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Finger Pickin' Bad is the seventeenth segment of the second season and the fifty-sixth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on November 13, 2010.[1]


When Finger makes a new friend, Bessie is forced to spend time with Ronnie.


In The Hive, Bessie and Happy are building a house of cards, but Bessie is distracted by Finger. Happy attempts to set the last card on top, when Finger pokes Bessie. This causes her and Happy to fall on the ground. Fortunately, the cards remain intact.

Bessie confronts Finger and asks why he's been so clingy with her, with Happy claiming he needs to get a life. She figures out that Finger has felt neglected and regrets being so selfish. Bessie decides to go outside with Finger.

Happy is pleased the house of cards is still intact, but after wiping sweat off his head, it hits one card and causes it to collapse. At the nail salon, Bessie paints Finger with black nail polish, and comments that he looks emo. Just then, Finger comes in contact with another person's finger, and Bessie soon realizes that the other finger belongs to Ronnie, a member of The Beavers.

Both listen to their fingers, and they want to have a play date together. Bessie and Ronnie are reluctant to hang out with the other. Nonetheless, she offers that Ronnie come over to The Hive to play Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack V. Ronnie is at first uninterested, but when Bessie brings up there will be snacks, he decides to go.

Inside Bessie's living room, the two play Ronnie's beta version of Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack VI while Finger and Ronnie's finger, Digit, play together pushing a peanut back and forth. Later, the two are reading comic books as their fingers are stuck in a Chinese finger trap, but Bessie is annoyed when Ronnie opines that superhero comics "are lame."

The two are now shopping at Hot Mess in the mall, getting plastic animal rings. Then, they press a ton of buttons in an elevator, but Ronnie's stench causes Bessie to pass out and for him to win. Finally, Bessie and Ronnie are in her living room once more, with Bessie dressed as a princess and Ronnie a warlock.

The former is annoyed by Ronnie chewing taffy but not swallowing it, and Ronnie cites an urban legend for the reason why: a child eating taffy, then no food getting through his body and ultimately exploding. Bessie points out Ronnie's story makes no logical sense, but he simply says "Nuh uh," with the two insisting the other is right. Bessie is further annoyed when Ronnie clips his toenails in her face.

After Ronnie tricks her into saying "nuh uh," Bessie declares her "unfulfilling" friendship with him over and leaves the room. Ronnie points out this is her house, and she promptly tells Ronnie to leave the premises. While going four leaf clover hunting with Finger and Happy, Finger tells Bessie he misses Digit and Ronnie and gives her the cold shoulder when she won't listen to him.

Bessie tries to cheer Finger up by showing him a thumb, but he states thumbs are too short for him. Then, she spots someone's toes, with Finger dismissing them as smelly. Bessie responds that Ronnie is the one who smells "like a monkey's girlfriend." In her last attempt, Bessie draws a smiley face on Happy's paw and names it Finger's pet, "Pawpy." However, Happy licks it off and Bessie admits defeat.

At home, it's raining outside and Finger is still sad. Just then, Bessie receives a call from Ronnie, telling her Digit is bored. Bessie tries to tell him that isn't her problem, but Ronnie replies: "Listen, I can't stand you either, but think of the fingers." Reluctantly, Bessie invites Ronnie and Digit over for Finger's sake. Finger does a dance as Bessie dryly says "The things I'll do for you."

Digit and Finger are throwing each other a tiny balloon as Bessie and Ronnie play more Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack. Although the two are argumentative at first, they bond over their shared hatred of a player (War Dog) who just zapped Bessie in-game. Ronnie shoots the unknown player, with Bessie thanking him.

The player is now zapping at Ronnie, when Bessie asks Ronnie if he knows the Boom of Doom secret move. Ronnie is surprised, having believed it to be a myth. She instructs him on how to do it, which results in their vehicles fusing and using their combined power to destroy the enemy ship. This causes the two to win the game and they all (including Digit and Finger) celebrate by dancing.

Meanwhile, it's revealed in the kitchen War Dog is in actuality Happy, who is so angry at losing he crushes his controller. Bessie and Ronnie realize they have bonded for the first time, but unbeknownst to them, Finger accidentally hit Digit in the face with the balloon. This causes their fingers to fight each other as Bessie and Ronnie find out they have more in common than they thought.

The fight ends when Finger clips off Digit's "beaver claw" (Ronnie's fingernail), with Digit upset. Bessie tries calming Finger down while assuring Digit the nail will grow back. Although Bessie insists Finger apologize, he refuses. Ronnie chips in that it would be pointless as Digit is "a grudge holder."

Ronnie laments that their fingers now hate each other while he and Bessie finally found a rapport. Bessie and Ronnie decide to let Digit and Finger fight each other while they focus on playing more Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack VI. A closeup of Digit and Finger's faces are seen as the episode ends.


Voice actor Role
Amy Poehler Bessie
Grey DeLisle Ronnie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy



  • Bessie tried to earn the House of Cards badge at the beginning.
  • Ronnie's name is also revealed in this episode.
  • According to Ronnie, Digit listens to adult contemporary.
  • Ronnie mentions the events of "Dang It Feels Good to Be a Gamester" to Bessie: "Yeah, we destroyed you Honeybees at the Bee-athlon. It was awesome!"
    • As Bessie introduces herself to him, this would imply they haven't interacted since then.
  • Bessie tells Ronnie to see her at The Hive in an hour.
  • Ronnie's high score in Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack VI is 30 billion.
  • The only comic books Ronnie reads are about Swedish vampire detectives.
  • Bessie claims four leaf clover hunting is her and Finger's "thing."
  • This episode shows others in San Francisco draw on their fingers as well.
  • The Boom of Doom secret move is performed as such: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B and A.
  • Happy's RSSA name is War Dog, though "Bluedog79" is written on his specialized gaming chair.
  • Bessie and Ronnie both:
    • Love romantic comedies starring werewolves
    • State steel-toed boots are "the best footwear in the business"
    • Want an egg white omelet with arugula as their last meals
    • Enjoy roller skating
    • Cite Mount Sinai as their favorite emergency room

Cultural references

  • Episode's title is a riff on the longtime slogan of fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken, "finger lickin' good."
  • One of the stores Bessie and Ronnie go to is Hot Mess, a parody of Hot Topic.

Production information

  • Although the second segment, on its premiere "Finger Pickin' Bad" aired before "Higgenbottom's 7."[1]


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