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Janet Barley is a teenage girl who lives in San Francisco. She is often seen with her boyfriend, with the two enjoying their time together. She first appears in "An I See Bee," but does not speak until "Woodward and Beesting," where her name is revealed.

Bessie interviewed her in "Woodward and Beesting" due to having been Portia's babysitter at one time. However, she was of no help with Bessie's mission to find out Portia's secret.

Her voice was provided by Dannah Feinglass, the voice of Penny.


Janet and her boyfriend first appear in "An I See Bee" as patrons of Hilary's Cafe. Bessie correctly predicts Janet's boyfriend's meal, impressing both teenagers.

Later, in "Woodward and Beesting," they are seen laughing in the car, only to be frightened by Bessie. As Janet used to babysit Portia when the latter was in morning Kindergarten, Bessie interviews Janet in hopes she'll found out what Portia's secret is.

Janet is confused, not knowing what Bessie is talking about at all. Bessie insists that Janet does know something, only for she and her boyfriend to drive away.

Physical appearance

Janet is a light-skinned teenage girl who has red hair. She wears a blue turtleneck sweater and gray pants.

Episode appearances

Season 1
No. Episode Role
106a "An I See Bee" Appears, but does not speak
106b "Woodward and Beesting" Speaking role



  • Janet is never seen without her boyfriend.


  1. Per the closing credits of "Woodward and Beesting"; she is credited as "Teen Girl."
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