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Similar in plot to Badge Barrage, Bessie needs to help Happy with the latter's diet, so he can reach his ideal weight.


"Happy is going on a diet to get to the perfect weight. Feed him the right food to get him to a good weight. If you don't want a particular food, feed it to Ben, he'll eat anything! Good luck!"


As Bessie, you must throw several foods to Happy, the most common being muffins, spaghetti and artichoke. Others include taffy and sandwiches.

Feeding Happy less healthy foods, like lasagna and cake, will cause him to get fatter and have less energy. They must be timed right when Happy is ready to bite, or else the player will lose points and Happy will become groggy. A nearby Ben can eat food the player wishes not to throw at Happy.

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  • This game is based off of "Beenedict Arnold."
  • There is an option to turn the sound off in the game.