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For the troop themselves, see The Dragonflies.

"Dragonflies" is the thirty-ninth segment, as well as the first half-hour episode and the first season finale of The Mighty B! that aired on June 12, 2009.[1]


It’s summertime in San Francisco and the Honeybees are enjoying a day at the Rec Center pool when their peace is rudely interrupted by the Oakland Dragonflies, the roughest, toughest rootinous, tootinous, shootinous troop in the state. Before they know it, the Flies are even claiming the rec center as their own, which means no more Honeybee meetings!

The turf war is on, and the rival troops agree to go head-to-head in a series of challenges to determine who will win the ultimate prize – an infinite reservation at the rec center. But the Dragonflies are a formidable team… Will the Honeybees be able to put their differences aside and work together? Or will the rec center – and their Honeybee troop – disappear permanently?[2]


The Honeybees are all swimming at the Recreation Center's community pool. Bessie asks Portia repeatedly for her raft back, but the latter refuses to return it. After Penny does a cannonball, Bessie loses her glasses in the pool and tries to find them. When she comes up to get some air, Bessie sees the Dragonflies, consisting of leader Cherry, the large Maude, the excitable Bibi, a quiet unnamed Dragonfly and the troop's dog, Cha-Cha.

Cherry demands for the Honeybees to leave the pool, but Portia doesn't take her seriously and even tells the Dragonflies where to find the kiddie pool. Bessie is stunned by Portia's calmness, asking her if she knows who they are. The Dragonflies then introduce themselves, but Portia still makes fun of them. Bessie tries to get everyone to share, to no avail.

Because the Honeybees refuse to leave the pool, Cherry snaps her finger to make Maude bite Bessie's raft, causing Portia to spin and drench her cousin Chelsea, the lifeguard, in water, ruining her frozen yogurt in the process.

Bessie still tries to push the concept of sharing, but the girls simply beat each other up. Chelsea blows her whistle, and demands all the girls leave the premises immediately. Cherry warns the Honeybees this isn't over and tells them they will be much more brutal at their next encounter.

After Penny asks who they were, Bessie proceeds to tell the story of the Oakland Dragonflies, who are reportedly the "fiercest and most notorious troop" in the Bay Area. She goes on to say the Dragonflies enjoy taking over troop's meeting places, and discusses past troops who lost them: the Junebugs, the Beavers and the Berkeley Butterflies.

Then, Bessie claims all Dragonflies are picked to be a part of the troop at birth, and trained in infancy on how to do hand-to-hand combat. A montage is shown of a baby Cherry's training, ranging from escaping dirty diapers to taming a lion.

When the Honeybees go to the Recreation Center, they find the Dragonflies have invaded it. Bessie tries to nicely tell the Dragonflies this is their meeting area, but Portia loudly tells them to leave. However, the Dragonflies refuse to budge. Mrs. Gibbons arrives, but she is of no help as she decides to drive away after the situation was explained to her.

Both the Honeybees and Dragonflies meet up with Chelsea, who is working as an intern for San Francisco's Parks & Recreation department. After Bessie pleads that the Honeybees should be let back in, Chelsea snaps and proceeds to look in her report book. Chelsea notes the odds don't look good, but points out the Honeybees can reclaim the Recreation Center with one method. Before explaining it, Chelsea dubs it the "Chelsea Challenge."

Chelsea explains the objective of the Chelsea Challenge is to make her happy. The winners will get an infinite reservation at the Recreation Center, with the losers receiving nothing. Word spreads throughout several troops of the upcoming event. The girls all meet at dawn on the railroad tracks, and Chelsea introduces the Honeybees and Dragonflies to the audience, also mentioning she was once a Dragonfly herself.

As she further explains the rules, Chelsea claims she will give clues to both troops before they find the treasure. They will have to bring the unspecified treasure to her on Alcatraz. Under Chelsea's command, the match-up begins. The Dragonflies get a head start as the Honeybees read the first clue from a bubblegum wrapper. The Dragonflies figure out the clue first: a farmer's market.

Happy sniffs around when he sees Cha-Cha, who had been giving him winks. Through her, he follows the trail alongside the Honeybees. Meanwhile, Cherry is the first to discover "Chelsea's Last Stand," and solves a word puzzle that reveals Go Go's Fro-Yo. The Dragonflies head off, but not before a Dragonfly eats the word puzzle so the Honeybees won't find out what it is.

The Honeybees arrive shortly after, with Gwen not pleased the cup is empty. Although Bessie wants to be positive, Portia admits she's ready to give up. Bessie is displeased at the troop's lack of morale, and tries to tell them they won't stop until the Honeybees win. After Portia dismisses her, Bessie loses her patience and yells at them, telling her fellow Honeybees to "Buzz off!" She then leaves.

Upon closer inspection, Portia realizes the cup once contained strawberry frozen yogurt, Chelsea's "fav fav." Unbeknownst to Portia, Maude overheard her behind a stand, leaving quietly. Portia knows with certainty the Dragonflies are now at Pier 31, and wants to go there. With everyone ready to continue, Bessie comes back and hugs Portia.

Bessie points out Chelsea didn't ban the usage of rollerskates, as the Honeybees sing "Buzz Off!" while traveling around San Francisco. However, Maude proceeds to switch the Pier 13 and Pier 31 direction signs the other way around, causing the Honeybees to go the wrong way. After entering Pier 13, Bessie realizes she and the Honeybees took a wrong path, as they meet the Black Widows.

The Honeybees and Black Widows proceed to face off, with the Black Widow leader throwing cookies, one of which hits Portia in the face. The Honeybees then skate fast, causing some Black Widows to trip. With several Black Widows still standing, Penny gets the idea to shake soda cans to knock down the Black Widows, which succeeds. Meanwhile, Gwen and another Honeybee use rope to tie up other Black Widows.

With the Black Widow leader realizing her troop is outnumbered, she blows a whistle, summoning a large Black Widow. The large Black Widow proceeds to scream in Bessie's face. The Honeybees skate away from the large Black Widow, not knowing how else to avoid her. Penny throws two soda cans to Bessie, who throws them in the air, causing them to explode in a large amount of fizz and for the Pier 13 windows to break. As the Black Widows are averse to sunlight, they surrender.

Now that the Black Widows have been defeated, Bessie and the other Honeybees try to get back on track. They skate fast enough to find Cherry and the Dragonflies at Go Go's Fro-Yo, getting strawberry frozen yogurt, and points out it's the last of it. Gwen accepts defeat, but Portia orders raspberry at Go Go's Fro-Yo, stating "any flavor's better than none, right?"

The Honeybees try to get on a ferry, but are too late as the Dragonflies beat them by several seconds. However, Penny uses her seal speaking ability in order to convince a nearby seal to give them a ride. Realizing the Honeybees are now ahead, Maude proceeds to change the ferry's speed from "slow" to "you're insane."

With the Honeybees still in the lead, they try to maintain their spot as the Dragonflies are right behind them. Eventually, the Dragonflies are ahead, seemingly celebrating a victory. However, the seal communicates with other sea animals, resulting in the Honeybees riding on dolphins. Cherry instructs Maude to use her as shotput in order to get closer to Alcatraz and distracts most Honeybees by stating a unicorn is around.

Cherry herself is in the lead, with her strawberry frozen yogurt in hand. Bessie catches up with the raspberry variant. As the two get closer to Chelsea, Cherry deliberately tries to sabotage Bessie, but in the end both girls present their own frozen yogurt for Chelsea to eat. She tries Cherry's first, but is disgusted, claiming strawberry is not her "fav fav," leaving Cherry confused.

Portia proceeds to feed her cousin some raspberry frozen yogurt, which helps Chelsea stop gagging. She declares the Honeybees as winners, causing them to celebrate and the Dragonflies to be angry at their loss. Cherry protests, saying that strawberry was supposedly Chelsea's favorite, with the latter confused by the statement.

Portia explains that she knew Maude was listening in on the Honeybees and lied about strawberry being Chelsea's favorite, hoping it would throw them off track. Cherry then states "Come on, you're a Dragonfly" with Chelsea replying "Was, past tense. And back in my day, we played rough. But not dirty." She officially announces that the Recreation Center is once again the Honeybees property.

Everyone celebrates, as Cha-Cha walks by, giving Happy her collar and a kiss. Bessie hugs Portia once again, and the Honeybees are shown at the swimming pool, with the episode ending how it started: Bessie pestering Portia to give her raft back.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Maya Rudolph Cherry
Audrey Wasilewski Bibi
Grey DeLisle Portia, Millie, Maude & Black Widow 2
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Jessica Chaffin Chelsea & Black Widow 1
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Black Widow Giant, Cha-Cha, Additional Crowd and Animal Voices
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons

Home media

This episode has been featured on one DVD, BEEing Bessie Higgenbottom. It is also available for purchase on iTunes, both the Nicktoon compilation Nickelodeon Hot Picks! and The Mighty B! season 1 set.



  • Per Bessie, the Dragonflies had taken over the Butterflies' turf a month prior to the events of the episode.
  • The Honeybees have been using the Recreation Center as a meeting room for over 30 years.
  • Penny wears black sneakers.
  • Mary Frances is in charge of renewing the reservation at the Recreation Center monthly.
  • This episode takes place during the summer.
  • The Honeybees are listed seven times in Chelsea's report book.
  • Bikes, blades, skateboards and strollers were forbidden in the Chelsea Challenge.
  • Penny's ability to speak seal is shown again, a nod to the previous episode "Bee My Baby."
  • The other options on the ferry's speed were "fast" and "very fast."
  • Anton, who makes a very brief cameo in this episode, is shown to enjoy water skiing.
  • Two online games were made based on this episode: Chelsea's Challenge and Pier 13 Throwdown.
  • The last of five episodes to premiere during Mightiest Mighty B! Week Ever.
  • Maya Rudolph of Saturday Night Live fame and voice actress Audrey Wasilewski guest star as Cherry and Bibi, respectively.

Cultural references

Production information

  • In a departure from the norm, the writers, storyboard artists and directors were credited in the end credits as opposed to being on the title card.
  • "Dragonflies" holds the record for most writers, with four contributing to this episode's script.
  • This episode's production code is 110; A being the first part and B the latter.[3]
  • The last episode directed by Larry Leichliter, who had left the series before the second season. It is also the final Mighty B! episode storyboarded by Louie del Carmen.
  • Nickelodeon heavily promoted this episode, which included a series of nine commercials featuring comedic skits of Amy Poehler at Nickelodeon Studios that only aired during its premiere.[4]


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