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Hal the Ice Cream Man is San Francisco's ice cream driver and dogcatcher. He makes his first appearance in "Ben Screams For Ice Cream." "Rinx!" shows he also supervises the dogs at the San Francisco Dog Pound (much like a warden) as part of his dogcatching job.

Although Hal has a kind demeanor when things go his way, he becomes bitter and passive-aggressive if anyone has slighted him in any way, such as refusing to give Bessie and Ben ice cream due to Bessie reporting him for running a stop sign.

In addition to his ice cream-related duties, he is also the city's dogcatcher, as revealed in "Dogcatcher in the Rye." Hal is voiced by Hal Rudnick,[1] with the two sharing the same first name.


On his best days, Hal is more than happy to give the children ice cream and loves his job. However, if he feels anyone has wronged him or his job is at stake, he will become very callous and petty towards his customers.

He held a grudge against Bessie for calling his boss on him, to the point he took away the children's ice cream privileges simply to get revenge on her. However, he and Bessie shake hands after the latter drops out in "Dogcatcher in the Rye," showing Hal holds no hard feelings towards her long term.

As dogcatcher, Hal allows stray dogs to do as they please so long as he receives bacon strips in exchange. Despite this, he is shown to be rather cruel, being very quick to catch Happy even knowing he is not a stray and not allowing dogs to take off their muzzles to make a phone call ("Rinx!").

When Bessie runs against him in "Dogcatcher in the Rye," he resorts to mudslinging and bribes Happy with bacon wraps so he can receive incriminating information on her to allow his win. Hal also enjoys bacon, exclaiming in "Rinx!": "If anyone's gonna eat bacon off the ground, it's me!"

Physical appearance

Hal is a light-skinned man who has green eyes and an overbite. He is mostly bald, only having a few strands of black hair remaining on his head. Additionally, he has a five o'clock shadow. He wears a mint green cap and shirt, alongside a pink bowtie, brown pants (with a tan color near the ankles) and black shoes.

Episode appearances

Season 1
No. Episode Role
119b "Ben Screams for Ice Cream" Speaking role
Season 2
207b "Dogcatcher in the Rye" Speaking role
208a "Rinx!" Speaking role


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  • Hal has worked as an ice cream driver for over 10 years.
  • As Bessie states Hal is also dogcatcher in "Dogcatcher in the Rye," this implies he is still the city's ice cream man.
  • Hal's ice cream truck was modified in season 2 to incorporate him being dogcatcher, with the ice cream cone on top having dog ears and a face while his truck now says "Animal Control" on it.
  • Hal has served as dogcatcher for two four-year terms.
  • It is likely he was named after his voice actor.


  1. Shown in the end credits of "Ben Screams For Ice Cream"
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