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''Irritable Bowling Syndrome'' is the thirty-fourth segment of the second season and the seventy-third segment of The Mighty B! that aired on June 5, 2011.[1]


Bessie is haunted by her inability to get a strike while bowling, and eventually remembers how she lost her two front teeth.


Gwen and Portia are picking teams at the local bowling alley. Eventually, it's down to just Bessie and Millie, with Gwen choosing the latter. Portia is not pleased with Bessie being on her team, as Bessie has caused her team to lose three years in a row with her historically awful bowling. Bessie assures Portia this year is different.

She proceeds to knock down eight pins, but two still remain: the dreaded 7-10 split. Bessie tries to pick up a spare with her second ball, which fails in knocking down the two remaining pins. Indeed, every time Bessie bowls, she ends up with multiple 7-10 splits. Frustrated, Bessie hurls herself towards the pins, passing out in the process.

Now imagining herself as several bowling pins, she is knocked down by a transparent bowling ball, sending Bessie spiraling inside another ball that has buck teeth and a tongue, trying to eat Bessie. Awake, a terrified Bessie crawls away with the Honeybees looking at her as she leaves.

Downtown, all Bessie can see are bowling pins no matter what she's looking at (from buildings to people). She runs home in an attempt to clear her mind. Bessie explains what happened to Happy, who is too busy eating to care about Bessie's predicament. She decides to go into her room, wanting to analyze her dream from earlier.

Bessie attempts to fall asleep, but can't. She counts sheep, which doesn't work, before deciding to call Millie. Letting her know she's ready to hear all about Millie's summer vacation, the latter drones on which causes Bessie to fall asleep in no time.

Dreaming once more, Bessie's two front teeth pop out, and she desperately follows them until a bowling pin machine causes Bessie to fall down. Next, she imagines herself as a bowling shoe, and looks at herself putting on the shoe in question, with Bessie back to normal. Just then, gigantic bowling balls with two buck teeth appear, resembling a 7-10 split. They chase Bessie for several seconds until she finds a hiding spot in the bowling ball dispenser. The dispenser was really a bowling ball, which swallows Bessie whole.

Bessie wakes up from her nightmare, but notices she's wearing pajamas when she remembers falling asleep in her scout uniform. Realizing she's still dreaming, 14 bowling pins appear on her bed. Bessie is then seen falling down into a bowling alley, and sees herself as a baby, with all of her teeth intact. She watches her younger self bowl.

Millie suddenly appears out of nowhere, much to regular Bessie's annoyance. Remembering this is her dream, Bessie imagines a windmill with Millie's face on it to distract Millie, which succeeds. Then, a bowler mistakenly grabs baby Bessie, assuming she is a bowling ball. Once baby Bessie returns from the bowling ball dispenser, her two front teeth are gone.

Regular Bessie then looks for the missing teeth inside the dispenser, but a fan grabs Bessie and throws her, as Bessie really wakes up this time. Millie had been talking to Bessie this entire time, and Bessie tells Millie she'll take a rain check on the remaining half of Millie's vacation story.

Back at the bowling alley, Bessie looks for the ceiling fan in hopes of reclaiming her teeth. Bessie bowls herself underneath the lane of the fan, and while on a slide underneath the bowling pin pusher she finds the teeth. The slide causes her to jump up for them, which works. Back on the bowling floor, and having saved her teeth at last, Bessie places them in their missing holes.

Bessie bowls once more, and knocks down every single pin, earning herself a strike. Gwen and Portia look on in disbelief as all the other Honeybees cheer. Millie then finds Bessie, and continues telling her about the vacation. Bessie falls down and sleeps, hitting her jaw on the ground and losing her teeth once more.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Grey DeLisle Portia & Millie
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Dee Bradley Baker Baby Bessie



  • This is the only time Bessie is seen with full teeth.
  • Portia's team consisted of herself, Bessie, Honeybee #7, Nisa, Penny, Tatum and Tigerlily.
  • The fact some of the Honeybees don't have names is referenced by both Gwen and Portia, as when they pick teams Gwen calls the brown-skinned Honeybee with green eyes "that girl next to Millie" and Portia refers to Honeybee #7 as "not Millie and not Messie."
  • Bessie mentions doing bicep curls in preparation for bowling.
  • Millie spent her summer vacation in Barstow, California, and it is mentioned Millie shows Bessie slideshows of her trips.
  • In real life, 7-10 splits are statistically very rare.

Cultural references

  • The episode's title is a reference to the health disorder irritable bowel syndrome.
  • The bowling balls chasing after Bessie are drawn to resemble the video game Pac-Man. This franchise was previously referenced in "Ben Appetit."

Production information

  • Rob Paulsen is credited for voicing "Concessions Guy," but no such character appears in the final version of the episode.
  • Dee Bradley Baker voiced baby Bessie, though he is uncredited.
  • The final episode storyboarded by Justin Nichols.


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