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"Hat Trick" is the twenty-second segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on September 10, 2008.[1]


Bessie uses Happy in her magic act, but he soon gets bored and sneaks off without her knowing, causing a wild menagerie to escape from the hat.


The episode starts with Millie telling her fellow Honeybees about her pet turtle, Chester Turtleton. A disgusted Mary Frances makes Millie stop talking about her "reptile" by giving her the Pet Lovers badge. Only Bessie claps after Millie's presentation. Soon after this, Bessie takes out a top hat and black cape, with "The Great Bee-Dini" stating she would love to have the Ta-Da badge. She goes on to state that a magic show will be held at The Hive. Bessie gives the Honeybees a "preview," with assistant Happy (wearing a wig and lipstick) in a locked suitcase, stating Happy will be sawed in half. Mary Frances accepts Bessie's proposition, but reminds her the Ta-Da badge uses an "Applause O Meter" (ranging from "stinky," "tolerable" to "bravo") to determine if a Honeybee deserves the badge. Bessie, still optimistic, invites everyone from the Honeybees to even hobos to her magic act. However, when Bessie's done talking, she notices all the Honeybees left the Rec Center.

A dress rehearsal is held at The Hive, where Bessie introduces Happy (with rabbit ears, playing her rabbit) and Ben, Bessie's new assistant. He claims being a magician's assistant is "stupid" due to it being "a girl's job." Bessie reminds Ben that magician's assistants are not gender-specific. Ben retorts with "Then why do I have to wear tights?", revealing a skirt, fishnet leggings and high heels; Bessie replies simply with "tradition." Bessie says as an aside that Happy "graciously" volunteered to be the rabbit, causing Happy to think back to moments when Bessie forced him to wear a ballerina outfit, be a clown and the time he and Bessie went to the roller disco, ending with Bessie accidentally throwing Happy into a cake. Lastly, he remembers how earlier in the day he tried to make a run for it, but Bessie caught him and put the rabbit ears on Happy.

Bessie, reading from a magic book, practices her first trick: putting Happy inside her top hat. When it doesn't work the first time, Bessie gives it another try; with her back turned, Happy tiptoes his way out of The Hive to escape. Ben notices this, but tries not to laugh at the turn of events by covering his face. Bessie, seeing Happy now gone, believes her trick worked. Ben tells Bessie it didn't, with Bessie rationalizing that since Happy isn't here, that it indeed worked.

Satisfied with how it went, Bessie tries to "reverse" the spell, stating an incantation to return Happy to the stool. When he doesn't, she tries several more times. She eventually gives up and admits she doesn't know what's going on, stating it worked a minute ago. Meanwhile, Happy is walking along the wharf, throwing the bunny ears into the garbage. Soon after, he sees several dogs betting on various items, and decides to join them. One of the dogs accepts him.

Bessie is yelling into her hat, hoping Happy will come out of it. Ben tries to explain what really happened, but Bessie interrupts and tries yet again to bring Happy back. Gwen, Portia and Penny are watching, with Portia quipping "No head; that's a good look for you." Gwen says Bessie should try to pull a new wardrobe out of the hat, with Portia agreeing it should be one of Bessie's "three wishes." Bessie replies that it's not a Genie bottle, but a magic hat with Happy stuck inside. Ben once again tries to explain what happened but Bessie tells Ben his job is to stand and be lovely. Portia jokingly propositions Bessie, stating she can make her disappear so she'll go looking for Happy.

Bessie takes what Portia said seriously, asking her "You'd do that for me?" Portia replies with "Sure; that's what Bees are for, right?" Bessie tries to make Portia disappear using the same spell from earlier, and surprisingly succeeds, with Portia legitimately disappearing without a trace, causing Gwen, Penny and Bessie to gasp. Portia realizes quickly she is inside Bessie's hat, and wants to be zapped out; Bessie instructs Portia to find Happy, with Portia replying "Your dumb dog isn't down here!" Yet again, Ben tries to talk about Happy's true exit but is interrupted by Bessie yelling to Portia to call for him. Bessie tells Portia to yell Happy's name louder and nicer, and that she can say she has a biscuit as a last resort to get his attention. After more searching, Portia falls into an unknown box, with Bessie, Ben, Gwen and Penny hearing the echo of her scream.

Just then, the other Honeybees arrive for the show. Mary Frances asks where her daughter is, with Bessie hastily saying she left to get fishnet leggings. Back at the wharf, Happy and the other dogs watch a garbageman throw a bag into the dumpster, with the canines eating out of it once the man leaves. However, Happy digs in later than the other dogs, getting no food. After his third attempt, one of the dogs throws Happy on the ground. The canines leave Happy alone. Happy investigates the dumpster, finding only one thing that remains: an old boot. Happy prepares to dig in, putting salt on the boot, but once the dogs overhear the salt, they laugh at Happy for doing so. He throws the salt and starts eating the boot, but they continue laughing.

At The Hive, Bessie pulls a quarter out of her ear. The Applause O Meter, which Mary Frances is holding in her lap, goes from tolerable to below stinky. Several people attempt to leave, with Bessie pleading they stay. She tries sleight of hand, but all her cards fall out of the cape. Ben, feeling sorry for his sister, takes off his magician's assistant outfit, telling Penny to cover for him. With the other dogs asleep at the wharf, a tired Happy is laying down as well, but suffers back pain as he stretches. He fixes this by trying to align his back properly. He attempts to leave quietly, when none other than Ben grabs him. He tells Happy they need to go, and the two leave for The Hive.

Bessie is now about to saw Penny in half, as Ben and Happy enter via the dumbwaiter at Hilary's Café, with Ben telling Happy his herniated disc won't exempt him from being pulled out of Bessie's hat. The two enter The Hive just as Bessie is about to saw Penny; Bessie tries her best, but both she and Penny are scared of the saw's effects, and so she kicks Penny away. Disappointed, two Honeybees leave. Bessie, running out of ideas, tells knock-knock jokes. Ben reads from the magic book the incantation for the hat trick, with Happy in tow. As Ben puts the bunny ears back on Happy, an angered Happy proceeds to read from the book himself. Happy's version works, as he disappears out of thin air.

A desperate Bessie plays with spoons when she suddenly hears something inside her hat; she takes it off, where Happy and Portia are both heard inside. The Applause O Meter adjusts slightly, but still stuck on "stinky." Bessie tells the audience a rabbit dog will appear before their very eyes. Bessie, and unbeknownst to her, Ben as well using the magic book, say the same incantation. The hat proceeds to shake The Hive and everyone in it, the reason being there were Happy, Portia, multiple animals, cards and other magic memorabilia inside. Even Ben appears onstage. Almost everyone is applauding the trick, except a frowning Mary Frances, whose Applause O Meter is now on bravo and malfunctioning due to the magnificence of Bessie's trick. It eventually explodes, with Bessie pulling the Ta-Da badge from Mary Frances' ear, having earned it at last. Ben looks on as he quietly says, "You're welcome."


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Grey DeLisle Portia & Millie
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & Chester the Turtle
Sarah Thyre Mrs. Gibbons



Cultural references

  • The episode title references the magic trick of the same name.
  • Bessie's magician name is a pun on famous magician Harry Houdini.


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