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Justin Nichols is a storyboard artist in the animation industry, earning his first job on The Mighty B!, where he storyboarded several episodes throughout the second season.


Nichols graduated from Capilano University.[1] After The Mighty B!, he became a storyboard artist on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Fanboy & Chum Chum.

He won both Annie (2015)[2] and Emmy Awards (2017) for his work as a character animator on Wander Over Yonder.[3]

Nichols served as storyboard revisionist on Big City Greens and both a character and prop designer on Mickey Mouse.

Storyboarding credits

Season 2
Episode no. Title Notes
203a "Dirty Happy" Storyboarded solo
205a "Bad to the Bee" Storyboarded solo
208a "Rinx!" Storyboarded solo
211b "One Million Years Bee.C." Co-storyboarded with Steve LeCouilliard
212a "The Bone Identity" Storyboarded solo
213a "Children of the Unicorn" Storyboarded solo
215 "Stuffed Happens" Co-storyboarded with Sunil Hall and Chris Reccardi
219b "Irritable Bowling Syndrome" Co-storyboarded with Chris Reccardi


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