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Grumpy Old Bees” is the twenty-third segment of the second season and the sixty-second segment of The Mighty B! that aired on November 30, 2010.


Bessie befriends an elderly ex-bee named Mona who then becomes obsessed with taking her sock hop badge because she didn't earn one as a kid.


At a skating park, Bessie is trying to earn her Inline Skating Badge but has trouble adjusting, after a failed attempt Bessie gives up and decides to go to the End of Days Cafe and Diner for a buffet. At the buffet an elderly woman bumps into Bessie and takes four jelly packets. Bessie tells her that buffet etiquette regarding jelly packets is one per serve, but the woman concludes the sentence by giving Bessie a compliment. Bessie is shocked to hear this.

The woman then compliments Bessie's four-wheeled skates, which she is delighted by. Bessie notices a Honeybee badge on the woman's bag, the woman reveals she was a Honeybee from a long time ago, Bessie and the woman proceed to do the Honeybee handshake and the woman introduces herself as Mona.

At a table, Mona is telling Bessie and Happy about what being a Honeybee was like in her time which fascinates Bessie. Mona then tells her about the Sock Hop Badge, a dancing badge which she couldn't get during her time as a Honeybee. But Mona says she she didn't need that badge to live life to the fullest. Bessie and Mona decide to enjoy their "golden years," with Bessie pretending to be an old lady.

Bessie brings Mona to her house and shows off her badge wall. Mona notices the Sock Hop Badge on the wall, Bessie tells her it was the second badge she ever earned because she was born with a medical condition called "dancing feet" she shows off but then realizes for Mona, it was the badge that "got away". After a moment of silence, Mona sadly says she doesn't care about the badge anymore. Bessie tells her that since she's a Honeybee of a "certain age" she can make an exception of "see with your eyes, not with your hands," she then leaves to get her badge handing gloves.

While Bessie's gone, Mona grabs the badge off the wall and leaves with it. Bessie doesn't realize until she returns to the bedroom and sees her wall, she starts chasing after Mona and tackles her to the ground. Mona tries to convince Bessie to let her have the badge by saying that she's too old to sock hop but that Bessie has years to sock hop her way to another badge. However, Bessie tells Mona a Honeybee is never too old to earn a badge the honest way and shows her by having a practice Sock Hop dance in the kitchen, with Happy's assistance.

Bessie tells Mona to earn the badge she must master the five basic Sock Hop dances. They start with The Twist but Mona fails, Bessie suggests they do the Mashed Potato next but Mona tells her "It's easier this way" and disappears in a puff of smoke, she attempts to steal the badge again but gets smashed by a giant box in Bessie's room.

At a park, Bessie states she and Mona will start with some simple stretches, while stretching Mona's arms pop out of her body, they catch a taxi which takes them to Bessie's house. They go through Bessie's security system in her room and attempt to steal the badge until the arms are caught in a net by Happy. Back at the park, Bessie is very upset with Mona's behavior. On the roof of Bessie's house, she has Mona in shackles as she can't trust her not to steal the badge, Bessie tries having Mona practice dancing by stepping on foot prints, hoping Mona will quickly learn to dance with them.

As Mona tries to dance, she fakes an injury to get Bessie to leave, giving Mona ample time to free herself with a hair clip and uses her walker to get to Bessie's room in another attempt to take the badge, but as she grabs it two hammers hit her on the head; however, she got the badge!

With her walker Mona runs away with the badge only to be stopped by Bessie but they are in the middle of the street which forces Bessie to help her cross the street as it is a rule in the Honeybee Handbook to assist the elderly. When they are done crossing, Mona gets away with the badge until Bessie uses a mobility scooter to catch up with her. During the chase, Mona throws various objects at Bessie but when she throws her dentures they get caught in a wheel causing the mobility scooter to explode, and Bessie lands on Mona.

The two fight over the badge as the objects from earlier cause an explosion. Bessie then says Mona is under citizen's arrest and takes her badge back, but decides Mona is too old to stay mad at. As Bessie flips her badge in the air Mona tries grabbing it and Bessie notices her feet are dancing which gives her one last idea. Later that night at the Honeybee Recreation Center, Mona is sock hopping at last! Only because Bessie has the badge on a fishing pole, Mona finally earns the Sock Hop Badge.


Voice actor Role
Amy Poehler Bessie
Grey DeLisle Mona
Dee Bradley Baker Happy



  • It is revealed that the Sock Hop Badge was the second badge Bessie ever earned.
  • Mona was a Honeybee 60 years ago, a fact she mentions while alone in Bessie's room looking at the Sock Hop Badge.
  • Bessie claims that in Mona's time, the Honeybees were allowed to carry slingshots, but this is no longer true.
  • Closeups reveal Mona has a mole on her nose and hairy ears.
  • Bessie has a scar of a winking penny which resides in her arm; Mona has a slide whistle stuck in her jaw that she can manipulate at any time.
  • Mona wears dentures, as she takes them off in an attempt to stop Bessie's mobility scooter.
  • Bessie has a Pretty Pretty Princesses sticker on her bedroom wall.

Cultural references

  • The title references the 1993 film Grumpy Old Men.
  • When Bessie reminisces about her old four-wheel roller skates, the animation shifts to a rubberhose style commonly used for cartoons made during the 1920s and 1930s.
  • Mona tells Bessie of the time she earned her "Comi-Smasher Badge," referencing McCarthyism and how it blacklisted people accused of supporting Communism during the 1940s and 1950s.
  • The five Sock Hop principles are all named after real dances that were popular between the 1920s to early 1960s: The twist, mashed potato, the Charleston, Lindy Hop and the jitterbug.
  • When Bessie and Happy try to teach Mona how to dance, they all wear clothing and fashion that were popular during the 1950s, namely Bessie and Mona's poodle skirts and Happy being dressed as a greaser.


  • In two scenes at the beginning where Bessie is trying to skate, Happy's ears are colored the same as his fur (dark blue) when they should be black.
  • Sarah Thyre is credited but Mrs. Gibbons only appeared in one scene with no dialogue.


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