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This is a list of games featuring The Mighty B! characters that were at one time playable on the Nickelodeon website. They were transferred to the Nicktoons website upon the show's move to the channel.[1]

All games used Adobe Flash Player to run. With the discontinuation of Flash in late December 2020, these are all currently unplayable but are listed here to archive their existence.


No. Title Release date
1 Backyard Habitat Heroes April 2008
2 Mighty Dreams May 2008
3 Taffy Delivery May 2008
4 Badge Barrage May 2008
5 Fitness Frenzy June 2008
6 Nicktoons Superstuffed: Mini Game Mania 2 November 2008
7 Buzz Around Town January 2009
8 Chelsea's Challenge May 2009
9 Pier 13 Throwdown June 2009
10 Dance Off, Clash On! November 2009
11 Super Fall Brawl September 7, 2010


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