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It's B's Party is the eighteenth segment of the second season and the fifty-seventh segment of The Mighty B! that aired on November 20, 2010.[1]


Bessie searches her friends and family so they can throw her a surprise party.


Happy is walking home, after having bought some groceries. After he opens the door to the Higgenbottom residence, Bessie shocks him as she yells "Surprise!" with a party horn. Happy holds onto his chest as Bessie gives him a "welcome home" cake. Happy scolds her for almost giving him a heart attack, to which Bessie replies "Most people love my surprise parties." Flashbacks are shown of Ben, Penny, Donald and Portia all screaming by Bessie jumping out from nowhere, with only The Hippie appreciative of it.

Bessie goes on to say she wouldn't mind if someone threw a surprise party for her, and tells Finger no one ever has. Happy points out she could just throw one for herself, but Bessie doesn't want to as it would be "tacky." She is certain someone will surprise her due to her large circle of friends. Using a banana as a party hat, bacon as the party horn and cabbage as confetti, Happy yells "Surprise!" However, Bessie claims that doesn't count as she saw it coming.

The next morning, Ben and Happy are at the kitchen table as Bessie prepares them breakfast. All of the food contains lit candles on them, an attempt by Bessie to drop hints of her wanting a surprise party. Ben and Happy see right through it, and don't shout "surprise." Bessie tries to use reverse psychology on Ben before dropping two party hats on the ground, which she promptly puts on Ben and Happy's heads.

At the park, Happy is recycling his papers by shredding them. Bessie jumps out from the shredder, and states shredded paper is better for the environment than confetti. Penny is then seen brushing her rubber chicken's hair when Bessie, dressed as a ninja, throws party horns in the mouths of Penny and her chicken. Then, while at a Honeybee meeting, Bessie shows several graphs which reveal that the Honeybees went up business wise by a margin of 5%, all the while sneaking in pictures and vocal references of surprise parties. She is later seen blowing up a blimp advertising a potential surprise party on Saturday.

While walking down the street, Bessie says hi to Donald, but notices some of the mailing envelopes are colored pink. This makes Bessie believe they are invitations, and she begins to practice her reaction to the surprise party so it will sound genuine. Just then, she overhears a yipping dog from The Hippie's pawn shop, where Bessie sees Happy and The Hippie's voices are high-pitched due to nitrogen from the balloons they were blowing. Hippie says "You totally do sound like a poodle, man!" as Bessie walks in. After Hippie says her wanted product was sold, she believes he bought it for her as part of Bessie's surprise party. Bessie congratulates Happy on "staying in character" as she leaves the shop.

Outside, Bessie laughs excitedly. She practices blowing out a candle on her cupcake, noting a slight improvement from her last attempt. Still, Bessie tells herself not to get too cocky. With her schedule now cleared, she walks inside a bakery, but notices her favorite cake is sold out. The baker offers her week old bran muffins as a consolation. Bessie leaves the bakery believing her surprise party is happening today, as everyone knows her favorite cake flavor.

Returning home, she notices Ben playing with red glitter. Ben tells her that Hilary wants Bessie to pick her up some peacock feathers as their mother is having a "spiritual emergency." Bessie claims to be leaving for Feathers Etcetera, but believes since Hilary does not use peacock feathers, this is an excuse to get her out of the house to prepare for her party. Obliging, she gets herself a haircut at the barber's and looks at a nearby window to practice her gasping, disturbing customers inside all the while. Bessie stops once she finally finds the right gasp.

Just then, Bessie's watch alerts her the party has begun. After putting on a party hat and red shoes, she happily runs towards the door, opens it and expects everyone to shout "Surprise!" However, no one is there. She yells to Ben and Hilary in hopes they'll come out, but they don't. Bessie tries the living room, ending the same way. After going in the kitchen, she runs inside everyone's bedrooms and the bathroom, to no avail. There's one more place remaining: The Hive. Yet, no one is in there.

Bessie, who is clearly upset, says to herself: "Well, I guess this lack of a surprise is technically a surprise." She tries to prevent her face from frowning, which only results in her heart literally breaking on the floor. Bessie cries as she vacuums up her heart. Later, a sad Bessie feeds herself Doggie Kibble and pours milk into it. She watches Sea Cucumber Colony on the couch to cheer herself up, only for this to make her cry. Soon after, Finger surprises Bessie with a "surprise!" sign, and thanks him for his kindness.

The episode seemingly irises out, until Bessie sees paneling from the ceiling falling on the couch. She looks up, finding all her friends and family shouting "Surprise!" Bessie is genuinely surprised and trying to catch her breath from the shock. Hilary takes a photo of her daughter, causing Bessie to fall on the floor and repeatedly shout "I don't like it!" as the episode truly ends.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & TV Host
Andy Richter Ben
Matt Besser The Hippie
Dannah Feinglass Penny & Baker



  • The objects from Happy's bag that fell include: beets, bread, broccoli, cabbage, light bulb and a tomato.
  • On Ben's sixth birthday, Bessie held a surprise party for him (there were six candles on the cake).
  • Bessie claims to have been saving up for a theremin kit.
  • Bessie's favorite balloon animals are snakes and caterpillars, with her favorite flavor of cake being lemon rosemary.
  • Bessie mentions playing pirate bingo with Darren; Darren likely refers to her next door neighbor from "Sleepless in San Francisco." She also rescheduled a doubles ping pong match.
  • Hilary uses goose and owl feathers for her dreamcatchers.
  • The same barber from "Hairy Situation" appears.
  • Those who attended Bessie's surprise party were: Anton, Ben, Gwen, Happy, Hilary, The Hippie, Millie, Mr. Lefkowitz, Nisa, Penny, Portia and a nameless Honeybee.
  • The final appearance of Mr. Lefkowitz.

Cultural references

  • The title itself is based on the 1963 song "It's My Party" originally by Lesley Gore, famous for the refrain "and I'll cry if I want to."

Production information

  • The end credits and iTunes list this episode as "It's B's Party and She'll Cry If She Wants To."
  • When this episode premiered, it aired as the second segment.[1]



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