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"Hairy Situation" is the sixth segment of the second season and the forty-fifth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on September 22, 2009.[1]


Bessie and Happy drink The Hippie's hair tonic by mistake, causing both to grow uncontrollable amounts of hair. Their friendship is put into question when each fight over who should get the antidote.


At a swap meet, Ben tries to find vintage pants for Mr. Pants while Bessie and Happy each attempt to buy an acorn shaped cookie jar. Ultimately, The Hippie purchases it instead. Hippie then buys himself, Bessie and Happy some Hot Stix (hot peppers) to eat; however, Bessie and Happy have fire coming out of their mouths, noses, ears and butts. Looking for something to wash it down, Hippie gives them a bottle of water, which the two promptly drink up.

Seconds after Happy swallows it, he grows a large amount of fur. Bessie laughs at how he looks like an "expensive moth," only for her hair to grow an excessive amount as well. The Hippie tells them they just drank his hair potion (responsible for giving him his long hair), with Bessie and Happy excited to have fun with their now hairy selves.

Bessie and Happy think about all the things they can do with their hair, only to be reminded quickly having a lot of hair can be a disadvantage: the wind blows and causes the duo to be stuck together. They decide to go to the barber's in order to have a haircut, but are perplexed when the hair grows back.

No matter how many times the barber trims she and Happy's hair (even shaving it all off in the last attempt), it keeps growing back. The two meet with The Hippie to find a way to get rid of their long hair. Bessie and Happy jump inside The Hippie's beard, where they find several objects but no cure. When Bessie asks if he has anything that can help, The Hippie proceeds to pull a green magic jellybean from behind his right ear.

However, there's only one, which causes the two to play rock, paper, scissors for it. Bessie gets frustrated that Happy keeps winning, so instead they hold a coin toss, with Happy winning once again. The two bend the rules and argue over who actually won, ending with Bessie and Happy's hair getting tied to the table and causing the jellybean to fall off it. It comes close to falling in a hole, but it fortunately doesn't.

Bessie tells Ben to keep the jellybean guarded while she and Happy settle their dispute, as Ben gives Mr. Pants the day shift. Bessie and Happy leave the house, keeping an eye on each other as they do so. That night, Happy sneaks into Ben's bedroom, where the jellybean is on his shelf. However, he trips over several traps and obstacles, including a gong and toy robots. Happy nearly wakes up Ben as he comes close to retrieving the jellybean, only for Bessie to stop him from the window.

That morning, Bessie tries to make amends by telling Happy he should have the jellybean. However, Happy uses reverse psychology on her, causing Bessie to be upset at her best friend for doing so. Realizing this has gone on long enough, the duo try to find a solution to their hairy situation.

Approaching Ben once more, Bessie tells him she and Happy will fight over who gets the cure. Ben throws the jellybean in the air as Bessie and Happy jump over each other trying to eat it, all the while attempting to stop the other from getting it. As it falls back to the ground, Bessie comes close to eating it only for Happy to stop her. The two are neck and neck as they ultimately bite the jellybean simultaneously.

Ben looks on as the magic jellybean seemingly turns Bessie and Happy to normal. The two reconcile, each taking the blame for how bad the situation got. However, unbeknownst to them, they still have long hair on their heads that reaches the ground as they leave the rooftop. Ben considers telling them, but takes Mr. Pants' advice and doesn't want to ruin the moment.


Voice actor Role
Amy Poehler Bessie
Matt Besser The Hippie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Andy Richter Ben



  • The Hippie has squirrels as friends.
  • The name of Hippie's hair potion is "Hairy Garcia Scalp Freakout."
  • The objects inside The Hippie's beard include: a bone, an opened can, crystal necklace, harp, sandwich, typewriter and even the Declaration of Civil Rights. Additionally, living things exist in his beard as well, namely a family of moles.
  • The Hippie claims he uses his left ear to store Brazil nuts.
  • Bessie mentions she is getting an appraisal at a wig shop in the scene where she and Happy leave the house.
  • Ben owns toy robots, and also has a picture of Towel Man (from "Super Secret Weakness") on his bedroom wall.
  • Featured as part of the Brand New Mighty B! block.

Cultural references

  • The episode title is taken from the phrase "hairy situation", which means an undesirable ordeal experienced by one person or more.

Production information

  • Hilary was included in Eddie Trigueros' beatboard (see external links), but she is absent in the finished episode.


  • Bessie claims to have a 1978 Sacagawea dollar, though they did not exist until 2000.


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