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K.G. Bianca is the owner and founder of the S.H.A.D.O.W. (Seriously Hardcore Attack Dogs Operating Worldwide) organization, which trains attack dogs to bite others. K.G. appears in two episodes: "The Bone Identity" and "C'mon Get Happy!"

She speaks with a Russian accent and occasionally says phrases in her native language, such as "babushka." K.G. is very cruel, enjoying the fact her dogs bite humans and even finding it amusing.

K.G. is Happy's former owner, and tries in each of her appearances to make him rejoin S.H.A.D.O.W. by force. K.G. was voiced by Grey DeLisle.[1]


K.G. Bianca seems to have little to no empathy for human beings, trying to order Happy into biting his future owner lest she make him with "the word." She expressed frustration with Happy's policy of never biting women or children.

She enjoys seeing others in pain, having laughed when she believed Happy finally bit Bessie. As a villain, she is not above using deception to get what she wants, even using her own agent (Roxxy) to lure Happy back to S.H.A.D.O.W.

K.G. desperately wants Happy to return to her agency, viewing him as her best agent. However, she always insists on calling him "Agent Stray" as opposed to Happy, the latter of which Happy greatly prefers.

Despite her cruel demeanor, K.G. is shown to have some form of sympathy when she believes Happy had been killed after he faked his death.

Physical appearance

K.G. is shown to be a small, light-skinned woman with big red hair, wearing a dark red shirt, blue skirts and black shoes. She also wears black glasses with blue lens and red lipstick.


K.G. Bianca is the S.H.A.D.O.W. organization's top dog trainer of the best attack dogs. She has trained their dogs to bite their victims but her most promising dog was Happy (or Agent Stray). When she delivered his next mission, which is to bite Bessie Higgenbottom as a warning to the honeybees, he refused as his code is to NEVER bite women and/or children but K.G. threatened him with "THE WORD" if he doesn't bite her.

Later that night, Happy brought K.G. and two of her dogs to a warehouse, claiming Bessie is in there and was told to stay outside. However, after the warehouse was destroyed (by a second one), she and her dogs cry for the loss of Happy, then laughed for all the good times they had but then became angry when they discover that Happy faked his own death and took the ear he ripped out as a necklace for her.

In "The Bone Identity," she sent a picture of Happy's missing ear to the Higgenbottoms house as a trap to lure Happy so she can recruit him back into the S.H.A.D.O.W. organization, only to see that Bessie came instead and after telling the whole backstory, K.G. made Bessie tell her where Happy is, which involved her telling the entire event of their encounter.

As K.G. and the dogs were sleeping, Bessie stole the ear and ran off, with K.G. on her tail, in which they encountered Happy as K.G. told Happy to finish the mission as she revealed that the person who hired S.H.A.D.O.W was the nougat lobby as they hated that Bessie caused nougat sales to go down to the ground, even saying "THE WORD" and having Happy bite Bessie, which is revealed to be two balloon statues he created to distract them.

In her next (and last) appearance "C'mon Get Happy!" she recruited a female agent dog named Roxy (who was later revealed to be Agent Lovecraft) to trick Happy to go on a trip with her, not knowing it was a plan to capture Happy and recruit him back to S.H.A.D.O.W. However, with Bessie's help, K.G.'s plan ultimately fails as she falls into the ocean, using her hair as a parachute.

Episode appearances

Season 2
No. Episode Role
212a "The Bone Identity" Speaking role
220b "C'mon Get Happy!" Speaking role



  • K.G. claims to have trained Happy for "48 dog years."
  • Her hair appears to be a glued-on wig, as she is shown to be bald while using it as a parachute in "C'mon Get Happy!"
  • She is bilingual, capable of speaking in English and Russian.
  • "C'mon Get Happy!" reveals she has freckles in a closeup.
  • K.G. Bianca is the final antagonist of the series, having appeared in the final episode.
  • It's never revealed what her initials (K.G.) stand for.
  • Brendan Hay, Cynthia True and Jessica Gao all co-wrote both episodes in which K.G. Bianca appears.


  1. Shown in the end credits of "The Bone Identity"
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