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''Hive of Darkness'' is the ninth segment of the second season and the forty-eighth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on January 16, 2010.[1]


In order to earn the Ever Elusive Beekeeping badge, Bessie becomes a beekeeper for a hive of bees. However, they won't let her move on after she earns the badge.


After bees sting Portia in the face, Mrs. Gibbons almost exterminates them before Bessie intervenes. She tells the bees of their likely fate and offers that they live at The Hive, with her as beekeeper so she can earn the Ever Elusive Beekeeping badge, needing to make 1,000 grams of honey (one harvest) in order to receive it.

Ben and Happy quickly become annoyed with the bees, as they keep eating the Higgenbottom's food, stinging them repeatedly, taking Ben's bed and forcing him and Happy to share the latter's as well as sinking Mr. Pants, with Happy having to give him CPR.

Bessie isn't on the same page, and is disappointed in the two for not supporting her in earning this badge. She tells Ben and Happy to stay on their side of the property as she returns to The Hive.

Inside, the bees make a humbled Bessie their queen, even crocheting her a dress and tiara. The bees proceed to feed her honey as they become closer and closer to getting a harvest. Eventually, the honey tastes ready to Bessie, as she heads off to meet Mary Frances and Portia.

She brings the 1000 grams of honey with her and gets the badge. However, even after Bessie explains that once a Honeybee earns a badge she must move on to the next one, the bees become possessive of her, still treating her like a queen, feeding her honey against her will (admitting she only liked it the first ten times) and won't even let her leave The Hive.

Outside, Happy is cutting up flowers as Bessie tries to get his attention from The Hive's window. However, he simply assumes she is overreacting and walks away. The bees then use honey on Bessie's hair, trying to convince her it's a good hair product. After telling the bees to look for cream rinse, she rushes to the bathroom and sends a letter in a bottle through The Hive's toilet, which is found in the Higgenbottom bathroom by Ben.

Ben alerts Happy (who was watching television) of the letter, which reads: "Dear Ben and Happy, I'm very, very sorry. Now that that's out of the way, they've got me! I'm a prisoner in my own Hive! They've made me their queen! It's a pretty big honor, but the only way they'll let me go is if I'm replaced by another queen bee! That's where you guys come in!" Ben wonders aloud where they'll find a queen bee, but Happy has an idea.

Happy and Ben, the latter now disguised as a queen bee himself, carefully enter The Hive, now honey-covered. Once they see Bessie, Ben pretends to challenge Bessie with their fake stingers and lets him win so she can escape. A happy Ben yells "queen me!" as the bees celebrate their new queen. However, Ben realizes Bessie and Happy won't come back for him.


Voice actor Role
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Grey DeLisle Portia



  • Portia has entered pageants, with Mary Frances implying she's had a winning streak.
  • Mary Frances calls Portia "mon petit," French for "my little one."
  • Ben mentions Mr. Pants wants to visit Spain.
  • The Gibbons residence looks quite different from its appearance in the first season, likely meaning they moved in between seasons.
  • This is the first time Bessie has earned a badge on-screen since "Apoxalypse Now."

Cultural references

Production information

  • The honeybee named Alex is a caricature of episode co-director Alex Kirwan. He would later appear again in human form in "B-Chip."
  • This episode is titled "Hive of Darkness: Bee Peacekeeper" on the Internet Movie Database, which could indicate this was the previous title.
  • When this episode first aired, 4.1 million people watched it.[2]
  • "Bee Plus One" premiered alongside this episode.[3]


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