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"Eye of the Honeybee" is the twenty-ninth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on January 9, 2009.


Bessie helps Penny find her hidden talent to play ping pong.


Bessie and Happy are playing ping pong together at the Rec Center, with Penny watching. Eventually Bessie wins, rubbing it in Happy's face. This leads to Happy biting Bessie's paddle as he leaves. Bessie wants a rematch with him, seeing as a ping pong tournament is coming up. Bessie notes that one person "can't win at everything," with Penny adding in "or anything." Bessie at first thinks Penny was referring to Happy, and tells her he's an excellent butt sniffer. Penny tells Bessie she was talking about herself, claiming Bessie's good at everything but she isn't good at anything. Bessie tries to encourage Penny not to give up, and decides to help find something she's good at.

Bessie and Penny are now on The Hive. The former tells the latter to touch her nose, but Penny has immense difficulty with this simplistic task. After Bessie yells "For Pete's sake Penny, it's right there, just touch it!" Penny quickly puts her finger in Bessie's nose. Next, Penny tries to do gymnastics, but creates a hole in the building when she doesn't jump over the first obstacle. Following this, Bessie has Penny walk on the sidewalk alone. At first Penny does well, but she lets the timer get the best of her, with a nearby businessman distracting her as he bids Penny hello. She eventually stops, screaming as she jumps back to where she started.

The next attempt entails Happy giving Bessie an orange underneath his chin, with Bessie doing the same with Penny. The objective being Penny will drop an orange in a nearby basket. However, as Penny doesn't seem to have a chin, it only ends up in her mouth. A frustrated Penny uses her mouth to throw the orange in a trash can, and this gives Bessie an idea: Penny can spit out ping pong balls while Bessie practices. Penny wants to give up, but Bessie insists she keep going, noting "we've finally found something you're good at!" An angry Penny leaves and gives up trying to find her hidden talent.

Penny arrives home, slamming the door behind her. She laments her supposed inability to do anything, when suddenly she sneezes out a ping pong ball that was stuck in her nose. Wanting to avoid being hit, she uses her right hand to shield herself. As this works well, Penny realizes she finally found something she's good at. She practices throwing and catching the ball in her room's wall and ceiling, while bathing in the bathtub and even practices on her father's head, who encourages his daughter with "You're doing great, chicken."

The day of the ping pong tournament has finally arrived, with Bessie warming up. She sees Anton place not only her last name on the board, but also a "P. Lefkowitz." Curious, Penny approaches her seconds later stating she also entered the tournament. Bessie offers encouragement to her friend, and states she won't end up in last as nobody is as bad as Ben. Bessie tells Penny to have fun out there as she leaves to get ready.

The tournament begins, with Bessie first facing The Hippie. Her next opponent is Madam Valeska, whom she beats with ease. We see Penny eliminating Lola Millerson from the tournament, while Bessie beats Hobo Clown, even knocking his tooth out causing him to bleed. Penny defeats another opponent as Bessie takes out Rainbow. Penny next faces Donald, and her simply holding the ping pong ball is enough to scare Donald, causing him to run away and lose. The quarterfinals and semifinals are shown as Bessie and Penny continue their dominance in the tournament. The Hippie warns Bessie the tournament was done to prevent "the revolution," but she doesn't take him seriously.

Eventually, it's the finals of the tournament: Bessie versus Penny. Bessie expresses shock that Penny did so well, with Penny offering her good luck with a competitive attitude. Anton tells the girls to shake hands before the match, which they do. However, Bessie tells Penny she shouldn't feel bad about losing, with Penny retorting the student has become the master. After Bessie punches the ping pong table, Anton warns the two this is not "some discotheque," and that it is the San Francisco Ping Pong Club. He last states poor sportsmanship will cause that player to be disqualified.

In a best 3 out of 5 matchup, Penny serves first as the challenger. Penny shoots the first ball in Bessie's mouth, who was waving to the audience. The two then become more serious, with Bessie accidentally hitting Portia with her ping pong paddle while trying to catch the ball. Bessie and Penny remain neck-and-neck, until Bessie serves a ping pong ball that destroys the table. This evens the score 1-1. The two are evenly matched once again, serving back and forth until Penny manages to score another point. It's once again tied, with the girls having 5 points each. After Bessie scores, it's now 7 to 7. Bessie and Penny start becoming hardcore as the game is tied once again at 10 apiece. Bessie, being a very poor sport, chastises the audience for clapping as she scored 10 points in a row and didn't receive applause.

Anton reminds Bessie to maintain her sportsmanship, while Penny laughs at the fact she got in trouble. As Bessie serves once again, the tournament has become deadly, with the ping pong ball destroying the hardwood floor and damaging the nearby stands. Penny rebounds by smashing the table over Bessie, which leaves an imprint on the stands. Penny manages to hold onto the ball following Bessie's serve, angering the latter. Back and forth yet again, their combined power is strong enough to move Anton to and fro. Penny manages to catch the ball and throw it to the stands, damaging it even further. Concerned for their safety, the citizens of San Francisco leave the building.

Bessie and Penny's match continues nonetheless, with the duo working as hard as ever. Bessie serves the ball over the table, which collapses on Penny. The game has become impossibly difficult, with Penny using a tank and Bessie an elephant in order to win. This destroys the top of the building. Then, Penny misses Bessie's serve, and the latter believes she won. Penny disputes this, stating it was out and did not count. Bessie demands a challenge, as the girls get very ugly with each other. Anton tells the duo they are each disqualified, and demands security guards remove them from the premises.

The girls are thrown out of the building (or at least what's left of it), and they are still angry with each other. However, the two calm down after breathing in and out. Penny is the first to apologize, with Bessie stating the same. She acknowledges it was wrong to doubt Penny's skills, and compliments Penny on her performance. Bessie asks if she was good too, with Penny affirming she was, but stating she herself was better. Bessie argues she was superior during the match, yet wants to put what happened behind them. Penny agrees not to talk about it anymore.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie & Woman One
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Mr. Lefkowitz & Announcer
Matt Besser Anton St. Germain & The Hippie
Jessica Chaffin Female Voice



  • Penny's surname, Lefkowitz, is revealed in this episode through the brackets.
  • Other characters who participated in the ping pong tournament included the Hobo clown, Donald the Postman, Madam Valeska, Lola Millerson (not listed on the brackets but was Penny's second round opponent), The Hippie and Rainbow. Ben also entered the tournament according to Bessie, but he was only shown in the crowd.
    • One of Penny's opponents, the one wearing a striped shirt, appeared previously handing out "Where's Joey?" flyers in "Penny Hearts Joey."
  • Richard and Dick Gibbons worked as security guards for the ping pong tournament.
  • In the finals on the scoreboard, Bessie is represented with a piranha while Penny's is a standard fish.
  • The last of five episodes to premiere during Happy New Week.

Cultural references

Production information

  • Although not mentioned in the episode, Bessie was the defending ping pong champion.[2]
  • Several crew members names were listed on the tournament brackets as an in-joke, including the episode's storyboard artist (Ian Graham).
  • Seymour, a character who would later appear in "Blindsided," is listed in the closing credits but not present in the episode itself.
  • Erik Wiese stated Ian Graham, who had worked on the action-adventure Nicktoon Avatar: the Last Airbender, was hired to storyboard Bessie and Penny's ping pong match.[1]
  • Due to being paired with Thanksgiving-themed "Thanksgiving Beenactment," "Eye of the Honeybee" is not often aired on television.[3]


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