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"Gorillas in the Midst" is the twenty-eighth segment of the second season and the sixty-seventh segment of The Mighty B! that aired on May 15, 2011.[1]


Bessie, feeling bored with the Honeybees as of late, wants to join The Gorillas, but since the troop is exclusive to boys, she makes a reluctant Ben join on her behalf.

When Ben still refuses to join, Bessie poses as Ben and becomes a gorilla scout, while Ben pretends to be Bessie at the Recreation Center. Ben grows to enjoy being a Honeybee and gets too swept up in this role, all the while Bessie begins missing her life as a Honeybee.


One day as the Honeybees are earning a badge related to making birdhouses, Bessie as usual finishes early and overachieves the goals necessary to earn the badge by creating an incredibly complex birdhouse structure. Mrs. Gibbons asks her to instead use her remaining time to work on several more work-related and training-related tasks, but since Bessie has already completed all of them Mrs. Gibbons sends her home early.

As she rides the town car home, Bessie feels very down about the lack of challenge that the Honeybees afford her due to her overachieving status. She passes by a field where the Gorillas, an ultra masculine all-male scout troop, is training and envies them for their ultra extremeness and commitment to death defying challenges.

To find something to do, Bessie decides to earn her Sock Monkey badge and enlists Ben to help her. While they are working, a Gorilla named Murdock arrives at the door selling energy drinks where his attitude and mentioning of extreme challenges further impresses Bessie. Bessie accepts that she can't join, not only due to her being a girl but also due to a clause in her Honeybee contract preventing her from joining more than one troop, but decides that Ben could join in her place. Murdock decides to give Ben a shot and tells him to show up at tryouts in an hour. Despite Ben's fear of the challenges and lack of any masculinity on his part, he decides to give it a try after Bessie mentions how much she would give to be in his place.

At the tryouts, Ben panics and faints after seeing all of the extremely dangerous obstacles laid out for him, so Bessie takes his hair, puts on his clothes and poses as him to do the tryouts. Due to her ultra-competitive nature, Bessie effortlessly makes it through every challenge and is invited to the next stage of the tryouts.

After Bessie makes it back home, she tells Ben that she passed the tryouts for him, but Ben is still reluctant to join the Gorillas. As a result, Bessie decides to continue posing as Ben to get the excitement that she craves. Ben points out a hole in her plans, as if she's posing as him in the Gorillas, he wonders who will be covering her position in the Honeybees. Bessie decides that Ben should do it, pointing out that it is a slow week and that she'll be finished with the tryouts in no time. She also gives Ben full creative control over her character when he's posing as her and Ben ultimately accepts the task (mainly due to a promise of unlimited use of glitter glue), and the two of them swap both clothes and hair to pose as each other.

As the tryouts continue, Bessie continues to pass every test flawlessly, even overachieving on most of them. She ends up coming across as more of a Gorilla than all of the other true Gorillas there. Meanwhile, Ben posing as Bessie is happy to do tasks without showing off, overachieving, or questioning anything done unethically or not by the book, puzzling Mrs. Gibbons and the rest of the Honeybees.

During a taffy report during the Honeybees weekly meeting, the Gorillas conduct a drill to secure the room. Although Bessie manages to do it flawlessly, she realizes that she is starting to miss being a Honeybee. Before she leaves, she whispers to Ben that it is only a few more days before the plan succeeds and he becomes a Gorilla. At the same time, Portia finds "Ben's" new not-weak side attractive and develops a crush on "him". Bessie and Ben are both disturbed by this and Bessie blows Portia off, but it only heightens her crush.

At a nighttime camping trip with the Gorillas, they remark how much of a dude "Ben" is, and after they leave for some activities in the woods she expresses relief that the tryouts are almost over and that she can soon be a Honeybee again. She then hears Portia laughing in the woods and follows the noise to a similar campout that the Honeybees are having. She becomes shocked to discover that Ben has won over all the Honeybees respect and admiration just being himself (mainly due to his lack of masculinity) and that they have truly accepted him as Bessie better that the real Bessie ever could.

Bessie is then given her final challenge, due to her over-competitive nature and success at completing so many tasks, she is chosen to represent the Gorillas in the Semi-Annual All-Troop Silverware-Free Steak Eating Contest. This creates a major conflict within Bessie as she is supposed to be representing the Honeybees in the same contest. She tries to decline the offer, but Murdock tells her that she'll never be a Gorilla and that it'll be a chance to crush her "sister's" "stupid troop". Bessie reluctantly accepts to not blow her cover.

Later at home, Bessie tells Ben that there is a change of plans and that he has to be Ben again for the contest. Ben refuses to give up being a Honeybee as they accept him for him. Bessie points out that he was just pretending to be her and he's not a Honeybee, but Ben counters by pointing out that she's not a true Honeybee due to her attitude conflicting with what a real Honeybee is.

Bessie is unimpressed by that insult, so Ben threatens to expose her as a Gorilla if she goes through with this, pointing out that if it is found out that she is now a part of two troops she'll be kicked out of both. Bessie doesn't believe he would stoop so low, but he declares "If I can't be a Honeybee, no one can". As he walks out of the room, Bessie becomes shocked at how much being a part of the Honeybees has improved his self confidence.

As Ben walks to the contest, Bessie begs for him to reconsider, offering to do a bunch of menial tasks for him and even offering Happy to eat the steak for him. Ben points out that there is only one "Benjamin Higgenbottom" and points to Bessie before storming off. Murdock then throws Bessie towards the booth to begin the contest and ends up seated next to Ben.

As the countdown begins, Bessie remarks that she can't let Ben eat her T-Bone and picks it up with her mouth. Ben points out that the countdown hadn't even finished yet and bites the other side of it, leading them to fight over it like two dogs. The two of them scuffle and eventually end up backstage wearing their own respective clothes again. As they are swapping their hair back, Portia walks in and realizes the deception and becomes grossed out. She threatens to tell on them, but is silenced by a bigger threat from Ben who points out that if she tells the truth everyone will know that she had a crush on Bessie (this silences her not because she would've had a crush on a girl, but rather because she would've had a crush on a nerd).

Bessie is prepared to rejoin the contest, but Ben decides to quit the Gorillas. Bessie is at first shocked but decides to let Ben do whatever he wants. Ben attempts to resign, but Murdock doesn't recognize him. He tries to point out that he is Ben, but Murdock points out that "Ben" is on stage. It is revealed that Happy continued to pose as Ben to eat the steak and ends up winning the contest. For winning the contest, Happy is accepted as a full Gorilla still posing as Ben.

Murdock then announces that the Gorillas will do some arts and crafts, much to Ben's disappointment as he loves arts and crafts. As the Gorillas carry Happy away, Ben chases after them to try and be a part of it.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Gorilla, Kid & Lion
Grey DeLisle Portia, Millie & Gorilla Walla
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Pamela Adlon Murdock



  • Closeups reveal both Mary Frances Gibbons and Murdock have freckles.
  • Bessie mentions eating t-bone steaks for 28 days straight in preparation for the steak eating contest.
  • Murdock and the other Gorillas sell an energy drink called "Gorilla Sweat" in addition to beef jerky, hoping to earn enough funds to go volcano diving.
  • Ben wants green cargo pants and owns a red wagon. He is also capable of doing a French braid.
  • Bessie offers her analysis on Honeybee taffy sales yearly, according to Mrs. Gibbons.
  • The final Gorilla test entails depoisoning snakes while simultaneously riding a dirt bike.
  • Bessie claims that eating is one of Ben's talents.
  • Actress Pamela Adlon who is best known for voicing Bobby Hill in the animated comedy series King of the Hill guest stars in this episode as Murdock.
  • This episode marks the final appearances of three characters: Finger, Mr. Pants and Ronnie.
  • The last full length episode in the series.

Cultural references

Production information

  • Dee Bradley Baker recorded his dialogue as the lion on February 9, 2010.[2]
  • This episode has the most storyboard artists, with four.


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