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I am Emily. I am fully functional.

Emily is a robot created by Bessie Higgenbottom in an attempt to win the Mad Scientist Badge for the Honeybee Science Fair. She only appears in "Artificial Unintelligence." The ingredients are filled with hairdryers, computers, pots, and laser nose as well as more products used by Bessie.

Emily's brain is made out of macaroni and cheese, which Happy unsuccessfully tries to eat. Bessie programed Emily to have limited artificial intelligence, and often encourages Emily to do something (i.e., saying hello to someone).

She is also capable of recording, as she shows Bessie that Ben and Happy tricked her and caused Emily to slip and fall through her TV monitor (located on her chest). Dee Bradley Baker provided Emily's voice.


Emily is invented by Bessie (with the help of Ben) after her atom smasher is rejected. Bessie guides Emily and teaches her how to rhyme, say hello and other activities. They end up at the park, where Bessie temporarily leaves Emily to get some popcorn.

In an attempt to sabotage Bessie, Portia then goes inside Emily and removes her brain before putting it into a nearby garbage bin, enabling Portia to control the robot. Bessie, unaware of what has happened, takes Emily home.

There, Portia knocks both Ben and Happy across the room, causing them to feel resentment towards her. They get revenge by tripping Emily with butter and causing her to fall several stories down. When Bessie becomes aware of what Ben and Happy have done, she expresses disappointment and asks they not help her anymore.

On the morning of the Honeybee Science Fair, Bessie is excited while Portia has grown tired of controlling Emily. After Anton St. Germain insults Portia's science project, she terrorizes the Honeybee Science Fair in a fit of rage. Meanwhile, Ben and Happy discover Emily's brain at the park's garbage bin.

Bessie is quickly blamed for it, and is nearly disqualified until Ben and Happy reveal Portia inside the robot. When Portia gets out, she is filthy and has a pimple.

With her brain now inside her robot body once more, Emily considers vaporizing Portia for what she did to her, but Bessie insists she leave Portia intact. Emily instead zaps Portia's pimple before the latter runs away. Bessie and Emily win the Honeybee Science Fair and Bessie gets awarded the Mad Scientist Badge.

Physical appearance

Emily is a metallic robot, primarily gray and black. Some of her parts include a bucket (for the head), a meat thermometer as one of her eyes and a TV monitor on her chest. For decoration, Emily has a pink umbrella hat as well as leg warmers colored pink and purple.


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