, Bessie tries to write on paper on how the sash should be expanded for more badge room, but her handwriting in Finger's weakened state is illegible. Bessie lets out an exasperated "oh!," reminding Finger she's not mad at him, but rather the world. She decides to get some rest.

At night, Finger's French cousin Finguere appears, gently tapping on Bessie's nose to awake her. Finguere claims he's come to help Bessie and Finger out while the latter recovers.

A montage plays of Finguere helping Bessie with various tasks, such as back scratching, picking boogers and dialing phones. She proceeds to play practical jokes on several people, including one of the Integritones and The Hippie.

Finger tries telling Bessie his cousin is a bad influence, with Bessie reminding Finger he was responsible for costing her the origami badge. In anger, Finger rubs on her glasses. Bessie reads aloud from her handbook about origami, emphasizing the word to Finger. While she's still reading, Finger turns off her lamp, causing Bessie to angrily say "Good night!" While Bessie is asleep, Finguere is seen giving his cousin a devilish grin.

When Bessie wakes up, she apologizes to Finger, who has x's for eyes. Believing Finger is giving her the silent treatment, Finguere has proven his negative influence on Bessie, as he convinces her to forget about retrying for the origami badge. She enters the living room, and changes the channel against Ben's will. After changing back and forth, Bessie reveals she took the batteries out of the remote. Ben can't believe what's become of Bessie, stating "Bessie, it's like I don't even know you anymore."

Later, the Higgenbottoms are ordering at Mr. Wu's restaurant. He tells them it may take a while to cook their food due to the large amount of customers, but Hilary states his food is worth waiting for. An impatient Bessie, tapping her foot repeatedly, gets a horrible idea from Finguere: to cross out the names of the customers ahead of them to get their food faster, and the others to have none. She proceeds to go through with it.

Bessie then tempts Happy with a steak, but reels it up from a tree before he can snatch it. She even states doing this "feels right." The next day, the Honeybees are at the Rec Center's swimming pool, but Bessie can't swim due to Finger still being injured. Finguere calls his cousin a wet blanket, and tells Bessie to steal Penny's origami badge. Bessie believes Finguere has gone too far, with him stating she deserves it more than Penny. Bessie asks if he wants her to steal; regardless, Finguere's influence is too powerful, with Bessie attempting to steal Penny's badge, but Bessie has second thoughts over doing it.

Just then, Finger comes back from his weakened state, attacking Finguere. It continues as the Honeybees look on the fight. Both Finger and Finguere have the upper hand when Bessie gets into the pool. Finger and Finguere each try to "drown" the other, but Bessie finally comes to her senses and assists Finger in drowning Finguere.

As Bessie gets out of the pool, she thanks Finger for being her closest friend and adviser. When Bessie asks Finger what she can do to repay him, he asks to pick Bessie's nose, which she obliges.


Voice actor Role
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Andy Richter Ben
Megan Cavanagh Hilary
Keone Young Mr. Wu
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Matt Besser The Hippie
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
John Ross Bowie Integritone 2



  • The girls made the following out of origami:
  • Bessie's letter was directed towards the Honeybee National Board of Directors, all of whom are women (she referred to them as "madame").
  • Finguere is apparently a certified European massage therapist.
  • Bessie mentions the Origami Badge has only been handed out since 1972.
  • Once Finguere is introduced, Bessie says these common French phrases: "merci beaucoup" (thank you very much), "c'est la vie" (such is life) and "n'est-ce pas" (isn't it?)
  • Bessie considers using the Eiffel tower as her next origami shape, but decides against it.
  • Phonebookinator is heard saying "Carpenter, Amy" and "Carpenter, Carl."
  • The names ahead of the Higgenbottom's on the order list include Beethoven, Lynch, Eldridge, Wiese (a definite reference to Erik Wiese) and Borland.
  • The show Bessie wants to watch is called Most Dangerous Car Chases.
  • Although both Finger and Finguerre don't speak, an "au revoir" is heard as Finguerre's face dissipates into the water.

Cultural references

  • Title references the term Doppelgänger, meaning two people who look very similar.
  • Bessie constructed a Taj Mahal made from origami before Finger was sprained; the Taj Mahal was previously referenced in "Bat Mitzvah Crashers."
  • Bessie insists to Finger that "I'm not mad at you; I'm mad at the world." This quote is referencing a line from 1981 film Mommie Dearest, namely the scene when Joan Crawford tells her housekeeper Helga "I'm not mad at you; I'm mad at the dirt."

Production information

  • Paint Drying Man (the red cinder block that Ben was watching on TV) evidently had dialogue at one point, as Keone Young is credited for voicing him. However, he does not speak in the final episode.
  • Received 5.1 million viewers upon its premiere.[2]


  • Grey DeLisle and Jessica DiCicco were credited for voicing Portia and Gwen but both had no lines. Portia laughs, but it is reused from "Bee Afraid."
  • Conversely, Andy Richter wasn't credited for voicing Ben even though he appeared and had dialogue.


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