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Jessica Gao (pronounced Gow) is an American writer. Growing up as a "superfan" of cartoons, she went to college and studied art.[1]

Years after graduation, she entered the world of screenwriting, working on children's shows.[1] On The Mighty B!, Gao penned thirty-five episodes, writing more episodes than anyone else. She also wrote Mighty B-themed stories for Nickelodeon Magazine.[2]

Since then, Gao has focused on more adult fare such as Silicon Valley and Rick and Morty.[3] Gao is currently working on her own series for ABC,[4] in addition to writing the Disney+ exclusive She-Hulk.[5]

Writing credits

Season 1
Episode no. Title Notes
104b "Body Rockers" Written solo
108b "Beenedict Arnold" Written solo
109a "Boston Beean" Written solo
110a "Ten Little Honeybees" Written solo
112a "Apoxalypse Now" Written solo
112b "Hive Jacked" Written solo
113a "Something's Wrong With This Taffy" Co-written with Jessica Chaffin and Cynthia True
113b "Name Shame" Written solo
114b "To Bee or Not To Bee" Written solo
115b "Thanksgiving Beenactment" Co-written with Jessica Chaffin and Cynthia True
116a "Blindsided" Co-written with Jessica Chaffin and Cynthia True
117a "Ben Appetit" Co-written with Cynthia True and Jessica Chaffin
117b "Dang it Feels Good to Be a Gamester" Written solo
118b "O Say Can Bess See" Written solo
119b "Ben Screams For Ice Cream" Co-written with Jessica Chaffin and Cynthia True
120 "Dragonflies" Co-written with Jessica Chaffin, Cynthia True and Erik Wiese
Season 2
202b "Bee Nice" Written solo
204a "Hairy Situation" Written solo
205a "Bad to the Bee" Written solo
205b "Hive of Darkness" Co-written with Brendan Hay and Cynthia True
206b "A Pirate's Life for B" Written solo
208a "Rinx!" Written solo
209a "Finger Pickin' Bad" Co-written with Cynthia True and Brendan Hay
209b "Higgenbottom's 7" Written solo
210a "It's B's Party" Written solo
211b "One Million Years Bee.C." Co-written with Cynthia True and Brendan Hay
212a "The Bone Identity" Co-written with Brendan Hay and Cynthia True
217a "Space Evaders" Co-written with Brendan Hay and Cynthia True
217b "YiPs" Written solo
218a "Public Enembee" Written solo
218b "Bang the Drum Timely" Written solo
219a "The League of Ordinary Gentlemen" Written solo
219b "Irritable Bowling Syndrome" Teleplay, with Brendan Hay
220a "Bess-E" Written solo
220b "C'mon Get Happy!" Co-written with Brendan Hay and Cynthia True



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