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"Macro Mayhem" is the thirty-seventh segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on June 10, 2009.[1]


Bessie gets carried away with her new macramé hobby after helping the macramé club. She makes it all over her room, for outfit, for a car, for coins, and all over San Francisco. But soon the macramé starts to stink up turning to wet wool.


A macrame meeting of the Macrame Circle is held in Hilary's home. Anton St. Germain is having trouble, claiming his is "sagging," and believes he must have missed a knot. Rainbow claims that's why she, Anton, Hilary, The Hippie and Rocky are in a circle to "nurture" each other's macrame emergencies.

Anton dismisses her as Bessie enters the room. She subtly talks about the taffy in her hands before Hilary tells her daughter not to "hustle" their guests. Anton tells them he's trying to concentrate, and she proceeds to tie Anton's maverick knot perfectly.

Bessie mentions she got the Knot-a-Lot badge years ago, thus she is proficient at macrame. Anton tells her to make it into the shape of a plant holder. Bessie obliges, all the while discussing how macrame was invented by the pirates. Leaving the others shocked, Anton replies "It... it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." With the others now aware of Bessie's macrame prowess, they all ask her to help with their macrame objects, with The Hippie even ripping off his beard for Bessie to use as macrame.

That night, Bessie is still working on her macrame, even though Hilary tells her repeatedly to go to sleep. The next day, it's shown Bessie has completely covered her room in macrame, using some of it as a cocoon of sorts. Even further, she has created a slide with macrame on it from her window. The Hippie is shown trying to enter a fancy restaurant where customers must wear shoes. The Hippie replies "shoes are just the man's way of keeping us disconnected from the earth." Bessie, hiding behind Hippie, proceeds to use macrame to create shoes, allowing The Hippie to enter Le Touff.

Then, Lola Millerson is having trouble trying to parallel park due to cars being in the way. Bessie uses macrame so Lola will stop bumping into the cars. Bessie then sees a hobo clown shaking a cup filled with his change. Bessie then uses her macrame to cover his change. When he becomes aware, the clown asks himself "Change protectors? Who could ask for anything more?" After all her hard work, Bessie relaxes and tells Finger to stretch. Bessie looks at the nearby buildings, and gets an idea: she vows to protect San Francisco with her macrame.

Taking macrame from Woven Wonders, she first notices nearby seals looking cold. She uses one ball of macrame to knit them sweaters. Grabbing more at Super Yarn Hut, she begins covering buildings in the material. The citizens of San Francisco love what Bessie has done, but it isn't long before the macrame covers the entire area. Sleeping in her house, Santa Claus appears in a dream Bessie has. He tells Bessie Christmas needs her, specifically her ability to macrame. After asking Bessie if she'd like to ride the sleigh this Christmas, she covers the entire world in macrame.

A fog arrives in San Francisco, and this results in the wool becoming wet and smelly. All the citizens express disgust at the stench, with one correctly identifying it. Rocky points out to Anton and Rainbow that all the craft stores in town have been shut down, as no wool is available. Bessie is still using macrame on anything in sight, including a chicken. Hilary asks if Bessie has a second, but claims she's busy with her macrame. Hilary tries to tell Bessie that while her macrame is creative, she also needs to stop. Rocky does it for her, telling Bessie more bluntly she has to stop using macrame, even begging.

Bessie is at first very defensive, asking what's wrong with them. She tells the others she won't give up until the entire world is "snug." Anton uses his own macrame skills to prevent Bessie from doing further damage; however, she frees herself with a macrame key. She then uses more macrame to tie up her mother, Anton, Rainbow and Rocky. The Hippie tries to explain to Bessie rationally that while she has a great gift, it has a high cost. He shows Bessie that since wool comes from sheep, her excessive use of macrame causes them to be without fur, something they need in the winter. He goes on to say yarn conglomerates needed the sheep's wool so Bessie could get her macrame supplies.

Feeling guilty, The Hippie encourages her to fix the problem: "The question, Bessie, is what are you going to do?" Realizing it's not too late to make up for her mistake, Bessie thinks of a plan to remove the macrame off of buildings and other areas in San Francisco, putting new shoes on Hippie as part of the plot. Tying tons of macrame together, she proceeds to push it on a steep hill.

At first refusing to fall down, it eventually gives way, resulting in the macrame being removed all over San Francisco, including the Golden Gate Bridge. With everything returned to normal, and the sheep regaining their fur, Bessie asks if anyone will remember the day she macramed. A nearby Hippie and Rainbow reveal they will, showing off their long armpit hair.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Megan Cavanagh Hilary
Grey DeLisle Lola
Jill Talley Rainbow
Matt Besser Anton St. Germain & The Hippie
Mike Bell Santa, Homeless Guy & Maitre'D
Kenan Thompson Rocky



  • Bessie helps knot Anton's plant holder, Rainbow's vest and The Hippie's beard.
  • Anton owns begonias.
  • Bessie mentions having earned the Knot-a-Lot badge three or four years ago; seeing as she would have been five to six at the time of earning it, this was likely one of her very first badges.
  • The Hippie wears a crystal necklace, rarely seen due to his beard covering it.
  • Hippie tells the maitre'd he wants hot water and ketchup at the restaurant.
  • When The Hippie tries to enter the restaurant, it is called Le Touff. However, when the maitre'd states the smell has ruined everyone's appetite, the name is now Chez Faray.
  • While sleeping, Bessie imagines her super powers as The Mighty B are: laser hearing, super speed and people skills.
  • It's implied Rainbow leads the Macrame Circle, as she states she had to cancel the Craft Fair.
  • Anton uses cashmere yarn as opposed to synthetics.
  • Aired for the first time as part of Mightiest Mighty B! Week Ever.

Cultural references

Production information

  • This is the last episode storyboarded by Sherm Cohen.
  • The maitre'd's design was used previously for a French customer in "An I See Bee."


  • Bessie claims macrame was invented by sailors during the time Queen Anne's Revenge was in use; however, this is not accurate, as the practice of macrame has long been in use by humans since ancient times.


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