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"Hive Jacked" is the twenty-fourth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on September 12, 2008.[1]


Bessie loses a bet and must let Portia and Gwen run the Hive for the weekend. However, when they refuse to give up the Hive after the ending time, Bessie, Ben, Happy, and Penny go to drastic measures to kick them out, even unknowingly using an angry skunk in the process.


Bessie and Penny are playing peanut toss near The Hive, a game wherein the player must catch a peanut with their mouth and eat it. Happy is serving as scorekeeper. Portia and Gwen arrive soon after, with Portia criticizing Penny for not showing up at Portia's to identify the latter's split ends. When Portia notices The Hive, she asks what it is. Bessie replies that Portia's seen it before, with a disinterested Portia stating "Whatever." Bessie claims The Hive is the best "secret hideout" ever, which piques Portia's interest: she asks Bessie about its windows and central air. As Bessie is about to return to peanut toss, Penny claims Bessie's about to break her peanut toss record; Portia bets she can't, and adds that if Bessie cannot catch the peanut, The Hive will now be Portia and Gwen's property for three days. Bessie takes up Portia on the bet, ignoring Happy's request to not do it.

Bessie stretches and repeats the tongue twister "red leather, yellow leather" multiple times before peanut toss commences. When Penny throws the peanut towards Bessie, it hits her nose rather than her tongue. It falls off her nose as a frantic Bessie tries to catch the falling peanut into her mouth, but it ultimately lands on the ground, meaning Portia and Gwen win the bet. Happy eats the peanut not too long after.

Portia yanks Bessie's key to The Hive from her pocket, and expects room service from her. Bessie, once she gets over the shock of losing The Hive, gives Portia and Gwen a tour of the residence. Portia and Gwen proceed to drop pictures of Bessie and Happy smiling on the ground, to Bessie's sadness. She introduces them to a variety of objects, including an escape hatch and the dumbwaiter where they can order from Hilary's Café. After Portia touches pictures of Bessie taped to The Hive, Bessie brings up that she has divided The Hive into three categories: green indicating things Portia and Gwen can touch, red for things they can't touch and blue for things that can be touched but not moved. Gwen pushes Bessie out of The Hive, calling her "Stinkinbottom" all the while. Bessie barges in one last time to get the girls to sign papers, but Portia slams the door in Bessie's face.

Bessie has been walking back and forth so much in her room that a rut has formed. She is anxiety-ridden, worried about what Portia and Gwen might be doing to The Hive. After imagining the girls touching everything in red to spite her, Bessie breaks open her "in case of emergency" baby monitor that records conversations in The Hive. Through it, Bessie overhears Portia instructing Gwen to "switch that, with this," causing Bessie to worry even more. She runs to The Hive and knocks on the door, with Portia telling her they're not ready for housekeeping, putting a "do not disturb" sign on the doorknob. A persistent Bessie tries to push the door to get in, but Portia ultimately wins out. Catching a glimpse inside, Bessie noticed The Hive looked fine.

But Bessie's still stressed out, breathing into a paper bag to calm down. After doing so, she gets an idea: to use her blanket and other objects as a tent, a temporary replacement for The Hive. She tries to distract herself by balancing her checkbook in case she can earn extra Bee Bucks. Unable to concentrate, Bessie once again attempts to barge into The Hive, to no avail. After returning to her room, Bessie anxiously looks at her clock to check how much time is left until she can reclaim The Hive, and states she only has 242 minutes (in other words, 4 hours) left to go, passing the time by using chalk on the wall. When it's almost time to have The Hive returned to her, Bessie repeats her mantra "Whatever they've changed, I can rebuild" while using macaroni, tongue depressors and continues using the chalk.

When her clock rings, Bessie yells "Time's up!" and knocks on The Hive's door. Portia gives Bessie used towels, telling her to wash them "pronto." Bessie says she hoped Gwen and Portia enjoyed their stay in The Hive, but when she tries to look through the door, Bessie sees a muscular man as a bartender, Gwen serving as a disc jockey (DJ), with a painting of Portia above her on the wall. Lastly, Bessie's ham radio is in a cardboard box. After Bessie reminds Portia that her time using The Hive is up, Portia replies that she changed her mind and wants to keep it, and has the audacity to tell Bessie to bring her clean linens.

Bessie, Ben, Happy and Penny hold a meeting inside Bessie's temporary replacement for The Hive. Ben states the girls call him garcon and make him do their laundry. Penny absentmindedly claims they call her by her name and have her bring snacks to them. After Happy complains about not having a monthly subscription of bacon, Bessie tells the other three they must get The Hive back and kick out the squatters, Portia and Gwen.

Their first attempt was using very bright lights directed towards The Hive, but the girls, who had been tanning, use their tanning sheets to reflect the light on Bessie and company, blinding them. Following this, Ben places a disc inside a boom box, producing very loud music. Gwen fights back by using her DJ station, producing even louder music, causing the foursome's music players to catch on fire. Now on their third try, the gang use food (namely pie, a turkey, pizza and popcorn) to have Portia and Gwen step out of The Hive. This works to an extent, as Portia smells the popcorn; however, she shrewdly calls Penny on the latter's cell phone to bring the popcorn to her from outside. An angered Bessie asks "Penny, what was that?," with Penny responding that Portia said please.

Now in her bedroom, Bessie, Ben, Happy and Penny continue thinking of ways to return The Hive to its original owner. Ben and Happy in particular brainstorm. Although Ben thinks of the idea first, Happy takes away Ben's "lightbulb" and moves it towards Bessie. Bessie instructs Happy to dress as a skunk, go into the dumbwaiter and scare Portia and Gwen out of The Hive. Happy at first rejects the idea, but Bessie asks "Look, Happy, do you want your bacon back or not?" Ben whispers to Happy, "That's what you get for stealing my idea. Enjoy your costume."

With Happy now dressed as a skunk, he sees a cat walk by through an open door. His dog instincts kick in, wanting to chase the feline instead of entering the dumbwaiter. A concerned Bessie calls for Happy by yelling his name. She finds a skunk (a real one, unbeknownst to her) rummaging through the garbage for a pizza slice, and scolds who she thinks is Happy for being more interested in food. As they walk home, she compliments "Happy" on his "costume." She puts the skunk inside the dumbwaiter, and slaps its face, causing the skunk to screech. Soon after, Happy comes back, and is confused when he sees the dumbwaiter is already in use.

The skunk has now entered The Hive, having sprayed its infamous stench, much to Portia and Gwen's horror. They run around screaming, with the skunk following them. Portia tries to use air freshener, with little success. At last, the girls admit defeat by running out of The Hive, covered in the skunk's scent. Bessie, still believing the skunk is Happy, hugs the creature and congratulates it on saving The Hive. Just then, Happy finally arrives through the dumbwaiter, and Penny comments that there are "two Happys." A shocked Bessie doesn't know what to say, as the skunk sprays the foursome. Now bathing in tomato juice to get rid of the smell, Bessie is happy to finally have her hive back.


Voice actor Role
Amy Poehler Bessie
Grey DeLisle Portia
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Andy Richter Ben
Dee Bradley Baker Happy



  • Bessie states The Hive was built by her using macaroni and popcorn.
  • Bessie's peanut toss record is 102, and has been playing the game for three years.
  • Bessie owns a ham radio, and has a fossil collection.
  • Happy has a subscription to Bacon of the Month Club, receiving a package monthly.
  • Penny owns a cell phone.

Cultural references

  • At the very end of the episode, Bessie and her friends bathe in tomato juice, which has long been believed to eliminate skunk odor. However, in reality, it only masks the scent of skunk spray.


  • Jessica DiCicco was not credited for voicing Gwen even though the character appeared and had dialogue.


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