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"Higgenbottom's 7" (stylized as Higgenbottom'$ 7) is the sixteenth segment of the second season and the fifty-fifth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on November 13, 2010.[1]


Bessie, with the help of Happy, Finger, Ben, Millie, The Hippie and Penny (the seven in question) retrieve Bessie's dollar which got stuck in a vending machine.


Bessie inserts a dollar into the vending machine, but the machine keeps refusing to accept it. When a frustrated Bessie investigates, she believes it's because of the grape jelly stain on the dollar. She tries licking it off, with it coming out of the machine once again.

A nearby Happy, who is having a snack, helps Bessie by doing "maneuver 17" (falling on top of the dollar and flattening it). Although the vending machine finally accepts it, it doesn't give Bessie a snack even after she presses other buttons. Bessie is now upset the machine took her dollar.

Happy proceeds to flatten Bessie so she can fit through the machine to retrieve some candy. However, a maintenance man arrives and chastises Bessie for not paying for a snack. She explains to the man in a convoluted way that she did actually pay for it, but no food had come out of the machine. However, the maintenance man dismisses Bessie with "Don't look at me, I just work here."

As he leaves with bags of money, Bessie notices her grape-stained dollar and tries to get it back. The man simply ignores her and puts it inside his truck, heading for the bank. Flattening Bessie once again, Happy slides her inside the truck so she can get her dollar. She then opens the door to let Happy in. They sort through the money as the man arrives at his destination: the bank. Angry with the duo, he throws them out on a nearby bicyclist and deposits money into the bank.

Inside the bank, Bessie tries to tell Old Timey Banker that the maintenance man had deposited her dollar by accident and would like to have it returned to her. Old Timey Banker explains he can't give money from someone else's deposit to her, but Bessie attempts to make it clear it was her dollar deposited by someone else. He simply pulls down a closed sign, with Bessie stunned by his rudeness.

Bessie is then talking to a police officer, asking him to sign a search warrant and call for a S.W.A.T. team so they can find Bessie's dollar inside the bank's vault. However, he promptly kicks her out. At The Hive, Bessie is upset about the law failing her. Happy asks rhetorically what Bessie can do about it, but Bessie replies: "When the system fails you, you must drop your voice and work outside the system, for justice!" Bessie proceeds to discuss her plan with Happy, saying she will infiltrate the bank in order to get her dollar back. In order to do so, she tells Happy the two need a team.

Bessie talks about being the brains of the operation before stating Ben will supervise demolitions and technology, disabling the bank's security. The Hippie will serve as decoy, which according to Bessie: "showcases his natural talent: loitering." Millie will be everyone's ride while Finger serves the function of safe cracker and the group's wild card. Happy is "the master of disguise," fooling Bessie as a safe to prove it. Rounding out the group of seven is Penny, who Bessie says is a "master" at being undercover, even getting a job as a bank teller to help Bessie's plan succeed.

The seven look at a blueprint of the bank, as Bessie tells Happy he will masquerade as a delivery man and deliver a package to the bank's security guard. This will give Ben the opportunity to disable the bank's security system, using a hammer to click the button. After this, The Hippie walks in to open a bank account, and Penny proceeds to speak to the manager about it. Happy, in his new disguise of janitor, walks slyly towards the teller window to avoid being noticed.

As the maintenance man returns, The Hippie proceeds to stall by complimenting the man's jumpsuit, who simply replies "I wear this for work." After Happy (who is behind the man) motions for Hippie to stop, he instead asks the man "How short is your neck?" Now realizing his mistake, Hippie tells the man not to answer that, as Happy zips his lips to signal Hippie to stop talking. However, miscommunication continues as Hippie instructs the man to put on some lipstick. The maintenance man mutters to himself "Bankers are weird" as he walks away.

The man is about to deposit more money when Penny accidentally spills her coffee on his shirt. The coffee cup proceeds to hit a fly, which is sent flying into The Hippie's nose. He sneezes it, where it flies outside and ultimately finds itself inside a time machine built by two scientists.

Consequently, it's sent over 100 million years into the past where a fish eats it. The fish then grows arms and legs before becoming a more reptilian creature. It evolves into a dinosaur before becoming a bird, donkey, monkey and the earliest known man: cave people. It fast forwards to the Roman era before the man turns into a knight and nobleman. Now a cowboy, a woman he had flirted with in previous transformations throws a bottle at him before he finally becomes the man who built the bank's air conditioner.

A screw from the air conditioner in question is loose and falls, causing several podiums and a garbage can to trip up Happy, revealing his true self. The maintenance man recognizes him, and with Happy's cover blown, the plan has seemingly failed. The man tells everyone to grab Happy for attempting to steal from him as the bank's alarm goes off. A frightened Ben claims The Hippie did all this, with the defense of "I'm just a child!"

The Hippie, who had a briefcase handcuffed to his arm this entire time, opens it to reveal a fart and threatens to unleash it. Everyone panics as Penny tries to calm them and The Hippie down. However, the mere mention of coffee drives The Hippie over the edge, and he releases the fart into the atmosphere. The fart, which is anthropomorphic, says "I'm cute," causing everyone to be in awe of the fart's cuteness. However, it proceeds to pull its own finger, unleashing its horrific scent and prompting a S.W.A.T. team to arrive with gas masks.

Ben, The Hippie and Penny are arrested as a S.W.A.T. team member guides the trio. Bessie narrates that with the bank now clear, this gives her the opportunity to get the dollar herself, having been inside the package Happy delivered the whole time. She gets inside the vault with Finger, looking at the blueprints to ensure accuracy. Finger attempts to crack the safe, but Bessie keeps distracting him. Eventually, he manages to open it, and after some searching Bessie at last gets her jelly-stained dollar back.

Outside, citizens view the wreckage of burning cars and a S.W.A.T. cop commands for the others to seal the building. Ben, The Hippie and Penny are surprised to find Millie waiting for them, as Happy reveals himself as the S.W.A.T. cop who guided them the entire time. However, Ben points out that Bessie can't escape the bank if the building is sealed, and said "I knew this would happen! Her calculations made no sense!" Just then, Bessie herself gets out from the vent right next to the five, and they celebrate Bessie getting her dollar back. Bessie yells "Hit it, Millie!" as she drives away with the others in tow.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Matt Besser The Hippie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Maintenance Man & Fart Cloud
Rob Paulsen Old Timey Banker & Scientist



  • Bessie mentions two dollars being counterfeit and Canadian.
  • Penny was once elected President of Venezuela.
  • Bessie has made 86 citizen's arrests on jaywalkers.
  • Bessie mentions Hilary only pays her taxes "sometimes."
  • Millie is a three-time street racing champion.
  • The maintenance man mentions he saw Bessie and Happy "the other day" when Happy's disguise is exposed, showing this episode takes place across a few days.
  • The fart cloud is 18 years old.
  • According to The Hippie, coffee makes him crazy.
  • 28 is Bessie's lucky number.
  • This is the only episode where Mrs. Gibbons appears without Portia.

Cultural references

  • The episode title is referencing the 1960 film Ocean's 11.

Production information


  • When the gang are looking at the bank's blueprints, Millie's red ribbon is colored the same as her blonde hair.


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